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Owen Wednesday #35: This Looks Nothing like a Crab Suit Edition

Mia is going to be Ariel for Halloween, and poor Owen is supposed to be Sebastian the crab. No self-respecting Sebastian would ever show up in a lobster suit.

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Not to mention that this child is entirely too smiley to be a crab anyway! :-)

Lobster or crab, your little boy is still mucho adorable! I'm hoping my little guy tolerates his lion hood as well as Owen's tolerating that lobster head.

The first picture is a perfect crab face, the last picture is just plain perfect. Very cute outfit, great idea!

so cute! i love the little antennae :)

hopefully, lola will wear her panda hood, too!

Lobster or crab, makes not difference. He looks adorable. :D

My son is supposed to be Yoda on Friday night, but absolutely MELTS DOWN when I try and put the Yoda hat-thingy on him. So now we're going with a youngling/anakin skywalker/obi wan kenobi-the toddler version.
BTW: Owen looks adorable in that outfit. Incidentally, that is the same costume Linda over at sundrymourning got for her 8 month old, Dylan.


Heh. Dylan has that exact same outfit. I plan to accessorize with a teeny wooden mallet.

Okay, how'd you get the cutest smile out of that little sweetie! Honestly Beth, you and Chris have the cutest kids!

Love that last pic!

How do you get him to keep the hood on? I made a frog suit for my Owen today, but he just yanks and yanks at the hood!

As if we didn't all want to dip him in butter and eat him as it was.

Ohhh my gosh, lobster or crab, that baby looks cute enough to gobble up :]

I keep saying we lead some sort of parallel life, too weird. Isabel is being Ariel, I hate the evil outfit, to shimmery street walker for my taste but she loves it. Jake is being, of course, Sebastian, the lobster! I swear, I could not find a crab, so I went with this exact same costume. By the way, she told me I could be Ursula. Nice.

Before I read the text, I was all "that is totally a lobster suit. I KNOW CRABS!"

Eee, he totally looks like baby Mia here. It's the cheeks, I think.

I love him.....

Have you seen those pictures where they carry baby crab/lobster around in a pot?

too cute.

Absolutely adorable! I love how he always smiles for the pictures. Well... he has a lovely one so might as well cash in on it :) He's just yummmm...

That is one fine looking crustacean!

Either way he sure looks happy to oblige.

You're saving up for therapy, right?

He looks SO much like Mia in these pictures. You two make some darn cute kids!

Too cute!

That's the best part of two kids at Halloween - that year or two you can, um, force them to have costumes that go together.

The year we did that, my son was the crocodile and my daughter was his crocodile. It was a hoot.

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