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Na na na na na na

So, crock pot vegetarian lasagna was very good. Just as much trouble as making regular lasagna except that I could do all the chopping and sauteing and assembly during naptime and then throw it in the fridge. Which I could do with regular lasagna, yes, except that then I can never figure out how long it is going to take to cook and always underestimate and dinner is an hour late which is not good when it comes to the children. So I think I will definitely be making it again. I guess god really does love me.

Have I ever told you that I hate teeth? I do. I mean really, I have a blender and I'm not afraid to use it, why does my baby need teeth? Owen, who is the most charming, lovable, happiest, sweetest child you could ever hope to encounter has been a continual pain in my ass for weeks now and it is all because of teeth. I propose a boycott.

Also hey, today is my 29th 38th 34th birthday, although I will not actually complete my 34th year until early tomorrow morning (comes from being born late at night in California). What I really want for my birthday is to eat one meal without feeding anyone else, getting up eight times to fetch things for the chidren, or holding a squirmy baby in my lap (not gonna happen); to sit on the couch and watch an entire movie with my husband (not gonna happen); and four uninterrupted hours of sleep (not gonna happen). But, I am typing this from my shiny new laptop, so that's a consolation. If you would like to give me a gift, and you know you would, you can leave me a comment with your first and middle names. This is a lovely present because Mia is obsessed with full names and reading your names to her will score me a little easy entertainment this afternoon.

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Happy Birthday, Beth! Hope you get at least one of your wished for moments!

For Mia.... Stephanie Marie.

Happy Birthday, Beth!

For Mia: Emily Melissa

Happy Birthday! May it be a good one!

And I'm generous, I'll give you and Mia 4 names as presents:

Ross Phillip
Jennifer Deanne
Violet Joann
Rosalie Hannah

Happy Birthday. I'll give Mia several names (mine and my children's):
Sally Anna
Henry Gunn
Graham Charles

Happy Birthday Beth!

~Leah Elaine

I would love to tell you...just to mess with Mia's mind....that I didn't give my daughter a middle name. She has a very Southern type name that sounds like 2 and therefore why a middle name?

I'd tell you what it is but then it would be too traceable to me. If you really want to me and I'll tell you so you can entertain Mia.

I'll also tell you my sister's first and middle name and then you'll really know WHY my daughter didn't get a middle name!

Happy Birthday!

Go crazy with 4 names (me, hubby and kids):

Melissa Ann
Jason Wesley
Lily Jane
Cameron Wesley

Happy Birthday!

For Mia: Sara Dawn

Named for various family members with awesome twosomes like Sally Dawn, Mary Leno, Lenolia Dawn, Willeen Dawn. Oh, and Orla Ola. Have fun today!

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Shelly Renae

Happy birthday, Beth!

Leah Marie

Happy birthday!
I hope all your wishes come true through grandparents. And yeah, I'm boycotting teeth, too. My own included. I've been to the dentist 4 times in two months, and have 3 more visits left.

Anyway, for Mia:
Lisa Elaine
Benjamin Taylor
Lucas James

Seriously, how cool would it be if teeth came in as teenagers? So we'd spend 14 years mashing food, but right as the kids became evil (sorry, teenagers), we could blame the teething pain on all the grief they cause us. Retribution, if you will.

Happy Birthday! I hope your wishes come true. At least one, right?

For Mia, sorry to disappoint, but I don't have a middle name. Lazy parents! But here are my girls names'-

Ava Isabella
Elle Annalise

Happy Birthday, Beth!!

It's also Zachary Aaron's birthday today - November 14th is the best!

- Caitlin Elizabeth

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Carrie Susan
James Lee

Happy, Happy Birthday!

For Mia:

Jennifer Elizabeth
Rhonda Kay

The animals: (is it weird they have middle names?)
Taylor Louvene
Leroy Jackson
Grace Lenora
Ryley Jean

Happy Birthday!

Diane Michele

And it is also my wonderful Aunt's birthday - Arlene Penny

Once again, Beth, Happy Birthday and many, many more!!!

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Susan Patricia

Happy Birthday!!!

If you figure out how to watch an etire movie, uniterupted, without one of you falling asleep... please let me know so Nadine and I can try it. I do remember it being very nice :)

Tell Mia I'm sorry, I don't want people to know I read your blog so won't be posting any real names :)

Hoe about these ones though:
Jan Peter (our prime-minister Balkenende)
Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard (our Queen Beatrix)

And just as hot as the first day I started reading your work.

And for your readers, you even look hot with a nickel on your head.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Hope you get at least a wee bit of peaceful time for yourself.

Happy Birthday!!!!

For Mia: Andrea Barbara

Greetings from far, far away,


P.S.: Congratulations to your new president! We really like him here in good old Europe...

