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Seriously, let's make out

People, you are awesome. I love you. Come over here and let me slip you some tongue. I have had so much fun reading all the first and middle names that you left for me (and thank you for adding partners and kids, that was brilliant!) and I am totally milking it with Mia. "Hey Bean, if you pick up the playroom I'll read you ten more names." Works like a charm. The funny thing is that Mia and I have totally different taste in names. I'll read one that has me thinking "oh my god, were her parents drunk?" and Mia will say "Ooooohhhh Mommy, that name is so boo-fidul (beautiful)."

I realized (when someone pointed it out) that I didn't give you our names, which doesn't seem fair. We are:

Elizabeth Jean
Christopher Mathew (no, that isn't a typo - at least it isn't my typo)
Amelia Morgan
Owen Gregory

I was sort of interested by the number of women who listed their husband's name and then their own name. Habit, possibly? Around here, my name is first on everything - bank accounts, tax returns, but then Chris has a horror of filling our forms so I do all of that stuff and just put my name first without thinking about it.

Hey, Owen is sick with a miserable cough and a low fever and can't sleep and won't eat and just buries his his head in my shoulder and whines all day. And I know there's no over the counter cough medicine for babies anymore, but does anybody know if you can still get prescription stuff? If I take him to the doctor, will they at least give me something to use at night so he can sleep, or will it just be a wasted co-pay to hear about using a humidifier and running a hot shower?

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I wonder what percentage of the women who listed husband-first are younger than their husbands. If I'm making a list of our family I often go by age, and so then my husband would be first---not because he's The Man, but because he's The Oldest.

i'm listed first in everything, because like you beth, i manage everything. it just works in our house.

your full names caught my eye, my babies are anna elizabeth and matthew james!

I'm always listed first too because I do all the paperwork. Even the mortgage which is pretty funny since I don't make any money!
I love your name combinations - there has to be a good balance between first and middle name. I like the way Elizabeth Jean and Owen Gregory sound with the long and short names combined (not that the other two aren't nice!)

I love hearing your full names too... I really thought Mia's name was Mia Bean, which I've always loved. Amelia is beautiful too. =)

OOOOH! I forgot about the prescription stuff! My 3 year old has a nasty cough and low grade fever (we're holding the couch down watching movies rightnow, because I'm trying to limit the number of things she might wipe her runny nose on). But we have prescription cough stuff from last year! WHOOO!

(And I think my husband's name is first. Only because he fills stuff out and seems to think he ranks higher).

(And I'm sure we're one of those - "Were the parents drunk?!" people. I don't love my youngest kid's name AT ALL - I shorten it to something I like. Hubby and I couldn't agree at all, so I picked the one he liked with a tolerable nickname).

I somehow missed the last post so I didn't get to play. We are: Allyson Michele, Daniel Robert, and Lyla Marguerite.

They might do tylenol with codeine for Owen, the codeine suppresses the cough. I don't think they will do any dimetapp or sudafed anymore (but I might be wrong about that).

I didn't even add my husband's name, what does that say about me? He doesn't have a middle name so I didn't think it would be worth it. I can add my boys now though (I had spoken about my daughter and added her name):

Joseph Thomas and William Joseph (I really loved my grandfather, who Joe was named after so I used it again for Billy. I also thought it would be nice for Billy to be named after his brother who I think is an awesome kid. Also, he was here and we couldn't come up with a middle name. So thats why the repetition)

I missed the original post too! We are: Theresa Renee Bernadette (Yes... 2 middle names... gah) Allen Ray and Adrian Mongtomery

I have one of those "what were her parents thinking?" names. I mean, it could be worse, I suppose. My name is so indicative of where I grew up. Midwesterners love the Firstname Jo combo, it seems. My mom's family still calls me by my first and middle name. It's RIDICULOUS.

I didn't get to comment the other day, and might not have at all, but I have the same name of one of the commenters above, so just felt the need!

Alison Michele (not a typo, mom just didn't like the letter "l")
Fred Pasco

And just a tidbit, but my cousin's (first) name is Mathew with one "t" too and my family's always wondered about it...

I missed the last post too, I'm going to have to go back and look.

I'm sorry that Owen isn't feeling well. I hate colds like that. I used to have mine sleep in the reclining high chair when they had those types of colds and I'd camp on the couch. Good times.

They might give you a prescription. I'd try calling the office and having a nurse call you. If you ask, they might tell you what the dr is inclined to do or if it's a waste of your time. It doesn't always work, but every once in a while it saves me a copay. Sometimes, they'll even call in a prescription without me going in - best thing ever!!!

