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Sort of hysterical, sort of pitiful

I blame you for this, internet.

Mia's tantrums subsided quite a bit once she got whatever it was about clothes out of her system, and we had a really good weekend. But at quiet time, she lost it. And so I took what many of you recommended and told her gently and kindly that I was sorry she was so upset but that if she was going to scream and cry she was going to have to do it in her room. So I shut her door and left her there and while I did pop in twice to deal with problems (took her pants off, got cold, couldn't get her pants back on) I just let her do it. And after about 50 minutes it got quiet. So I waited a few minutes more and went in to check on her.

I couldn't find her. Not in her bed, not behind her bed, not behind her chair. I thought she had snuck out and boy howdy was she going to be in trouble. Then I found her.

Can you tell where she is?

Yup, my precious baby is sound asleep in her closet. And that door was totally closed until I opened it looking for her. Mom of the Year over here, bitches, nobody even try to compete with me.

Meanwhile, I have a post up at my other site, and nobody reads it but I really want some input because I think it is sort of a fascinating topic. (Fascinating only to me, nobody get all excited and about it because you are setting yourself up for disappointment.) But, if you wanna talk a little but about kids' books, will you click on through and give me your input? Thanks.

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Mia is too freakin' cute. Congratulations on your Mom of the Year award!

Oh jeeze, she looks so darn cute! What a mischief! Off to check out the other blog.

We must be sharing that award!

that's just adorable, although I'm sure you just about wet your pants when you couldn't find her.

My web filter won't let me register at the other site!
Make Way for Ducklings and Blueberries for Sal are great ones, both by Robert McCloskey (I think that's how to spell it). Of course all the Dr. Seuss and Goodnight Moon and a bunch of Little Golden Books.

A favorite in our house lately is A Monster at the End of This Book, the one with Grover. I loved reading that with my dad every night when I was little.

Nope, sorry you still have to compete with me for Mom of the Year. I sent my five year old to go to his room to deal with his 'issues' and when it got quiet, too quiet, I went to check on him. He was fast asleep right behind the door to his room -- in a spot that I could not get into the room without running over him with the door.

I had to wait until he woke up to stop worrying that the house was going to catch on fire and I would have to get him through the window in his room.

Actually, I think you did great. She was perfectly safe in her closet...

Hang in there.

I think that is a very familiar (yet totally scary) issue.

I did the same thing with my now 26 year old (who is expecting his first child in 3 weeks!). He actually layed right at the door, much like Patricia's child, but made sure to do his yelling with his face propped in the crack at the bottom of the door, just so I'd know he was mad!! (and that is where he fell asleep)

Sorry. No Mean Mommy Award for you. Just another kudo for enduring and sucking it up and letting Mia safely figure out how to resolve her problem the way toddlers do.

blame us? she's SLEEPING. you should be thanking us. haha.

I have an identical picture of our daughter doing the same thing at the same age. Even the closet door is the same. :)

Ian has fallen asleep in his closet before.

Also one time under a table and I couldn't find him.

I used to sleep in my closet all the time. My mom knew that was a place to find me. Small spaces still feel safe to me. When I feel wildly out of control in my emotions? I just want to be somewhere closed in. That doesn't make you a bad mom. You're helping her find what SHE needs to do for HERSELF that makes her feel safe.

I can't register at SavvyParent but here is what I would say over there:

Let's see...... Ferdinand The Bull, The Poky Little Puppy, The Monster at the End of this Book, Paddington Bear (a signed first edition of Paddington Takes to TV).... Where the Wild Things Are, The Story of Ping...

So many and now all I want to do is rush home and read picture books!

Awww, Mia looks so sweet. My cousin's kid who is the same age was stuck in the laundry chute one day. Kids end up in the darndest places, yes?

The other site keeps crashing my browser (ugh!), but I have to say "The Little Engine That Could" is one of my favorite books of all time.

I remember doing the same kind of thing when I was Mia's age. I would get ticked off, then hide, thinking "they will miss me when I'm gone and then I will get what I want!" I would hide, then get tired and fall asleep. By the time I woke up I would forget being mad.
A couple of years ago my mom told me I would say, "I'm gettin' out of here!" and then I would hide outside on the side of the house. I think I should try this at work some time. :)


So freaking adorable. Poor thing wore herself out. You are doing the right thing. We are having the same battle here and our daughter will eventually emerge from her room saying, "Okay, I'm done crying now." It took a while to get to that point.

At least she didn't sneak out to go smoke behind the school or anything. And since I'm not a 'savvy parent' and don't want to get an account in order to become one (?), I'll just unload my comment for the other site here:

The World of Pooh, which contains both of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh books in sort of an anthology. I still read a few of the stories every year because the book is like a security blanket.

Beth you did the right thing. You really, really did.

Let me share what happened two nights ago. Daya passionately hates to poop, and holds it in. Unfortunately it comes out bit by bit messing up countless pull-ups. Seriously, she can go through six in an hour. My weekends are spent wiping the kid's ass every 10 minutes. Then she'll have a blow-put explosion when her body just lets it all loose. Disgusting, and driving me batshit.

So I decided I am done.

Two nights ago she started in with the crossing legs routine. I hauled her off to the bathroom and sat her on the potty. (She has pooped on the potty before) Neither of us was leaving until she pooped.

It took over two hours. She had a screaming, thrashing fit for over an hour. The window was open and everyone heard her screaming "MOMMY LET ME OUT OF HERE!" and I'm shocked no one called child services.

I had to run out twice- once for chapstick and once for a book to read. But in the end she finally pooped.

At least Mia wasn't in her closet screaming LET ME OUT! And that picture is priceless.

Okay - the picture makes me a little sad. Only because I've been there with my own and it was a tiny bit heartbreaking for me.

I didn't want to have to register over at your other site, so I hope you don't mind if I leave my comment here...

I remember the book 'Mother, Mother, I Want Another' (by Maria Polushkin) from when I was a kid. As soon as my 13 month old daughter will sit still for wordier books, I'm pullin' that one out!

I didn't want to have to register over at your other site, so I hope you don't mind if I leave my comment here...

I remember the book 'Mother, Mother, I Want Another' (by Maria Polushkin) from when I was a kid. As soon as my 13 month old daughter will sit still for wordier books, I'm pullin' that one out!

Aww. (But yeah, hee.) I can't imagine what was going through her little mind.

I used to babysit for a friend's little boy, and he always slept in the closet. His mom would put him to bed, and at some point he would gather up a blanket and pillow and head for the closet.

And he's grown up to be a very nice person. It didn't hurt him at all.

Please let Mia know that I'm glad her candidate won.

My middle girl slept under the bed. When we got them bunk beds she took top and stopped sleeping under the bed. I think she just likes having a ceiling close.


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