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Happy birthday!
My kids names for Mia:

Riley Mia
Logan Finnegan
Kevin Eric

Happy birthday!

and for Mia:
Jennifer Elaine - me
Dixie May - mom
Karen Victoria - sister

Happy Birthday Beth! I hope you get one of your wishes granted today!!
Here are our families names for Mia:

Rebecca Lynn
Allan Edward
Morgan Alexis

Have a Happy Birthday Beth. 34 is good!

happy birthday!!! hope you find a way to make one of your special moments happen...

Names for Mia,

Rebecca Lynn
Tyler Jacob
Joshua Damon
Andrew Jason
Cecelia Jean

Oh and these two were really funny....I used to work at the clerk's office in the criminal division...these names belonged to a set of twin boys
orange jello
yellow jello

Kid you not...I will type out the pronunceation(sp?) the best I can...
orANge jeLLO

mia will like that hahaha

Happy happy birthday! Shiny new laptops are fun!

And for Mia:
Jaime Elizabeth
Scott Jeffery
Cloe Mae
Seth Liam
Lance Titus

I already told Chris it was up to him to make a wonderful birthday for you! I hope it's full of laughter and happiness and love, even if it also does require the squirmy baby and getting up eight times during your meal.

My names?
Emily Beth

Happy Birthday Beth!

And for Mia:

Charles Caldwell
Michelle Ann
Blake Anthony
James Caldwell

Happy birthday!


Leah Brooke and Dorothy Rose

My bday is in just two weeks. Woohoo!! Here are the names of our whole clan!

Mia Kiersten
Chaz Walker
Anne-Bailey (goes by both names)
Eleanor Kathleen
Baby on the way who is yet to be named! Maybe Mia can come up with a few good ideas!

Happy birthday!

Katherine Lucy

Happy Birthday, Beth!

April Sue

Happy birthday, Beth! I hope you get everything on your wish list.

Melissa Danielle

Happy Birthday, Beth!

And for Mia: Cassandra Lee.

Happy Birthday!!!

And my name? Catharina Leopoldine. Have fun with that! Does Mia have a middle name?

Happy Birthday!

For Mia: Kristy Shane

Happy Birthday, Beth!

And for Mia: Susan Elizabeth, Elizabeth Molly, Timothy Patrick, and Michael Neil

My daughter has her first loose tooth. It doesn't seem right after all we went through with teething for them to just fall out like that.

Anne Elizabeth
Carolyn Elizabeth
Benjamin Richard
Shannon Andrew


(And for Mia, I'm Sarah Anne, cuz you know I was born in the 70s so my middle name could only be Anne, Marie or Lynn).

Happy Birthday!
Teeth are overrated - by the time you take care of them the way you're supposed to, it's too late and they start falling out...
I have a "thing" about first and middle names. Maybe because I wasn't born with one (thanks alot ma!) so got to PICK mine when I made my confirmation. When it came time to pick boy and girl names for my child's impending birth I had so many!! So here we go - my family's and one special one that I didn't get to use (ok, two):
Nancy Catherine
Mark Aaron
Cody John
Elizabeth Armstrong
Sarah Elizabeth
Say them loud Mia!

Happy Birthday Beth!!

And for Mia:
Kristin Lynn (given...since changed to my maiden name, but too easy to track & too hard to say)
Donald Lee
Laurenna Marie
Robert William
Robert Joseph

Enjoy your day!!

You are the second blog I have read today and I am two for two with birthdays. Not only that, my baby turns 7 today. So it looks like she is in good company. Have a very happy birthday! I hope you get all you wished for as well as things you didn't even know would make you happy. Enjoy your day!
Megan Elizabeth (hence the ME in my email addy)and Grace Elizabeth (aged 7 which is breaking my heart)

Happy Birthday! Your husband is so sweet, he didn't even mention what you rhyme with this year!

Happy Birthday!
I'm Lora Neely
My son is Jacob Alexander
My cat is Tyler Jane

Happy Birthday

Sheila Opal

(I was named for my grandmother and am trying to pass on the love)

Kimberly Sue

my kids are:
Brandon Tyler
Gabriel Aiden

If I had a girl she would be:
Raelyn Hope

Happy birthday, Beth!

For Mia: Gabrielle Justine and my husband's name is Jordan Kyle. And Mia? I like names too! :)

Courtney Samantha (me)
Graham Andrew (son)

Happy, Happy Birthday! :)

Courtney Samantha (me)
Graham Andrew (son)

Happy, Happy Birthday! :)

I always end up double posting. Why is the that? Sorry!

Happy Birthday Beth!

Happy Birthday Beth!