Well now I feel sort of bad, what with reading, and yet withholding so many names. Here they are, forgive me.

Rebecca (Becky) Michelle
Clinton Paul
Ashlie Michele
Karlie Shanon
Raegan Kiel
Rett Anthony
Tatum Olivia
Wyatt Trace

This represents my husband and I, and our 6 kids.

First, I've been gone all weekend so I didn't get to partake in the name game. So here is is now.

Samantha Jean
Darric Richard
Jordan Richard
Bubba James (the dog)

And Second, our doctors have recommended Delsyme to us for a cough. It has no fever reducers in it and I swear by it, even for myself. Something worth checking into huh? Hope your little man feels better.

I do all the paperwork around here as well, but I put my husband's name first. I blame grammar for that tendency. I was taught that the reason for this grammatical rule -- "Leonard and I" rather than "I and Leonard" -- is because it is polite to list the other person first. So I always put my husband first. Although I apparently ignore the rule all willy-nilly like, because after that, I list my name before my children's names. I guess I follow the grammar rule only within age groups? Okay, I'm weird. Anyway, my husband always notices that I fill his name out first on forms and gives me a hard time. He thinks I'm being sexist. When really I'm just being my own crazy version of polite. :)

Hmm. Worth calling and asking about the prescription. If the cough is caused by the ever lovely post-nasal drip down the back of the throat, you can give him Benadryl to dry him up (Dr. Sears has the dosage listed by weight).

From I what I learned from our recent spate of doctor visits (I live in a diseased house right now) is that it's the cold medicine they really object to, not the cough stuff. So if you're comfortable with the idea, buy the cough medicine for older kids and then scale it down to Owen's weight. If it works, great, if not, you'll have it on hand for Mia.

Miserable time of year for sickness. Blech.

I just read on this blog earlier about helping kids w/ a cough, etc. -
her kids are toddlers but it all sounds like acceptable stuff for a baby minus the honey. It's the 2 posts from the weekend.
Good luck!!!!

I should have added, that if the cough is thick and junky, get the cough medicine that contains a suppressant and an expectorant. If it's caused by irritation (see comment above, post nasal drip) then just a suppressant is best (you don't want to thin the mucous any more).
Best of luck on getting him to sleep.

My pediatrician(s) will not. Humidifier, vics baby vapo rub, elevated bed, lots of sleep. Sucky, I know.

My kids have the same crud and our pediatrician said to give them Benedryl at night to help ith the congestion. My kids are a little older (3 and 17 months) but you might want to ask. It seems to help for a few hours.
I had a boufriend once hose middle name was Mathew and I always thought his mom couldn't spell. In the past few years I have met 2 more Mathew's spelled that way.

Here's some more, no first names. I love you, but not that much. :)

Kid 1: Alexander. After his grandfather, Donald Alex.
Kid 2: Coleman. And we hate camping. Oh, the irony. So does everyone else in our family, but every man every born with my unfortunate nose shape and skin coloring has the middle name of Coleman. Not hot, that tradition stuff.
Kid 3: Clare. Maybe Claire. I honestly cannot remember how we spelled it, and I have no idea where her birth certificate or passport ended up.
Daddio: Joshua Christopher. His first name I'll gladly give up. In fact, if you want him, I'd pack him up with some Cheerios and ship him off. He's a great laundry folder.

As for the medicine, can't you still ask behind the counter? Otherwise, don't waste the co-pay. Or at least I wouldn't. Shower, outside, shower, outside. If it cures the croup, it should cure a cough. At least it would crack him up a little. :)

I neglected to leave my husband's names or our cats names before, so here they are now:

Jarod Bryan
Euphasie Ophelia (goes by Phae)
Eponine Aurora
Lucy Snowe

Wasn't I nice to put my husband's name before the cats'?

I have answers!

I just got back from the pediatrician. My 7 month old has had a cold for two weeks now, not getting any better. Bad cough. Horrid cough, but not a croup cough. They listened to his lungs and said something vague like upper respitory congestion, lets hit it with antibiotics. Amoxocillan.(sp?)

So, no, there is still nothing to give for a cough to help them sleep at night. Although I will assume that this antibiotic will help him, and thus help him sleep better at night too. So, if you are ok with antibiotics, then load him up and take him in, if you were looking for something else, then sorry.

I'm sure you know all the tricks, vicks, humidifier, slightly elevate his crib mattress (if he is sleeping in there).

