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The kids have been sick. It seems clear that the rest of the year is going to follow a standard pattern where Mia goes to preschool, Mia gets a cold, Mia is sick for two days, Mia gives her cold to Owen, Owen is sick for a week. And I would like to take a moment to offer a hearty "damn you" to everyone who was incapable of reading the directions on a bottle of children's decongestant and got them taken off the market.

Since Monday, along with having copious amounts of snot wiped on my clothes, skin and hair by my loving children who just want to share, I have cleaned my kitchen, washed, folded and put away eight loads of laundry, vacuumed the entire house twice, dusted, picked up toys at a constant rate, and turned a couple of pounds of sweet potatoes and avocados into baby food. And while all of that needed to be done at some point, none of it needed to be done while I had two sick kids trapped in the house, one of whom hasn't slept more than 20 minutes straight in five days. Yesterday, as I was reaching for the mop with Owen strapped to my back, it occurred to me to wonder why in the hell I was doing this instead of cutting myself some slack and plopping us all down in front of the tv for an hour or so. My conclusion is that I am more of a control freak than previously suspected. And since I can't control my kids getting sick and can't do anything to make them get better and can't even run to Target just to get out of the house for an hour, I control the only thing I can control. Which, apparently, is my grout.


Owen was just miserable yesterday. Whiny, clingy, sobbing miserably if I put him down, leaving actual puddles of tears and snot and drool in his wake as he crawled after me on those rare occasions when I did put him down. His eyes were glassy, his cheeks and nose were bright red, his temples were radiating heat. (Hey, is this just my kids or what? When they get fevers their foreheads are as cool as the proverbial cucumbers and their temples are hot enough to melt steel.) I kept taking his temperature (in the armpit, because ewww) and it kept showing normal. Normal. Normal. Now, I am all about medicating children when it comes to pain or fever and spring for the Tylenol bottle at the first sign of either, but I don't want to medicate them unnecessarily. So with a normal temperature, I didn't give Owen anything. Just hugged and kissed him and put him down for a 15 minute nap every hour or so. Finally at 5:00 I realized that dammit, I don't care what the thermometer says, this kid has a fever. A dose of Motrin and an hour later, he was devouring his dinner and giggling at his Daddy.

He had a fever. I need a new thermometer and to trust myself more.


The thing I want more than just about anything right now is a period of Nap Overlap every day. This almost never happens anymore, because Mia almost never naps anymore and Owen never naps during her enforced "Quiet Time." But something brilliant has occurred to me! Mia naps once or twice a week if I'm lucky and the rest of the time just plays in her room for an hour or so, which I call "resting." But since she isn't sleeping, I can make her do that whenever I want, and I want it to be when I am just about to put Owen to bed. Ta-da! Thirty minutes a day where both kids are, if not sleeping, at least not climbing all over me and sticking boogers on my cheeks.


Does anybody know how to get my kid to stop eating the coffee table?

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PediaCare (is that the brand?) still has a decongestant out that is amazing. I'm not sure how old the baby has to be before they can have it, but it is the miracle drug that I swear by. The pediatrician recommended it when Jake was 1 and I've gone thru about three bottles in the 18 months since. It decongests without drugging your kid up in other ways.

Also, good luck with the coffee table. My house looks like a family of beavers lives there.

i don't have an answer for you, but i feel for you. i hope everyone feels better soon and you can get some rest.
and my side table and lola's crib both have chew marks on them. luckily the stage didn't last long... i hope it's the same for you!

Disguise the coffee table as a dining room table. :)

I know you are anti-rectal thermometer, because of the ew factor, but seriously, it is so much more accurate and validates the Motrin guilt. Motrin=8 hours. Tylenol=4 hours. No contest. We usually do Motrin at 8am, Tylenol at 4pm, and Motrin again before bed. Makes everyone happier.

oh yes...we were pretty much all sick for the first 2 years that emily was in school...the good news is it goes away after that...:)

They still make Children's Sudafed. And my Dr has given me instructions (and the ok to use it) on the weight doses for under 2 year olds. It's behind the counter at the pharmacy. If your Dr says ok, I'd seriously start dosing him up. As long as you're following the directions, they're not harmful. I hate people that can't follow directions and muck it up for the rest of us.

I used to be much more reluctant to give Tylenol with my son but with my daughter, if she's warm to my touch, especially behind her ears, and if she seems to be uncomfortable, I give her Tylenol. It always, always helps and isn't that the point? Do you ever put Vicks on their feet before they go to bed, with socks over? I swear it helps the stuffiness.

I recamend a thememiter that you use on the forehead we use one at work... its digital and records the last 5 thermometer taken so you can track fevers ect.
you hover it over the temple area for about 3 seconds its really really good especially with squirmy irritated babies who dont want to be messed around with!
I dont know if you get karvol or olbus oil over there but both are truely amazing for dripiing on clothes of bedding over night time .... I use them all the time and both are safe for children!
Good luck with it all... my thoughts are deffinatly with you!
(gah my spelling ... you can tell its been a long day!)

im afraid i have no answer for eating a table...thats a new one, but as for motrin or tylenol? I have always gone with my gut, and if i could see they were miserable, i treated it. thats what you would do for yourself...good luck with finding a thermometer that speaks mom.

