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Owen Wednesday #33: Brothers and Sisters Edition

Mia was so bored.

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I'm not sure that I've seen Mia right next to Owen, sitting all by themselves. They look so much alike (though she looks exponentially more bored than he does). I'm surprised at how blonde his hair is. I see he's come equipped with the same dinner roll feet Mia had. They look so squishable!

found the perfect book for your princess dilema quite by chance!

Princess Grace by Mary Hoffman.

check it out, it's FAB.

(you have to scroll down a bit, she's written a few in this series)

This looks like EVERY picture of me and my little brother taken between 1979 and 1989.

Even if I wasn't bored I pretended to be miserable.

I was such a jerky little kid.

OMG Owen is huge! 6 teeth! I don't even know how many pounds and inches, but wow! He looks like a toddler already!
And yes him and Mia look very much a like... and she's beautiful so you know what that says about him...

Just seeing Owen beside Mia - he's huge! What are you feeding that boy?!

I don't know what was off to Mia's left during those pictures, but it must've been fascinating. I'm picturing something like a bear fighting a puma or maybe a guy with a chainsaw sculpting a wooden statue of a bear fighting a puma.

Heh, poor Mia. She's all, "Aaaany day now, Ma..."

Those are some cute kiddos you've got there.

Your kids are adorable. I love the look on her face in the last picture. :-)

umm so I take back the whole you should let me visit Ill bring wine and chocolate and entertain children... mostly beacuse I am editing it to I will bring wine and chocolate and steal your children and I have a feeling that will make you say "negative on the isit-vay ghost rider!"

she's got the older sister look down, alright! i was the older sister so i know that look all too well :) your kids are so cute!

Someone needs a nap, eh? Beautiful pictures, beautiful subjects!

He is almost as big as her! Good grief! :P

Maybe she was going for "pensive" and wound up with bershon.

Maybe she was going for "pensive" and wound up with bershon.

Gosh, he's going to be taller than her by the time he's 1!

Geeze, your son is nearly as big as your daughter! You must be doing something very right!

Wow... she was being incredibly tolerant though! Great spot for taking photos though. Owen looked raring to go!

Love the photos. Unfortunately for Mia it won't be the last time in her life she has her arm around a boy (not brother) that makes her SO bored! Classic!

What a nice family! I love the pictures. And she does look a bit bored.

You know, I just want to snarfle them both up for breakfast. You and Chris truly make some lovely babies!

As for Mia being bored - we have this one family picture (at Olan Mills, I feel sure) where you can see my little hand gripping my brother, trying to keep him still. I have this happy smile, but also am using the Older Sister Death Grip!

What beautiful photos, despite Mia's clearly bored expression. :)

Adorable pictures!

They are SO cute. Great pictures!

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