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Owen Wednesday #34: Man on the Move Edition

The only four out of thirty that aren't totally blurry from him trying to get the camera.

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My gosh, those eyes! I'm hooked :)

Oh my goodness! Aside from the blond hair he look so much like his gorgeous sister, Mia!
You and Chris make great babies!

wow.. it looks like he is losing his babyfat overnight and is looking like a little boy.. they grow up so very fast!!

Delish! He looks so grown up now that the hair has dropped...I was so sad when my daughter's stopped sticking up cause she was no longer a baby and more like a little girl. That's a little boy I see now!

SO cute! especially for being sick!

I read your blog daily, but fail to post (damn me!).

Mia and her lil' bro look so alike...especially the lips!

Just gorgeous!

He's sooo cute. I could eat him up.

Look at him go! He is just adorable! And where did all that hair come from?

I'm a lurker, but I just have to say OH MY GOD that second picture. It could bring world peace.

he appears to get even cuter every time you post his picture :)

Those eyes! And he has so much hair! My goodness he's getting big!

Awh, he looks so pleased with himself.

Gorgeous! It looks like his hair grew a lot in the last week.

DAMN, you guys make beautiful babies. He just keeps getting PRETTIER!

He's suddenly so big! And beautiful, of course!

His face is really starting to thin out and take on some very unique features. He's growing up!

Wow! He's blond like my little guy! Our kids have the same colour hair! Monkey and Mia do, too. Funny to have two kids with totally different colouring, huh!? :)

OH, and he's ADORABLE!! :)

He's mini Chris! I can't believe he's sick. I mean, if he looks this adorable sick, how stunning does he look 100% healthy!

Dang! I get busy for a week or two and come back to a little boy where a baby was. He looks like such a big boy now that his little fluffy chicken hair has grown out. Heartbreaker.

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