Once, when I was a new nurse in pediatrics, I was with a doctor examining a little girl. He told me she had a fever. I said, "no she doesn't. The last time I took it it was 98.4 (or whatever it was)". He told me to hold her leg tightly. I held her thigh and felt it. Her muscles were on fire. Her head was cool, her skin was cool but if you felt deep enough, in her arms, legs, probably her back and chest, it was hot hot hot.

I guess different kids get different symptoms but I never forgot that. Sometimes those kids and their germs can be very tricky. Certainly trust your instincts (something else I learned early on - if mom says the baby is sick, the baby is sick. Early in maternity - if mom says the head is coming, the head is coming. Don't ask questions. Act.). I'm big on tylenol and Motrin too. If nothing else that a sore throat that could be there with a cold.

I hope the kiddos are feeling better soon. Or at least that they get the kind of cold that wipes them out and makes them want to nap ;-)

oops ment "thermometer" and "last five tempratures" :S

No advice here either but just want to tell you I am in awe of everything you got done with 2 sick kids! You most certainly deserve a box of cookies! I hope Mia and Owen feel better soon and you get some good rest.


That was one medicine I never hesitated to dispense. I just didn't. Moody kid that can't talk? Maybe he doesn't feel good. Give him Motrin. And one of those little belly tablets - can't remember the name. And Wally drops in the ears. Just in case.

YES! Put Mia down for "quiet time" the same time Owen goes down! BRILLIANT!

We got Declan used to the Neilmed Sinus Rinses very early when he was sick and it's a huge help. His pediatrician LOVES us for it.

Feel better, friends. Tell Mia I miss her.

With my two sons, teething was huge on making them chew on anything that was close to their mouthes (usually furniture). When that started, I medicated (usually with Tylenol) and gave them something metal that of course wasn't sharp such as silverware (keys if I was at the grocery store). They both loved it and it helped to keep them entertained!

Hang in there and enjoy some movie time!!

Put Tabasco on the coffee table. Or get him a rawhide bone. Heh. Just kidding.

Chewing on the coffee table sounds like a teething need. Have you tried hard teething biscuits? Or a frozen wet washcloth? Seriously, wet the washcloth, freeze it, and let the boy gnaw on it. It worked wonders for my kids.

We haven't had the sickness with Michael but that could be because he built up immunity from being in daycare before preschool. Besides the sickness how is preschool going?

I second the "damn you" on the stupid, stupid parents who got the decongestants taken off the market. Argh.

If my kid is sick - regardless of if she has a fever - I give her either Tylenol or Motrin. (I usually alternate them so she doesn't get too much of either one.) I figure that if she's obviously miserable, it's entirely possible that she has a sinus headache from the congestion, and I always take something when I feel like that, so why shouldn't she?

We once saw a pediatrician who was about 100 years old and he told me that it was absolutely fine to give my (then 9 month-old, 20-pound) baby a 1/2 teaspoon of children's Benadryl at nighttime if it seemed to dry up her nose enough that she could sleep comfortably. It really does seem to help a lot, so we use that whenever she gets a bad cold.

So sorry both kids are sick. Hope they're feeling better - and letting you sleep - very soon!

I have two boys (ages 2 and 1) and I don't like to give them medicine when it isn't warranted but when I think about how achey even I feel when I have a bad cold or sinus infection, a pain reliever makes sense. Tylenol or Motrin can take the edge off just enough to allow the little ones to get some rest- even if they don't technically have a fever. I hope this eases some of your guilt and I hope you guys catch a break soon!

Sorry about all the boogers!
I used to have "Quiet Time", and the kidlets had a quiet time box. It was a pencil book filled with papers, stickers, colored pencils, dollar store handheld games, etc. that only came out at quiet time. More times than not I'd end up with a sleeping child. Good luck with some 'you' time. :)

aw babe! i don't even have a thermometer, more or less for that reason...

and i hear on the 'oh gosh i'm a control freak'. confessed this recently to a few near and dear's and the response was 'ya think?!' not promicing.

I'm a first time mom, and it took me a few months to realize that I should just trust my instincts on whether to give him some Tylenol.
We did end up getting an ear thermometer, and it is pretty darn good. The rectal temp taking really isn't so bad (I'd been doing it to my horse well before I had a baby), but once he got big enough to wiggle around, I got nervous about it. And the last thing I wanted to do with a fussy baby was undress him and make him lie on the changing table!
Yea for the quiet time/nap time synchronization. You need to have some time for yourself, unless you've been replaced by a robot.

With my youngest it's his ears - they turn bright red and you could fry an egg on them.

I'm hoping you have the "only one parent dispenses the medicine" rule in your house - I have a friend who ended up in the ER with her baby because both she and hubby were dosing the baby and neglected to inform each other.

Just keep in mind that fevers serve a purpose in little bodies, and bringing them down with Tylenol, while providing much-needed relief for mommy and child, can also extend the life of the virus. (That is almost verbatim what my pediatrician told me.)

Brownies and a vaporizer, my friend.

I'd give you advice on the eating of coffee tables but we had zero luck in getting ours to not eat the computer desk. I think it's the combination of slightly salty + moist wood + teething that makes it just delicious. I wouldn't know. I do, however, have a decorative border of "distressed" wood around 3 sides of the computer desk. They're all perfectly aligned at 1.1" in from the edge.

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