I'm Hillary Aileen

and my husband will be a real treat for Mia:
Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm Angus Malcolm

Happy Birthday! I hope at least one of your wishes comes true!

For Mia: My full name until I was 25 was Jessie, because my parents didn't give me a middle name. Then my maiden name became my middle.

Happy Birthday, Beth!!! You are a Scorpio, eh? Hope you get all you wished for! Anyway, here are mine and kiddo's names for Mia:
Christina Marie
Gabrielle Rebecca

My kids are named - we obviously like the Celtic-Scottish sounds

Corey Alexis
Molly Anne
Ian Coleman
Cady Siobhan

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Mia Bean this is for you:

Carrie Ann
James Michael
Emma Grace
Addison Rose


Smokey Skinny
Tiger Chubby
(ze cats!)

Tell Mia that Averil Hui-En* Tiong says wussup!

(*pronounced hway uhnn)


Happy Birthday, Beth!

And for Mia:
Erica Kimberly
Gerald Dean - my husband. and yes, it really is Gerald Dean.
Madeleine Louise Anelda - my daughter

Happy Birthday, Beth! My kids are 3 and 7. I still wish for a meal that I can sit through from beginning to end. Some day.

For Mia:

Dawn Raquel

Happy Birthday Beth!!!!!!

And for Mia......Cynthia Jean

Happy Birtday! I just celebrated on the 8th. I'll also give Mia a present -- 9 sets of names and maybe you give 5 extra minutes!!

-Patricia Anne Turner (I was born w/ Anne and lost it when I married and Turner because my middle name)
- Salvatore George
- Salvatore Vincent
- Juliana Michele

And would she like my siblings names...I've got 5 of them!!
Gerald Anthony
Deborah Louise
Rose Marie
John Jarrel
Christopher Connor

I remembered it was your birthday last night, even before Chris posted that it was. :D

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Ashley Elizabeth

Happy birthday, Beth!!! :)

(I love names, too, so this has been fun to read. haha) for Mia...

Amanda Marie

Anything for an easy birthday

Stacy Lynn
John Franklin
Linden Hollis


And for Mia, all our names:
Heidi Lee Miller (was Lee now Miller)
Jeffrey Michael
Alexander Jordan
Tyler John
Dylan Jacob
Zachary James

Happy , happy birthday, Beth!

Courtney Leigh

Happy Birthday Beth!

For Mia:

Laurie Jean
Haleigh Rose
Hayden Robert

Happy Birthday! For Mia: Amy Elizabeth

Happy Birthday!

And names for Mia:

Lori Jane
My partner is Amy Lauren.
We sometimes call our dog Muriel McGillicutty. ;-)
Our cats are sometimes known as Dammit Jake and Jesus Christ Helen, but that is probably not appropriate for Mia. ;-)

Happy Birthday!

Katherine Susan. Or as I used to prefer.... Katie Sue

Happy Birthday Beth!! Hope it's fantabulous! Congrats on that shiny new laptop ;)

And for Miss Mia:

Kristen Michelle
Ariana Maria
Alexandria Noelle
Miranda Elizabeth
Kaitlyn Renee

OOooohhh happy birthday! And Yay for a computer that doesn't suck!

Here we go with names (me and my son):
Danita Marin
Emmett Ramsay

And the ::please leave my uterus baby:: is likely to be:
Audrey Helena
or if she doesn't look like an Audrey: Tamzin Merritt

And let's not forget the dog who turned 4 this week:
Saffron Monsoon

I cannot leave you my middle name because it is my maiden name but I can give you my name before I got married but I hated my middle name so I changed it name?! Weird right?

Christina Louise
and the kiddos names are
Matthew Stephen Henry
Marisa Kaela

Happy birthday, Beth!!

For Mia: Rhonda Jo

Happy Birthday! May you get your simple wishes! Maybe the grandparents can make them come true?

For Mia:
Me - Amber Joyelle
Hubby - Jeffrey Noel
Boy 1 - Trayden Jeffrey
Boy 2 - Tanner Wayne
Boy 3 - Tyrum Garth

Happy Birthday!!

I'm Stephanie Renee and my kids are
Amelia Carol
Anthony Robert Cole ( yeah he got two middle names cause the hubs and I couldn't agree. :-) )

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Marlen (pronounced Marlene) Lyn

Happy Birthday!

from... Stephanie Diane

Happy Birthday Beth!

names for Mia:
Susan Lee (me) and my dad has a good one: Byrd Trigg..and he is a III - so he's Byrd the Third :)

Happy birthday!

And for Mia:
Carmen Lenore
Leonard James
Kieran James
Alexa Lenore

(we weren't terribly creative when choosing middle names for our kids, were we?)

