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Clearly I Need More Sleep

Oh, hello? Yes, how are you? I am well, except that Owen has decided that 4 AM is Party Time and I have given up and gotten out of bed by 5:00 every day this week and that on top of the child waking me up several times a night has made me rather groggy. Also, bitchy. Also, deeply unattractive. I also smell pretty bad, but that is from raking leaves on a roastingly hot so-called-fall day and cannot technically be blamed on my son. I think I'll do it anyway though.

As a brief aside - if you are ever in the market for a new house (stop laughing, this crappy economy isn't eternal) and you find the perfect house with everything you wanted plus a really huge and amazing backyard and it has three beautiful chestnut trees out front (as well as a plum and a cherry, but they aren't the main problem here) RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! I spend my entire life cleaning up after those goddamned chestnuts, and the stupid pod things around the nuts are sharp enough to jab you straight through your leather gloves, adding injury to insult.

Moving on, I have decided to save you from my diatribe on the subject of gay marriage. I'm sure if you have read more than two or three posts from me you can extrapolate my feelings on the subject (HINT: the post contained more the one invitation for the entire state of California to go fuck themselves) and people have said it all far better than I ever could and let's face it, this isn't one of those subjects on which most people are very likely to change their minds. Mores the pity.

Instead, I have a friendly Friday afternoon poll. When Mia was born, the nurse who was prepping me for surgery treated me to a lengthy discussion of the very personal grooming habits of the majority of her patients. Which um, thanks, but I could not imagine very many topics in which I would have less interest minutes before having my abdomen sliced open and an almost eight pound parasite removed. But I have to admit that ever since then I have been curious. Not curious about any one person specifically, oh god no, there are just some things which you do not need to know about your friends and acquaintances, but curious about the population in general. And since you all are my most direct access to the population in general, I have decided to ask you.

So, what is your personal south of the border grooming choice?

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I KNOW! I've always been very proud to live in California, but Prop 8 was really a blow to my faith in Californian humanity. I'm still sick about it.

And that is WAY too funny! Because I just asked my best girlfriend about that with the reddest face ever because I JUST DON'T KNOW what people do, and I'm kinda backward on all that girl stuff.

I wrote, re wrote, deleted, re wrote and then gave up on a post basically boycotting three states in our union for eternity. I feel you, dawg.

And thanks for doing THIS post instead. I totally forgot I had anything south of the border.

Oh, what a great poll. I have always been curious myself.

Your hubby and I emailed about prop 8 the other day. It's so sad that we're still holding onto that prejudice. It's really horrible.

two words:
landing strip.


HA! And I would bet it changes seasonally (the south of the border part, not the gay marriage part). At least that's what me & my fellow nurses have concluded. We appreciate summer. Big time.

You left out the option of "I'd do 'x' if I had time (aka no kids) but do 'y' because I haven't any time to speak of". I chose, therefore, to answer your poll pretending I don't have kids.

I was elated that Obama won, but horrified that Prop. 8 passed. I just do not understand how the fact that people feel that their marriage is less of a marriage if two same-sex people can get married. It boggles the mind.

Moving on...we have a chestnut tree in our backyard as well. I hate it with the fire of a thousand burning suns. Wouldn't it be nice to let our kids run around in the grass without shoes on? No chance with those spiky balls from hell littered all over. We'd like to cut it down and plant something else, but we need permission from the city in order to do that and they refuse to let us. GROWL.

I was STUNNED that California voted for Prop. 8 - it really makes me wonder what the world is coming to for that to happen there.
I'm proud to say however that we in Conn. voted down Question 1 which was for a constitutional convention which would have possibly endangered gay marriages here. Yay us!

Yes, I'm sorry, I really apologize for my state . . . but I voted with every fiber of my being as I clicked on No, so, see, you only need to tell SOME of us to go fuck ourselves :) The only thing that is giving me a modicum of hope is that it passed with a much, much smaller margin than 22 did back in 2000 (thank you Bob Knight, you fuckwit!) . . . We're going to get this right and conquer it.

I live in California. I voted NO on 8. Everyone I know voted NO. We are all mortified that it passed.

Also, too, it was a really close race on Prop 8. All this Californian can figure is that it was too confusing to have to vote AGAINST the BAN, since same-sex marriage has been legal here since the summer.

I finally get to claim Ohio as my home state again, then California goes and embarrasses me like this. Pathetic.

I find that too much grooming is just far too much effort. Tidy, yes? Sculpted like a bonsei? Hell no. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

I shave the letter's 'T', 'H', 'O', 'R', and an apostrophe 'S' in a semi-circle above 'The Hammer'.

I didn't see that as an option in your little quiz, though. Curious.

