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Alas! Alack!

My beloved laptop is no more. Now sure, this is not a surprise since I bought it very used three years ago for dirt cheap and the battery hasn't held a charge for longer than 10 seconds in well over two years and then the keyboard died and I had to plug a keyboard in to use the thing, but I loved my hoopty laptop and was so demoralized when it finally went all blue screen and refused to boot altogether than I waited nearly 20 minutes before I ordered a new (to me) one.

It will arrive soon, but in the meantime Chris and I are sharing a laptop and I am not entire sure that our marriage will survive. Wish us luck.

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No way in hell could my marriage survive sharing a computer with my husband. Nope.

I wish you luck!!!!

Rex knows better than to even touch my computers without express permission. Sometimes I don't even like when he sits in my office with me and looks at my new baby too closely.

At least it's tax deductible! (I use this phrase regularly)

I have my laptop password protected so that my husband can't take it from me. It's a bitchy thing to do but it's also a matter of survival.

Oh, no. Nonononono. You need to EXPRESS SHIP that new laptop, or you're just going to end up killing Chris.

Be strong. :)

Oh, man, that really stinks. I don't think our marriage could survive that either!

We have four computers in our home. Only one is a laptop. Lately, I'm fighting off Harley as he borrows the laptop for homework which is my computer.

Hard to imagine how we managed before computers and when most of us had to share one computer.

Hope you get the computer soon. They make us so dependent on them and yet life is so much easier with them.

I need a laptop. Where do you purchase "used" or refurbished computers?

if sharing a laptop is anything like sharing a tv converter you might just as well sign the divorce papers now. kidding of course. good luck with that and with the new laptop.

I hate H.a.t.e. HATE sharing my laptop.

Hope yours arrives quickly.

I hate H.a.t.e. HATE sharing my laptop.

Hope yours arrives quickly.

My PC is about to croak. I'd love to replace it with a laptop. Where did you order your used one from?

Same thing happened to beloved (albeit dirt cheap) laptop. It's currently in pieces at our friend's repair shop.
Mostly I just want data recovered.
Ya get what ya pay for I guess.

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