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Hoping you all have as much to be thankful for as I do.

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I need a bigger version of this picture or some captions because how can I be this confused about who's in this photo? It kind of looks like you but younger and with different eyebrows? What the hell? Have you been to some botoxing eyebrow waxer or is this some long lost niece? Help!

Sweet lord but I'm getting worked up over this :) Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank goodness for mommy laps- we seem to be able to hold everyone and then some!

Okay, Laura confused me :P

Aw, sweet. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! What a great photo.

Aw sweet, looks like you had a good thanksgiving!

Beautiful pictures of a Mommy and an Aunt!

A lap full of children is indeed cause for gratitude! Wonderful picture. Have a great weekend.

When did you have the third and fourth kids? The one second from the left looks a little small and plastic, though. You might to slip a couple extra Flintstone vitamins in the morning oatmeal.

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like you had a wonderful one :-)

You had another kid? How did I miss that? :oP

Man, that third one looks like she could be yours, too!

You're wearing clothing made of children! Great photo!

what an adorable photo!

holy cuteness.

Happy belated Tday, friend.

Beautiful!!! :) Happy Thanksgiving...!

So so sweet. So blessed.
Now, I must add that bow on that baby is bigger than the poor childs head. Trust me I am a HUGE fan of bows but sometimes...I have to laugh. Its funny when moms try to compensate for their child being folically challenged with a huge bow.

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