I clearly have problems as im using using my mobile to view your site! In my defence its half 11 at night im baby sitting and totally needed something to get me through! Good luck for a good night sleep! Love the poll too hee hee!

I clearly have problems as im using my mobile to view your site! In my defence its half 11 at night im baby sitting and totally needed something to get me through! Good luck for a good night sleep! Love the poll too hee hee!

I clearly have problems as im using my mobile to view your site! In my defence its half 11 at night im baby sitting and totally needed something to get me through! Good luck for a good night sleep! Love the poll too hee hee!

I clearly have problems as im using my mobile to view your site! In my defence its half 11 at night im babysitting and i needed something to get me through! Love the poll by the way crazy topic for her to talk about but hey at least she took alot of notice with her job i guess lol. Good luck for a good nights sleep!

Okay im sorry for the many copies of the same comment! There is a reason i dont use my mobile for things such as the internet! Silly thing!

I love my fur bikini, but do trim once a year for the sake of my gyno!

I'm still wondering if it was an accident. I mean, how many people voted YES, thinking they were voting to ALLOW gay marriage. It was confusing.

Not all of us in CA should go fuck ourselves, just 52% of us apparently. I'm very disappointed in my state (and I did take the liberty of blogging about it more than once). I don't think the fight is over though . . . for one, as many commenters have mentioned, the whole 'yes' vs 'no' issue WAS worded confusingly. Then there are all those uncounted absentee and provisional ballots out there. And then the fact that this would technically be a REVISION to the state constitution (not allowed) vs. an amendment (allowed). We'll get there . . . but in the meantime the possibility that I'm living among a slew of closet social conservatives FREAKS ME THE EFF OUT.

I didn't see the option really, so I'm going with trim and tidy until there's someone else in my life who actually gives a care about that sort of thing :P (As a single girl beyond basic grooming it doesn't matter to me!)
Aaaaanyway. I'm kinda disappointed wtih Prop 8 too. Which is strange to me, because if I got into this debate at all with my friends I know I'd definitely be in the minority. But as I grow older (and am less the narrow-minded teen I was) I find that I don't believe I have the right to make other people's decisions for them, and though I may believe something to be morally wrong, I must uphold that standard only in my own life and not impose that upon others. So, I'm the weird conservative Christian who isn't against gay marriage :P
(BUT I don't think the church should have to recognize the union either. Nobody pushes their standards on anyone - including on me. Just to keep things complicated!)

Trim and tidy for me as well, but that wasn't an option.

Also, ditto to those who said thanks for the poll. I have always been curious as well.

You are missing an obvious choice:

Keep it neat, trim occasionally, no geometry involved.

So, I chose the next closest: I shower and stuff. It seems most chose this, but I would like to know how many do SOME grooming.

:) thanks.

Not all of California sucks, just about 52 percent or so. I left a big comment on your husbands blog, and have blogged about prop 8 a few times, so I will try to keep this brief. I voted no on 8. I'm feeling a lot like I did when Bush won. Just over half the people are making the rest of us look like great big jackasses.

Even my 78 year old mother thinks that two people who love each other should be allowed to express their love with a marriage that government entities will recognize. I don't understand how prop 8 could have passed; I thought we were becoming more evolved...

OMG, being a semi-recent transplant to CA, I am SICK about Prop 8 passing. I can't even believe it. Either 52% of the population just didn't read it correctly, or they're ignorant asshats. I definitely voted no because it's just not fair. :(

small landing strip..

Interesting survey! But on the part about the nuts...the first house we bought had an old black walnut tree in the backyard - a beautiful shade tree during the summer, but we cursed it many times when fall came and we were filling up lawn bag after lawn bag of those walnuts. That's one thing we said we weren't going to miss about moving from that house two years later. We buy our next house and shortly after moving in, we realized we have a black walnut tree in the backyard...what are the chances?!

ok with the poll a'running WHERE do you place your vote? Is that going to be the follow up post? SO. NOT. FAIR. though I voted and all :P

I second Ali with the landing strip. Except for when I am grossly pregnant (like right now) when pure physics doesn't allow me to make a neat tidy landing strip and it all just gets taken off.


OMG- I have not one, not two but 15 chestnut trees in my yard!! Basically if you're working in that part of the yard in the fall, hard hats and thick leather gloves are a necessity!! Sexy!!

As a 25 year old about to be married next year and thinking about kids I have been wondering A LOT lately what pregnant ladies do about the grooming..? Leave it wild? Get waxed? ...

I personally think California is coming to its senses. I am sure its an anomaly though. Maybe a few more 1st graders will be saved being dragged to their teacher's lesbian marriage and call it a field trip.

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