Whole family? Maybe we can stretch this into several afternoons of entertainment!

Susan Lynette
Jonathan David
Caden Harrison
Kaylee Grace

And.. Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday! Here's hoping you get at least one of those "uninterrupted" things from your list. It seems you have quite an afternoon ahead of you with these names, but I'll add our family's to the pile.
Claire Brooks
Sean Patrick
Sean William

Happy Birthday Beth!
And YAAAAA for Mia! I've been obsesssed with Full names including middles my whole life, some people just don't get it, but Mia Does!
Amy Louise
Cole Valentin
Jeremiah John

Happy Birthday!

Danielle Barrett
Cole Arthur
John Leamen

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it is great!

For Mia - Adrienne Lee

Happy Birthday Beth (and for Miss Mia) from the entire family:

Jeffrey Christopher
Allison Lynette
Adam Christopher

I love your birthday wish list... sounds somewhat familiar!
Here's a gift for Mia, and therefore a gift for you ('cause what's better than something that makes the kids happy??)

Kimberly Jayne
Kylie Elizabeth
Olivia Jayne
Clarissa Pearl
Titus the Third

Happy, Happy birthday!

Got an error message when I tried to post...perhaps my previous comment will show up twice?

In any case, HBTY!

Alison Elizabeth
Allan Lee

and the cats

Lucifer Lou
Callie Co
FH Jones

Happy happy, Beth.

Christina Nicole

Happy birthday Beth! I hope you get some of the things on your list!

For Mia from the entire clan:

Carrie Lee
Brian Jeffrey
Tyler Patrick
Matthew Alexander

Happy Birthday from Michelle Camille, mother of Rachel Elizabeth and wife to David William. Yes, it was horrible being in elementary school when "Karma Chameleon" was popular.

Happy Birthday Beth!

For Mia:
Adam Jeremy
Trina Louise
Hannah Grace
Rocco Nicholas

We have a very large extended family so if you need more names email me.

Here's a story for Mia...

My first name is Shannon. Boring, yes. So, my father picked the first names and my mother picked the middle names. When I was born, (kid 2) my mother totally lost her will to name. She couldn't have cared LESS what my middle name was, so she never gave me one. It was just Shannon Carroll, whole thing.

Funny thing is, the Irish have this very old tradition that my mother knew NOTHING about in that they don't give their daughters middle names, so that when they married, their daughters could still keep their family names, too. Carroll makes a loverly middle name, don't you think?

So, when I got married, I went and had my name legally changed to keep Carroll as my middle name. And now I have one! And I still can't remember to put a C and not a - in those little lines that ask for your middle initial on forms. It's totally awesome, especially when attempting to traverse international borders. :)

Happy 34th, Beth. Enjoy the now laptop!

Happy Birthday!

I'm Samantha Jo, hubby is Cyrus Bryan Kilby (oooh fancy!) and our little niddler is Theodore Thomas. Our cat doesn't have a middle name otherwise I'd bust that out too.

I hope you have the best birthday, Beth!!
My first and middle for Mia: Katie Sloan

Happy Birthday!!

I feel your pain on the teeth, I am stuck in toddler 2.1 with 4 molars downloading for the last month!
sweet toddler name - Morgan Marie
mommas name - Michelle Darleen

I had to jump out of the woodwork and send you a Happy Birthday. And also to add to the name list for you...

Kelly Lynn
Braylen Emillian Raleigh

(poor boy I know - full initials are BERP which was his father's fault, but I guess I agreed)

Happy Birthday!

Judyth Wilma. It was my great grandmother's name, and let me tell you, it's not a fun middle name when you're in school. But at least I have it easier than my friends' daughter:

Emmaleighannah Gabriaelle

Kristen Nicole

Happy Birthday!

from: Carla Dawn (me)
Ramona Josephine (cat, Mona-Jo)
Jaguarundy Armrider (cat, Rundy)

Happy Birthday Beth! At this point, you probably don't need more names, but just to keep in the spirit of the day:

Aurora Michelle
Jeffrey Franklin
Emma Iris
Recinda Loraine
Merrily Vega
Arthur David
Emma Jean
Denea Suzanne

I will give you these four and since you know our last name, it will really give Mia something to be excited about. Happy Birthday, I hope Chris finds a way to give you at least one of the things on the wish list.
Stacie Leigh
Isabel Jean
Jacob Edmund
David Yehudah

You did not mention yours?

Happy Birthday Beth.

For Mia:

Nadine Joanne
Alexis Joanna
Ian Marshell

Happy Birthday!

Summer Moni'Que
Devan Reed
Taiden Kade

Hypothetical future children
Oh wait i don't like name stealer's so never mind.. haha

Happy Birthday Beth :-D ... make it a great wish!

