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This, that, the other

After posting pics of Owen in his lobster suit yesterday, I got an email from my neighbor-in-law (she married the guy who used to live next door to me, is there an easier way to say that?). She has a daughter six weeks older than Mia and a son ten days younger than Owen and the exact same combination of Halloween costumes.

Chris stayed home today to take care of Owen for a bit while I did something with Mia, and we came home to find Owen standing up at the coffee table (the same one he is fond of eating, looks like we have an infestation of beavers) and Chris swearing that he pulled up there himself. Which would have been the first time ever that he achieved a fully-upright position all on his own and which Chris has since witnessed several times and I have not seen him do once. Usually the shoe is on the other foot and I am the one saying "Chris, I swear, the baby has been doing X all day today" while the child in question fixes their father with a shit-eating grin and refuses to perform. I don't like being on this end, and it just reminds be that while in many ways I'm the one with the crap job around here and can't even pee because Child 2 will follow me into the bathroom, find something to pull off the toilet and cram it straight into his mouth, in most ways I am the lucky one.

Speaking of Child 2, he is getting four teeth right now (second middle set on the bottom and the blasted canines on the top) and it makes him want to bite me. Not while he is eating, I cured him of that one right quick by refusing to nurse him after he bit me and he learned fast that babies who want boobies do not bite them. But nursing is the only time he doesn't bite me. The rest of the day he literally chases me around the house and as soon as I let him catch me he sinks his six very sharp little teeth into my poor soft flesh. A dose of Tylenol plus an application of Orajel buys me about an hour of safety and then he is at it again. Any suggestions? I feel like he can't really help it, he is hurting and just trying to feel better, but damn the child needs to stop.

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Wet a washcloth, freeze it, and let him gnaw on it. Works like a charm!

I forgot to add...keep several in the freezer because they thaw out quickly.

frozen bagels...

There are always those mesh feeding... what the heck are they called? You know, kind of like a pacifier but with a mesh bag instead and you toss whatever food you like in there? Babies love the because they can enjoy new tastes and cold, gum soothing foods. The biting something (like an apple slice?) can make their gums feel better and the whole thing is very distracting from teething pain. There's no choking risk but of course they can make giant drooly messes. I consider that a small price to pay for some peace.

I agree with Laura. The Munchkin brand of mesh feeders are awesome. They sell them at Target and Walmart. I would put ice cubes or frozen fruit in them for my kids and they could gnaw on the cold stuff which felt good. Also used frozen bagels and gave them a half or a quarter and they really went to town on those things!

One of the only times you'll find me directing someone to Walmart, but go there to the baby aisles and you'll find with the other random infant toys a "Star Teether". It has a blue plastic handle and a star that's some sort of rubbery plastic, and it vibrates when they bite on the points of the star. The Best Teether In The World. It also works to soothe cranky 3-year-olds since it feels so funny! Not that I'd ever randomly stick something in front of my kid and tell him to bite ... no, never! ;-)

"he learned fast that babies who want boobies do not bite them"

ha ha ha ha.

Really. Life is so much more fun with you and Chris around.

Frozen green beans, carrot sticks.. the longer ones of both... Those work well, if he likes them. Frozen banana's work well too, but make more of a muchy/drooly mess.

If he and you are not opposed to a bottle, a cold bottle of juice/water/whatever you feel comfortable giving him, can be helpful too. I used to put plenty of crushed ice in the bottle to dilute and keep juices cold. My kids + too much juice = Disaster!!

Roo follows me to the bathroom too. It's that one place - although we keep it clean - I just have concerns with her crawling around and touching the toilet. Even when I sneak out, run to the toilet, it's the first place she'll look for me.

The mesh eating thing is great -- I would freeze chunks of banana and stick them in there. As it thaws, he will eat it and he can get his chewing-jones satisfied.

It's his Halloween gift to you. Clearly the child is a vampire.


Oy, something cold? A frozen washcloth. Okay don't laugh at me but there is a lobster teether out there (Infantio maybe? Also, did I spell that right?) and until our dog ate it it was THE best teether ever. We bought ours at Target but I have never seen it there again. However the other day I was on and saw that I can buy it there so you better bet I am buying one of those once this little girl starts to teeth. It is something about the shape that makes it SO great. Apparently the dog thought so as well...

This is going to sound weird, but I've had the opportunity to try it on myself and verify that it works. Instead of putting the orajel on the gums where it wears of quickly, put it in the ear canal (as close to the ear drum as you dare with a wriggly baby). The nerves all connect up there and it numbs nicely, and doesn't wear off as quickly.

Cracked a tooth while I was pregnant and decided to wait for a root canal until I could get the good drugs. Yep, that trick saved me a few times during nursing.

Ice chips. We gave (and still give, because they now love it so) our little ones plastic cups of crushed ice to stick in their mouths and suck on at will: small enough not to choke, but cold enough to numb the mouth up a bit.

At least he's getting his canines now. The Mini has been working on his canines for oh, the last 5 MONTHS with nary a canine in sight.

Go to PetSmart. They have these great chew toys. Some even in rawhide!

Puppies are just hairy babies. Keep that in mind.

There are these magnificent teething tablets available on the baby aisle. Totally safe. Can't for the life of me remember the name. Looks like those old saccharine tablets from growing up.

Miracles. Fucking miracles.

I bit my mom once when I was kid....she bit me back. I never bit her again.

I used to use the mesh feeders too. I would throw frozen grapes, watermelon or apple slices into it and let the Dictator go to town.

I also second the star shaped vibrating teether. I personally used to call it 'my first vibrator'.

I remember my 2 year old sister sitting on my 10 year old lap and sinking her teeth into my early-bloomer booby and drawing blood.
And then grinning widely ;-)

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