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I Voted

Owen decided to wake up at 5:00 this morning, so I decided we may as well put the time to good use.

We got to the polls right as they opened and there were about 300 people in line ahead of me. It took an hour, but Owen and I finally marked our ballot and scored my beloved stickers. When we got home, Mia asked me who had won. I told her we had to wait all day to find out. She thinks that bites.

More fun with stickers here here and here.

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I agree with Mia. It totally bites.

They didn't have stickers at my voting place and I was NOT happy. THAT bites.

Good for you! I took the boy too, but we were in and out in 15 minutes.

thats one of the good things about a small town, we never have long lines:)

Yeah I think it bites too, but I'm loving how Owen's sporting the sticker. Tres fashionable ;)

We waited an hour but C got to push the green button to Cast my Ballot - so he was thrilled - it made up for the wait, I guess. C also asked me if we would be running into Mr. Obama in the voting booth - ah from the mouth of babes...

I agree with Mia! It does bite to have to wait until tonight!

We got up early here too so I went right at 6:00 but my GOD there weren't that many people there. There was no one on line and maybe 6 people all together.

You mean you didn't get to go to the front of the line? I would assume someone would let you cut...what with your baby and all!

That is just spectacularly adorable.

It should at least be like an online poll. After you are done punching all your choices, it should electronically show you how the rest of the country has voted up to that point. That would be sweet.

Owen is totally adorable with that sticker! I am so cheesed I never get a dang sticker. I saw one lady with one in the grocery store today, though, so apparently I have bad luck with my local voting precinct.

On pins and needles here as are many to most of us watching the polls, and the states take on colors!
I too was sad to not receive a sticker :-(
I did not get to the polls until 1PM- with book and Mp3 in tow. No wait at all. I was thankful and lucky.

I'm always jealous of your stickers. We don't get nothin'.

I went in the evening last night and it was rather quick. I just missed the evening rush.

They don't distribute stickers where I vote.

Weren't the lines nuts? I voted at 6am here in Fairfax and waited for a long time, but my father works at an old elementary school over in Round Hill, and he called me yesterday and said the lines stayed so long all day that he actually got stuck at work late - so many people double-parked around his car that he couldn't get home until they left!

IN ROUND HILL. I thought there were like ten people total in that town.

Hooray for Virginia voting, though! Record numbers. :-) We're good citizens here.


I love your tradition of Voted stickers, and the adorable montage itself! It's always pretty neat to see photos of your family grow over the years :-)


I love your tradition of Voted stickers, and the adorable montage itself! It's always pretty neat to see photos of your family grow over the years :-)

And although I do not have children myself, I really enjoy reading your particular voice chronicle your experiences.

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