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Worth it

Two things today that made me think, oh yes, having two kids is totally worth it.

1) The older kid thinks it is a really fun game to hop out of her chair at dinner and retrieve whatever the younger kid has just thrown onto the floor. Bought me five consecutive minutes of sitting down and eating with both hands free - doesn't happen often.

2) The kids are starting to play together, which they both enjoy but also means that they are starting to get on each other's nerves. They were on the floor together tonight and I was watching closely to prevent any further pinching or hair pulling, and instead, Mia gave Owen a huge hug and a kiss. It brought me to tears. I know it won't always be this way, but right now I feel like one of the best things I will ever do for my kids is give them someone who adores them so much - each other.

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Good thing you've already decided that two is your limit. That whole sisters-as-best-friends thing is what got me into #3 :) I absolutely love to see my girls play together, and see how the older one passes knowledge (good and bad!) down. It's not all wine and roses, but it's still AWESOME.

Hear! Hear! I love those sweet moments between them AND that they can entertain each other.

That's really nice :). Its all worth while in the end!

I have had no 2 on my mind for days...weeks even now...people keep asking me and I have been trying to work out "when" the time is right. You could have written this just for me. Thank you. And how lovely for you....enjoy (while it lasts)

Awwwwww. My two were best buddies at that age and it was great to watch.

Those are the moments I live for. When Evey started happily jumping out of her chair to chase after Ben's spoon, toy, cracker, etc. it was a glorious day.

Just yesterday Ben (the younger one) walked up to Evey and said "hugs and kissies" and then wrapped his short little arms around her tummy. Tears welled up and sprang over before I even realized what was happening. These moments make me want to have a whole heard of kids.

Sibling love is the best.

Mine will often give each other a cuddle (hug) when asked -- wrap there arms around each other and squeeze -- makes my heart melt.

If you do it right, it can happen for a 10 yr old still hugs and kisses me and his sister before school everyday...its nice.

The other day, my 2yo was in the midst of a royal temper tantrum because I asked him to say sorry to me for hitting me and he wouldn't.

Me: "Jamie, are you going to say sorry to mommy??"

Jamie: NEVER!!!

My 5 1/2 yo then went up not once, but twice to try to convince him to be a nice boy so he could come out of his room.

"How about you tell ME you're sorry then I can tell Mommy you're sorry."

Didn't work, but it was so sweet of her to try.

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