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I guess those trees out front are good for something!
Great photo, Beth. And really beautiful kids!!!

well that is just disgustingly cute! how can you even handle all that cuteness? :)

That's so cute :).

Hee! Owen's hair sorta stick up like a baby bird's little fuzzy head! =)

We have a giant rock under a large tree, too, and pictures we've taken there of the kids as they've grown have become important milestones in the family album. These are wonderful: may you have many more in the years ahead!

Little blondies!! So snarking cute. I can't believe how big Owen is getting- he truly looks like such a little BOY all of a sudden.

They are so adorable!!!

I read your blog often and decided to finally comment. This picture is great and your children are absolutely beautiful!!

Geez, what do you have to put in the bird feeder to get cuties like that to land in your tree?


Beth, you have beautiful children. I can't believe how much Mia is leaving the babyness behind and becoming a girl in her own right. Amazing how they grow and change and yet they stay the same. You are blessed. :)

They look SO blonde here, and of course simply adorable, love the pic it would make a cute xmas card photo!

What pretty birdies you have.
Owen is so big. It seems like just yesterday that he was born. My how time flies.

Great picture - Worthy of framing!

Really love this.

It must be said, because it simply have beautiful children. Just beautiful.

Adorable! Nice framing, Beth.

So adorable!
I will admit that the 1st thing that passed through my mind was the scene from "Steel Magnolias" when the dad (Tom Skeritt sp?) went outside with the firecrackers to get the birds out of the trees. But I'm weird like that.

Beautiful children!

Two of the most adorable little birdies I ever did see :-) Those smiles are are to die for as is Owen's wispy baby hair.

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