Happy Birthday! I hope all your wishes come true! (Pfft, yea right!!!!)

Some of my clan:
Kate Townsend
Bryan Scott
Nathan Frederick
Frederick Hamilton
Irene Hatch
Natalie Lake
Claire Isabella
John Townsend
Hunter Lawrence

Sara Karin Love, which is my name. My first name is actually the last of these three, and the first two are my middle names.

Yes, Swedes are weird.

Happy Birthday Beth!

For Mia:
Megan Lynae

Happy birthday! =)

(I swear I typed that first thing I did, but apparently my laptop hates me.)

Jennifer Noel


Happy Birthday Beth!
Just think of all the $$ saved if teeth didn't appear for at least a decade. Your wishes will eventually come true.
For Mia
Paula Dee (me) and my twin bro Paul Lee, of course of course. It's been a sore spot between us forever.


Happy birthday, Beth!

-Dawn Marie (which is nowhere near as cool as Mia Bean)

Jodi Michelle

Can you email me the recipe b/c I made crockpot lasagna once and it was terrible.

Happy B-day. sorry I bailed on you today.

Happy Birthday!

Jamie Elizabeth
Katie Lynn
Owen Gray
Rex Alvin
Rebecca Anne

Happy Birthday!

Kimberley Diane
John Henry
Kelsey Marie
Mason John
Adam James

Happy happy!

Dorothea Graham
John Robert
Audrey Susanne
Nathaniel Paul

happy birthday! i will give you and mia my whole family's worth of names; i know how hard it can be to entertain a toddler.

brianna elyse
corey thomas
taylor ryan
maya kendall

have fun!

Happy Birthday, Beth!

I am Laurie Anne (or I was until I got married and kept my maiden name as my official middle name).

My husband is Peter James.
Our kids are Katherine Cecelia and Elizabeth Anne.

Happy 34th! Enjoy it!

PS: Laura Danielle.

Happy Birthday Beth!
Margaret Mary I have always been called Peggy, which is a nickname for Margaret.
My daughters are Elizabeth Mary Ann
and Emily Kathleen .
I hope Mia enjoyed the names.

Happy Birthday Beth!
Edith Marina
Diego Angelo

happy birthday!!
-rebecca kay

I already posted names, but thought Mia might be interested in how my mother got her name...
Laurenna Marie

My grandparents wanted to name her after her mother, Laura, and both of her grandmothers, Anna & Marie...after a bit of work they came up with Laurenna (Laura Anna) Marie...

She always gets called Loretta and I think my grandparents roll over in their graves everytime.

Happy Birthday! And since it's all I can do:

Jennifer Lauren
Andrew James
Alaina Morgan
Julianna Elise

Hope you get at least one thing off of your birthday list! Have a good one! =)

Happy Birthday! And since it's all I can do:

Jennifer Lauren
Andrew James
Alaina Morgan
Julianna Elise

Hope you get at least one thing off of your birthday list! Have a good one! =)

Happy Birthday - Hope your day is a good one
Names of the whole family for Miabean

April Marie
Kyle Matthew
Carson Matthew
Leah Nicole

Happy Birthday! Andrew turns two tomorrow! So close...

and for your Bean:

Jennifer Lauren
Julian Michael
Madeline Grace
Andrew Wyatt

Hi Mia!!

Happy birthday Beth!!!

Here is my family:

Shannen Colleen - me
Jeffrey Donald - my husband
My 3 daughters;
Alyssa Lorraine
Jadyn Leigh
Taylor Janna

Have a really good day :)

What kind of laptop did you get? I have a morbid fascination with electronics :)

Happy Birthday... and may all your very simple, much-deserved wishes come true!

For Mia, whose name I simply adore:

Julia Ann... yours truly, known as MOM.
Ryan Thomas... who is 11 and also known as Superfly or Rockstar.
Sara Hayes... who is 10 and has always been known as Sassy-boo, Sassy-pants, or Sassy-girl though she is none of the above and never has been. Ryan nicknamed her when he could not get out sister and ran with Sassy.
And, my veryspecialsignificantotherwhoalsohasabirthdaytoday - David Wells.

Love your blog - thanks for sharing yourself with the interweb!

Happy Birthday! from Melanie Joy

Happy Birthday, Beth!! Now that Lil Joe is school aged, Hubby and I are finally able to eat an entire meal without getting up. If the kids want a refill on a drink, etc., they have to go to the kitchen to get it from the fridge on their own. I'm still not able to watch a movie all the way through without falling asleep, though.

Names: mine is Karen Heather. The girl name that never got used is Julia Rose. The last boy name that got rejected (i.e., the runner up to Lil Joe's given name) was Kenneth Christopher.

