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Owen Wednesday (Shut UP!) #31: Everybody Needs a Naked Baby Edition

Um, mom? You aren't really going to post a picture of me naked on the internet, are you? I mean, someday I'm going to have a girlfriend or something and I'll hate you for showing her my butt. Seriously, don't even think about it. I mean it. I'm not kidding here.

Dear Owen - That's for biting me eight hundred times this week. Take that. Love, Mom.

Oh yeah! Well fine then. I just peed on the rug. Take that!

So yeah, he wins. Also, Owen is prepping for his stint on MTV Cribs. Here he is kicking back with his homies.

Finally, I've started a new paid blogging gig which will interest only a very few of you. If you are D.C. Metro and have young kids, check it out for ideas for mostly local things to do with the kiddos. If you aren't local, but just want to check out my first post and tell me how much you love me (you can lie, I'm cool with that), it would help make up for the fact that the children have been incredibly challenging this week and I am still on antibiotics and can't have any wine. And if you just want to help me make it through the Princess Years, you can offer your tips here. And now I'll not mention it again. Or at least, not much.

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I've tried like 10 times to leave a comment on your post there and it's not working! Sorry hon. Congrats on the gig.

Owen's girlfriend is really going to appreciate this someday.

Oh my gosh, a million times over. He is so dang cute and entirely edible. Love the picture of he and Mia in the crib together!

Adorable as usual. When you start posting bath tub pictures, Owen can complain.

aaah, official cuteness overload!

I like the new site, makes me wish I lived in that area to take advantage of the tips!

Did he pee? Anytime I tried to get a cute naked picture, my girls would pee. He is so squishy I just want to squeeze him! but I won't...I promise. :) BTW - naked butt or not, he will hate you for these pictures someday, especially when you use it in him senior year slide show, please tell me you will?! LOL!

Cute picture of them together in the crib. I love when my kiddos do that. :-)

So so so cute!! Love those choppers!

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