Good luck! My little man's cough is so bad, so I am hoping these antibiotics help, although I hate to have to use them.

If he's that miserable, take him to the dr. I did once for my son when he was ridiculously congested (he was about 2.5). They gave him a prescription decongestant that worked wonders!!! I gave it to him twice a day and lo and behold my child could finally sleep :)

But the steam shower does work! Follow that with the humidifier and hopefully he'll get some zzzz.

I missed your last post, so Happy Belated B-day and here are some names for Mia:

Colleen Megan
Kenneth Gordon
Rachel Megan
Lauren Elizabeth
Kirsten (pronounced 'Kuhr') Nicole

From around my family tree:

Octavia Kestrel Anne
Bethany Cecilia
Kevin Robert
Donna Ann
Alan Lee
Joshua Bartlett
Matthew Lewis
Patricia Frances
Betty Lou (Yes, really)
Violet Pauline
Albert Marion
Frances Wilbur
Charles Oscar
Lynne Marie

I think you are only going to get the steam and humidifier talk. Although if it is cold at night they might throw in the steam then go out into the cold air bit.

Our names:
Amelia (Ami) Marie
Frederick Randall
Everett Harlan

I've often said my boy is not getting an easy route out, we like old fasioned names and boy howdy does he have one. Although he has recently tried to drop one of the t's in his name. Named for my maternal grandfather, and my dh's maternal grandfather. Traditionalist that's us. ;)

As my ped explained it to me, they just took the infant brand off the shelf and took away the weight charts. I'll bet the ped wlil still give you the dosage info for Delsym. Mine did at least. My ped thinks it's all a crock anyway.

Because work is slow. Scary slow... here are my names:

Stephanie Claire
Christian Michael
Dean Presley

I missed your birthday post (happy birthday, late!) and here's our names. I love names! (Which is one reason I adore Swistle because she is so thoughtful about names! and she's funny. And her chocolate chip recipe is evil good. Anyway!)

Samantha Lee (me)
Marcus Brandon (husband, goes by Beaux)
Thomas Hayes

and my family:
Priscilla Ann
William Hayes (where Thomas gets his Hayes, obviously)
Christopher Harris

Hope Owen is feeling better SOON. Poor little dude.

I couldn't comment the other

Carol Michelle (I don't go by the C word...ever!)
Maurice Samuel (or vice versa depending on what you're looking at)
Hogan Bogan (cat #1)
Eros (ear ous) Runtle Boy (he was the runt of his litter) (cat #2)
And the fish: 1 fish, 2 fish (seriously), Blue boy, blondie twins (two pale yellows) and four more we haven't "named yet" ;-D

My 9 month old is sick, too. The doctor sent me home and told me to run a humidifier, and use the bulb syringe on his nose. I also give him Ocean Spray (the saline solution, not the cranberry juice) to break up the gunk. Johnson's vapor bath is also wonderful.

And, since I didn't get to play the name game, here are a few...

Mary Caroline
Philip David
David Nathaniel
Marcia Ann
Charles Dennis
Lee Anthony
Matthew Jason
Katherine Rachelle Elizabeth (my sister was special)
William Dominic
Carl Siler
Dennis Richie

---interesting aside: 7 out of 11 of these people use thier middle names.

So I'm awful and just give a half dose of Children's Sudafed. I figure an average 2 year old is about 40lb, and the dose is 5ml. My 8 month old is 20 lb, so I give about 2ml, just in case the dosing schedule isn't linear.
Poor little munchkin, I hope he feels better.

OK, so I'm not the only one who missed out on playing the name game. Please forgive me anyway.

I also have to fill out all forms around this house, so my name naturally comes out first. We are:

- Gina Marie
- Jonathan Scott
- Lilo Molly (my cat -- I named her 'Lilo' and 'Molly' was her shelter name)
- Smokey Doodle (my husband's cat -- I added the 'Doodle' a long time ago)

Thanks for letting me play... and I hope Mia enjoys the names!

Lisa Karen or Leah Sarah (my Hebrew name)

Well, it's been seven years since I've had an infant, and back then we were allowed to medicate. I know things have changed, though. I hope the little man is feeling better.

I didn't participate over the weekend, so here are our names:
Annelise (no middle name)
Allen Lee
Zachary Allen
Owen Cooper
Parker Cameron

I didn't leave our names because I thought you'd never need that many. But since they are still useful for toddler bribing here you go.