Amanda Elizabeth.

Currently preggers... will find out next week what we're having, but the possiblities so far are Kyle Logan and Alyssa Riley.

Happy Birthday! :)
I will give you our 4 names:
Adam Thomas
Kristin Marie
Sydney Leigh
Ava Jean

Have a great Bday - even with feeding someone else during dinner and not sleeping :)

Happy Birthday! Hope it's a wonderful one and that you get at least one of your wishes.

Amanda Louise (Thankfully my parents didn't go with their original choice, Amanda Lynn. Just think about it.)

Happy Birthday and congrats on the new computer.
Sarah Kristin

Happy Birthday Beth!!
Love from
Dolores Virginia and Matthew Thomas

Happy Birthday! This is fun!

Here are our names:
Meg Jane
Jeffrey David
Sarah Jane
Katherine Ann
Nicholas David
former dog: Ralph Henry
current puppy: Franklin Henry

Have a great day!

Happy birthday, Beth! Hope your day is fantastic.

My kiddos full names for Ms. Mia:

Andrew George
Camille Gloria
Lucas Theodore

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

For Mia:
Amanda Joan

Happy Birthday! I think your wishes are very reasonable and you should be able to achieve them.

For Mia: Donna Angelina

shut up, I'm Italian.

Happy Birthday, Beth! I hope you get at least one of your wishes!

For Mia, our family names:

Laura Ellen
Charles (Charlie) Michael
Nola Simone

By the way, Mia is a wonderful name. :)

Oh, I'm SO going to win at this! (can anyone say ultra competitive?!)

Edward Ian
Mary Carmel
Theodore Windsor George
Jacob Michael Arthur Bruce
Isaac Mathew Terry
Joseph Frederick Shane
Alice Mary Agnes

does she want the stories behind them too? cos we have some great ones - old family names, friends dying by the score, prophetic dreams, wrestlers, soccer players, Saint's days of the birth date, etc etc...

Oh, I'm SO going to win at this! (can anyone say ultra competitive?!)

Edward Ian
Mary Carmel
Theodore Windsor George
Jacob Michael Arthur Bruce
Isaac Mathew Terry
Joseph Frederick Shane
Alice Mary Agnes

does she want the stories behind them too? cos we have some great ones - old family names, friends dying by the score, prophetic dreams, wrestlers, soccer players, Saint's days of the birth date, etc etc...

Happy Birthday from the Punk Rock Family
Elissa Raquel
Joey Daniel
& Sophia Renee

Happy Birthday, Beth! Hope you get everything you desire.

From the zanieness family:

Steven James
Amy Beth
Joel Steven
Michael James
David Charles
Stefanie Ann
Sarah Nicole
Tyler Andrew
Faith Harmony AND
LilyOnna Amy

(did I get all of us??? *counting* Yep, all 10)

Happy Birthday Beth! Hope it's been great!

For Mia: Sandra Elizabeth

Beth Elaine

Happy birthday, beautiful Beth! I'll give you a whole bunch for Miss Mia, though you have a lot already!

My grandfather: Henry Comley
Granny: Frances Laura
Mom: Elizabeth Kate
Big sister: Melanie Lynn
Me: Heather Elizabeth
Lil Sis #1: Beverly Nicole
Lil Sis #2: Emily Laura

So there ya go :D

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

And for Mia I will give you our little family names...

Beth Louisa
Robert Joe
Daisy May

Happy Birthday beth!

For Mia,
Lisa Star (yes, really)
and the boys are
Tristan James
Noah Peter

For Mia: Teresa Lynn...Madisen Alexandra (that one's much better, I'm sure than the first!)

Happy Birthday!

Whitney Ann
William Benjamin Andrew
Margaret Lucy

Happy Birthday!

Demery Elizabeth (who will be scanning your comments for potenche baby names!)

Happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying your new laptop. I just got a new Macbook and it is heaven.

Ashley Danielle (me)
Timothy Ryan (husband)
Liam Atherton (son)
Isla Maeve (daughter)

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Karen Elizabeth
Jeffrey Thomas

Danielle B. Yes just B, no it doesn't stand for anything. No nothing at all.

My dad was Daniel B. He goes by Boone though.

My fiancee is Christopher Thomas
Amanda Jo (sister)
Casey Marie (other sister)
Wendy Karen (Mother in law (future)


Happy Birthday Beth!!!

I had to be different and give my children two middle names:

Zachary Shaw Preston


Ryleigh Grace Elizabeth

and me: Susan Darlene

Happy Birthday, Beth!

From Amy Marya (pronounced MAR-ee-uh) and my two kids, Jack Gregory (age 3.5) and Liv Addison (age 2.5)!

Happy birthday!

