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Neener neener

Oh yeah, I totally had dinner last night with Aimee Greeblemonkey and you didn't! Or actually, maybe you did, since we had the kids and therefore had dinner at 4:15 or something, it is entirely possible that Aimee met normal people later and had dinner again.

We went for tapas, and I remembered yesterday that the last time we met blog friends for tapas we were both pregnant within a month. I warned Aimee and she was pretty sure that she's covered, but Chris will be in the guest room until New Year's, just to be safe.

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I love that you're wearing your Obama T-shirt out and about.

it's more like, neener neener, *I* got to have dinner with MIA who loves me and draws me pictures (that I can't keep or anything) and emails me after dinner and wants to move to Denver with me!

And if we get pregnant post-vasectomy AND on IUD for endometriosis, you can start erecting shrines in my honor.


please insert Ali right in between Aimee and Beth. thanks.

I can't believe that you allow Chris to wear his haiku shirt in public. The shame!

Blame the haiku t-shirt on me. I'm pretty sure I'm the one who told Chris about it.

(Also, jealous that you had dinner with Aimee.)

your kids are absolutely beautiful !! :)

You're a dangerous woman. Pink or blue.. pink or blue..

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