Jaclynn Jeanne
Jason Douglas
Isaac James
Bailey Buglesworth the third (yeah he's a dog)
Tia Maria Princess (another dog)
Michalovich Mustofalous (cat)
Aberden Tubby Bunny (cat)

Happy belated birthday!
We have the same sickly thing going on, and our doctor just gave her antibiotics (I tried waiting it out, uh, this wasn't going away) and when I took her into the doctor it seems she has a form of puenomonia, if that doesn't make you feel like mama of the year I'm not sure what does. Anyhow moving on, she also gave her a cough medicine for night time, cheratussin AC is the name of it and it did work! Good luck!

Only because I love hauling this out out of the family tree: Mallie Vashtai. I think I got the spelling right.

And for some more fun:

Rachel Annette
Matthew John
Vera Leigh
Arthur John
Norma Jorene (her parents were Joe and Irene)
Irene Velna
Joseph Garland
Velna Lou
Myrtle Terwilliger

I guess I wasn't the only one giving you a belated birthday gift (Happy Birthday by the way!!)...

Laura Elizabeth
Mark William
Heather Catherine
William (Bill) Alfred... yeah, really!
Diane Margaret
Nathaniel Bennett
Ryan William
Carolyn Kay

Sandra Denise (me)
Randall Lee (husband)
Randilyn (daughter - pronounced Randi Lyn - no middle name....sorry Mia)

Oh...I can give you family names....

Merlin Harold
Samuel David
Jone Elizabeth
Epsey Virginia
Rosemarie Antoinette
Gordon Ray

Ask the nurse maybe before making the appointment. I am not sure of the age limit but I recall Delsyum being a non narcotic plain jane cough syrup.

Nothing is worse than hearing your child cough - especially when it prevents them from sleeping.

Call me crazy, but I think sleep is uber-important for everyone in a household, which is why I have no problem giving my little guy a bit of children's Benadryl when he's fighting a cold. Sleeping baby = happy baby = happy parents. A teaspoon at night to help bring on the zzzz's may help poor Owen. My guy has the crud too. He's been a trooper, but he's pretty miserable with the runny nose, low fever and cough. Here's to both of our boys getting healthy soon!

I was totally amazed to see only one Amy Elizabeth on the list. I think there was some kind of rule in 70's and 80's that if you named your kid Amy you had to use Elizabeth (or Beth, I did see one of those too) as a middle name. Seriously.

I'm behind so I'm wishing you a belated birthday. I hope Owen feels better soon. Hopefully the Hottie Pediatrician recommended Delsym.

Our names:

Kelley Lynn
Jeffrey Reed
Lillian Ruth

The order in which I use our names depends on the circumstances. When I'm writing thank you notes to Jeff's family, his name is first in the sig. If it's my family, my name is usually first. Age wise would put me first. And sometimes I like to go alphabetically because we're part of the alphabet and I miss using my alphabet initials since I got married.

I thought I'd add some more since I think I have at least one you hadn't received yet (too lazy to go through all of them!):
I'm Jessica Loren
My mother is Betty Marie
My father is Larry Otis
My aunt is Thema Irene
and the best is my grandmother on my father's side: Ola Mae
Happy belated birthday!

I've been using Vicks VapoSteam, you put it into the the water in the humidifier, and it seems to help IMMENSELY with the cough and the stuffiness. The nurse told me it was fine. I got it at T**get. I prefer it to the rub, because it lasts all night, and doesn't get everywhere.
Laughing at the woman telling you the baby looked tired. People kill me. I had a friend with a very young one, and she needed diapers desperately, made it almost to the register in line at a very busy store, and he started crying. She HAD to have the diapers, so she decided to wait it out. Someone behind her helpfully informed her that the baby was crying. ~sigh~

My mother always uses Amaretto for her cough (she is not a drinker - she goes through one 3 oz bottle a year which my dad replaces with great ceremony every Christmas) - now a ton of that would not be cool, but a wee bit, watered down, because you can't use honey... certainly safer than cough medicine with benadryl or sudafed or phenylephrine for a youngster. Safer than nyquil which is 10% alcohol anyway, or diphenhydramine which is a kind of opiate. In a kid older than one I would totally use honey (watered down) for a cough, and Ayr spray for the nose.

I guess I'm a few days late, but it's been busy around here so I haven't been reading.

Our names:

Angela Michelle
Jonathon Richard

And my cabbage patch kids growing up (LOL!)

Cornelia Elizabeth
Netta Georgette

heres some names for ya!

betty irene
michael sean (i always read "seen")
nancy cheryl
shannon ashley
vanessa chantal
martine erin
daniel martin
kathlyn natalie

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