- Stephanie Elizabeth

Happy Birthday!

Here are the name choices we didn't go with.

Savannah Jane
Delaney Elizabeth
Lily Grace
Gibson Andrew
Logan Harrison

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

For Mia:
Elizabeth Anne
Jeremy Lee
Ramona Kathrine

OMG, 170 comments?! Is that a record for a non-birth announcement? Anway, hope the birthday had some uninterrupted moments.

Happy Birthday!!! I so relate to your need for a peaceful meal :)

Jane Teresa
Liam Paul
Michael Peter

Happy birthday Beth. Hope it was a good one.

For Mia:
me - Susan Elizabeth
my husband - Michael Ian

Happy Birthday, Beth!

This is fun:
amy lynn
daniel levi
alice faye

Melissa Marie
Robert Joseph
Paige Irene
Happy Birthday, Beth!

Me-Karey Theresa
My other- Paul Joseph
My sister (best name ever)- Marissa Michelle

I will throw in my confirmation name just for Mia! Patricia Diane Elizabeth NormalLastName-NotNormalLastName.

Only started reading you recently and am enjoying every new post. Thank you!

Happy Birthday!

Mary Kathryn

Happy Birthday Beth!

I'd love to give you a first and middle name, but alas I don't have a middle name. I am a Frank III (actually Francis, but no one calls me by that name). I'll give you my daughters though: Kimberly Ann and Erin Elizabeth. Extra points if you can name the TV show Erin's name came from.

Delurking to wish you a Happy Birthday from myself Katrina Iris and my two girls Elana Grace and Alice Jo Margaret.

Happy Birthday.
Jessica Rose.

Jason Danger

That's right. Well. Actually, it's a lie. It should be my middle name. Instead it's Michael.


haha - "Jason Danger" just totally made me laugh!

Happy Birthday, Beth!
Stephanie Diane ~

Happy Birthday!!
It would be great if we the internet could help you get one of the gifts you actually asked for ... but as that is near darn impossible ... I give you
Megan Kathleen (I sound like trailer trash ... well caravan park whore Im guessing thats what it is in England ive never checked ... anyway sorry to any other Megan Kathleens out there!!!)

Happy Birthday! I LOVE your wishlist--may all your future birthdays be that amazing.

So this will have to suffice--a whole family of full names:
Michael John
Sabrina (Maureen*)
Anna Maureen
Emelia Grace
Philip James**

*Actually dumped this name when I got married to move my maiden name to that slot, hence first daughter inherited

**Not yet in existence but if we ever lose all sense and reason and decide to spring for a third, AND we are miraculously granted a son, this will be his name

Happy birthday!

Maria Victoria

Happy Birthday!

My name is Kate Marie, and my daughter is Kiernan Colleen. My husband's name is Michael Judson, but that's not nearly as interesting.

Happy Birthday, a day late!

For Miss Mia: Dianna Marie, and also my boyfriends name: Andrew Robert.

Hope you at least got to do one of the things on your list this weekend!

Me: Breain (pronounced Bree-in, emphasis on the first syllable) Elizabeth

Husband: Luke Byron

Daughter: Kara Leigh

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Lynn
Jason Joseph
Bean Aroo (dog)
Diesel Diesel (dog)

Future babies:
Cole Alexander
August Jane

Happy birthday!

first name zeynep, middle name alev. 100% turkish :)

Happy Birthday internet friend!

Sharri Ruth

And if you were my cousins, you would say it like this, "Sharri roof roof" like a dog barking. Thank you cousins.

Happy Birthday to You!

And for Mia:

Mary Linda
James Robert
Brooks Thompson
Hunter James

(me, my hubby and our two sons)

better late than never....
Christine Michelle
John Wesley
Jake Wesley
Jessica Susanne
Brendan John
and last but not least....
Hailey Renee

I'm coming late to this party, but here goes:

Katherine Ellen
Jake Fletcher
Merlin 'the Magician'

And for added bonus, my parents and brother

Donna Doig (seriously, Doig... I wonder what Mia will think of that!)
James Arthur
Sean Michael

Happy Belated...

Laura Jean
Craig John
Austen Craig
Avery Elyse

Oh my that's a lot of comments.

Happy birthday, a little late!

So here are our names:

Jennifer Lynn
Christopher Alan
Evelyn (Evey pronounced E-V) Mary
Benjamin Michael

late to the party...

Alicia Anne
Gabriel Robert

Emily Elizabeth
Joshua Aaron
Isabella Rose


happy birthday!!!!!!!

for Mia
My husband's & mine are BORING so we'll go w/ the kids:
Broderick "Brodie" Vaughn
Paxton James

Happy belated birthdaY!

