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Owen Wednesday #32: The Teeth Edition

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Wow, he looks just like Mia here. And like he's ready for chewing up all the table legs! Just in time for fair season, too. Do you do that up there? How young is too young for a caramel apple?

Can he have a cuter smile? Happy WW!

Can he have a cuter smile? Happy WW!

OK, it's official - he now has more teeth than R!

He is so freakin cute. I know its been a while since I commented but I am still reading. Also, I wanted to comment that your photography is getting better and better. I like how you are using natural light now for your photos. I just wanted to say these are pretty darn cute. Especially, the second two.

I love how he is so determined to eat his sleeve that he is falling over!

Your 8 month old has more teeth than my 16 month old. Have you tried the vibrating teething ring? Works wonders (and Motrin is your friend).

still breastfeeding?

I can't believe all those teeth! I can't believe you're still breastfeeding!
Good luck with both.

okay all those stories about crying Owen, I cant believe them. Look at that happy kid!

just adorable. I cant believe all those teeth! Wow.I dont remember, did Mia have that blonde hair too?

He is just adorable. I can't get over how much he looks like Mia. I love that first pic, he is just edible.

Well, he sure does have teeth! Lucky you ;-) Super cute, as always.

You still have nipples?

The teeth and beautiful eyes edition you mean.
I can see how much he's changed in just a week, let alone in how many months now?

Look at those chompers! That boy is adorable!

Holy Teeth, Batman! When did those top ones arrive? He looks so much older when those top ones are showing. Tell that boy to slow down already! Oh, and if Kirsten wakes up with a mouthful of teeth, I think my breasts will retire! Aack!

OMG, he is just the most beautiful baby (next to Mia of course)! Seriously, he gets cuter every day!

He is ADORABLE! Those teeth, even when he is up at night I bet its hard to be mad at that little face :) What a sweetie, you and Mr. Cactus sure have a knack for the baby makin'. :)

The better to NOM NOM NOM you with, my dear!

That kid should come with a warning label reading, "Beware, Toxic Levels of Cuteness!"

What a beautiful child. Maybe I'm just a tad bit prejudice - you see, he looks very much like my eldest son, David.


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