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My beloved $300 laptop has blue screened on me six times in the last four hours. Am despondent. Also, it ate my post for today, so now you are despondent. Let's all hug and drink heavily and try to make it through this difficult time.

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Ah geeze that's terrible! And to top off a bad day, my dog got skunked! Please pass the tomato juice!

might be time for an early xmas present for you!

Oh... FYI I am having a glass of wine in honor of your downed laptop... well, also because my beloved Red Sox are sucking bad...
Oh and b/c I have more spit up on me than any one sexy woman should... try not to be too jealous.

In addition to this tragedy, I have a migraine and the Nielson net ratings box is quietly mocking me by your side bar. :\

Boo! Dead laptops are the pits :(

I will have a beer for you and your laptop. That is so crappy.

Oh that sucks, I'm sorry. Sounds like it's time for an early Christmas present to yourself. :-)

Oh Beth, how well I know the pain that comes with loss of computer function. I once dropped Steve Jobs and erased his hard drive.

My heart goes out.

(to clarify: Steve Jobs is my laptop. I did not actually drop Steve Jobs the man. He's way too tall for me to be able to pick up.)

Time to re-install. At least now you can wipe those nudes of yourself off the hard drive and start over.


Hey Beth now you can get a brand new shiny MacBook :)

Talk about a major world crisis!!!

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