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Nine, and counting

I've been trying to explain to Mia that it is Mommy and Daddy's anniversary today. She says, "What's anniversary?" And I say, "Mommy and Daddy got married nine years ago today." She says, "Was I there?" And I say, "No, honey, you weren't born yet."

So she thinks for a minute, and says, "I got married six years ago to Carly. You weren't born yet." And I say, "Oh?"

She thinks for another minute and says, "What's married?" And I say, "Married is when you are a grown up and you love someone and you want to make them part of your family so you decide to put up with each other's crap for the rest of your natural lives.*" She says, "Can I get married too?" And I say, "Yes, if you want to, when you are a grown up." She says, "When I'm eight?" And I say, "A little older than eight."

She says, "Can I marry Daddy?" And I say, "No, babe. I already married Daddy, and I don't intend to let him go."

She says, "That's selfish. Is that selfish, Mommy?"

Indeed it is.

* I didn't really say that last bit, give me a little credit.

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Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite blogger friends!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy anniversary, Beth. I think you could have gotten away with saying that last part, totally.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

We just passed nine too, and it is absolutely impossible to believe it has been that long.

(most days)

Here's to 9 times 9 more.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary!

That's right! I forgot - we have the same anniversary! Hubby and I are celebrating # 9 today as well. Happy anniversary! I hope you get a change to go out and celebrate. :)

Happy Anniversary. I hope you can do something fun!

Adorable post! Happy Anniversary. :)

Happy Anniversary, you got married on my birthday. How thoughtful. ;)

Happy Anniversary! It is ours today too...although we aren't quite at 9 yet.

Happy Anniversary to you and Chris!!

Loved both of your posts today on this happy occasion! Happy anniversary to you!!

Happy anniversary to you both.

Happy anniversary! :)

Happy anniversary!


Happy 9th wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! Wahoo!

how weired, it's 9yrs for us this year too!

Happy aniversary, you selfish husband hogger, you!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Sooo cute! (I just read it to my mum, it was that cute!) Congrats, guys!

I always thought you were selfish. And a bad mother. KIDDING! Hope you had a nice anniversary and got the ultimate gift...sleeping through the night. Without ANY interruptions. Oh how things change in 9 years...!

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great celebration.

I know this is a bit repetitive, but...

Happy Anniversary! :)

And btw, I love your blog! You and hubby are so very entertaining.

Yay! Happiest of anniversaries!

Happy anniversary! Hope you got to spend your special day just as you wished it to be.

Happy Anniversary! Hope you get to do something special this weekend!

Awww so cute :)

And happy anniversary!

But it's a good kind of selfish. ;-)

Happy Anniversary.

Happy anniversary!!

Aww, I love that eight seems "grown up" to her. Happy Anniversary to you and Chris!

Happy Anniversary!!

I hope you had a nice anniversary.

9 is a good year. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

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