Just catching up and thought I'd give you a few more names

Lisa Ann Marie
Michael James
Peter James
Connor Mackenzie

For fun the dogs are:
Sage Morrison
Trooper Hipster Doofus

I've already told you my middle name, but I should give you my cousin's new little daughter's name to tell Mia, because, well, you'll see...

Marie Svetlana Aurora. Her parents have requested that we call her Aura.

Happy belated birthday Beth.
I want to play Mia's game because I too am obsessed with names. Also we are currently needing to name our boy due in March so maybe this list will be handy for me =o)
Dawn Michelle (me)
David Jonathon (hubby)
and our little girl is
Molly Deane (that is pronounced Dean)

Happy Birthday!

Stephanie Renee

Elizabeth Suzanne
Michael David
Lillian Elizabeth

happy birthday beth

enjoy Mia!

Sorry it's belated, but Happy Birthday Beth!

Our names:
Kelly Lynn
Kenneth Raymond
Ethan MacKenzie
Victor Willem
(extras because it amuses Mia)
William Arthur (my Dad)
Dorothea Gertrude (his Mom)
Howard Leslie (his Dad
Patricia Elizabeth (my Mom)
Charles Francis (her Dad)
Martha Amelia Rubina (her Mom)

Danielle Correlle
Michael Charles
Ava Lauren
Charlotte Amelia

Ok, a little late to the game, but I'll add mine in: (I'll even do real names, since it's for Mia and I adore names too) Melissa Anne, Nicholas Owen, Maya Elise, Natalie Olivia and Alexander Miles.

Also, happy belated birthday.

Happy belated birthday!

For Mia: Erin Nicole
Matthew David

Our unborn baby: Malachi Alexander
Eliana Elizabeth OR
Nadia Eliazabeth

Oops, jumping onto the bandwagon a bit late on this one! Happy belated birthday, firstly.

Secondly, if you are still in need of some names for Mia, here are the names of my family and closest friends (don't have a big family!) - sadly I don't have a 2nd name, which is why I'm giving you extra names to compensate!!

Deon Trevor
Beverley Dawn
Graham Larry
Alfred George
Graham Brian

Sarah Louise
Janine Isabel
Warren Victor
Bethany Grace
David Anthony Victor (his surname starts with an E, so his initials are D.A.V.E. :-) )

Possible Future Kids Names:
Ethan James
Ashley Jade or Ashley Elizabeth

Hope that helps!

Sarah Heather
Ian Michael
Claudia Kate

(I'll tell you Gabe's later. It is a family name and I don't want to get in trouble for publishing his private information on the internet)

Ok, here we go:
Lori Ann (me)
Matthew John (husband): the rest will be kids, in order of birth

Anthony Michael
Eric Matthew
Taylor Louise (family middle name)
Brandon Jacob
Nicholas Gerald (again family middle name)
Callista Ann

Damn, 1. I am late on this and 2. Mia already knows my middle name. Sucks for you!!!!


For Mia:

Sarah Alynne
Donald Peter
Jet Wilhelm
Hank Luther

Chauncey Andrew
Phyllis Elaine
Madalynn Louise
Brooklynn Nicole

One more funny name for you, I forgot our newest kitten: Purseline Hominy Will

Laurie Michelle
Mark Joseph

Anthony Felix
Benjamin Paul

happy belated birthday from:

Christine Marie (me)
Stephen Lawrence (hubby)
Nicholas Lawrence (stepson)
Lauren Alyssa (daughter)
James Russell (son)

Me: Heather Robyn
Hubby: Ian MacCrimmon (Scottish family name as middle name)
5 month old daughter: Josephine Jane.

Happy, happy day (a day or so tardy)!

Our names:

Susan Rebecca
Marty Malone
Eilish Wren (first name pronounce I-lish)
Elora Kate
Rowen Malone

Late happy wishes and names:

Joanne Rose
Michael Todd
Anthony Joseph
Maria Kathleen
Augustine Thomas (maybe) or (maybe) Veronica Lucy

Happy Belated Birthday it was also mine on the 14th

Leslie Anne
Shanon Dawn
Jimmy Shawn

Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one. A new laptop helped to make it a good birthday, I'm sure.

Rebecca Alice

So sorry I missed the start of your 35th year, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Beth!!!! And in the interest of helping you and Mia fill a few more minutes of funtime, I give you:

Harris Robert
Gail Susan
Jill Robin
Lauren Amy
and the inimitable
Shelley Joan

I'm just catching up on my feed reader (what, that's not what everyone does on Thanksgiving?) so I'm late with this but maybe Mia is still into names so . . .

Lisa Janelle
Michael William
Alayna Janelle
Marissa Laurel Barbara
Pauletta Avanell
Serena Noelle

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