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What a crock!

Hooray! Chris is at work! I get the laptop all to myself all day long! I'm giddy with power. However, I also have two children who expect to be cared for or something. It's like they never even consider my needs. Perhaps we should try therapy?

The truly sad part is that me not having my own laptop means that we only have five internet capable devices in the house at any given time rather than six, but none of them are mine and that blows.

Hey! Did you know that crock pot lasagna is just as big a pain to make as regular lasagna? Ok sure, you don't have to cook the noodles first, but the small benefit of not having to boil a pot of water is more than offset by having to saute onions and garlic in wine at nine in the morning. I'm using a recipe posted online by someone with the screen name "godlovesyou," so if dinner tonight sucks I am totally blaming god.

Hey, there isn't a single thing on my TiVo that isn't animated. What should I be watching that I'm not?

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I've got an awesome crockpot lasagna recipe that doesn't sound that labor intensive. E-mail me if you want it. There is the browning of the meat of course. I don't think you can avoid that one.

Oh wait, you don't eat meat! In that case, it would require chopping vegetables for sure.

A new season of Top Chef just started last night (although I haven't seen it yet), and I love How I Met Your Mother. Don't know if you watch either of those, but that's what I'm watching these days.

I don't own a crockpot, but don't see how it really saves on the work... doesn't it just make you do the work earlier? I mean, cooking dinner at 9 a.m.? Really? I could go for some lasagna though.

You should totally be watching True Blood. Most definitely NO animation there!

I should apologize because I am a grown woman, but I just LOVE 90210 and Gossip Girl. Such great dramas!

I agree with Kris. Seriously, watch True Blood. That will for sure make you feel like a grown-up!

If you love a good train wreck (who doesn't) you should be watching Celebrity Rehab!! It's always on so try to watch from the beginning bc OMG Gary Busey is a real nut job!! LOVE IT!

There is a show that was on HBO for 2 seasons called Carnivale. If you could ever catch it at the first episode and start TiVo'ing it you will bot be disappointed. It is one of the best shows I have ever seen and OH MY GOD was I upset that they cancelled it after 2 seasons.

Also, I love Entourage but only because I have a hot pregnancy crush on Jeremy Piven. But only when he plays the jackass Ari Gold on the show - not of his other roles do it for me.

Girl, you NEVER have to cook lasagna noodles anymore...either buy the "no boil" ones or just add a little more sauce to the receipe. I swear.

I hope the lasagna turns out good. I make lasagna in the oven and don't cook the noodles first, it is easy and delicious!

Ooh! For ONCE I can be useful!!

Use no-boil noodles, like the commenter above suggests, with a little extra sauce, PLUS you can substitute all or part of the ricotta with soft, mashed tofu and I SWEAR- NO ONE WILL NOTICE. It's SO good.

Have you tried The Wire? You can't TIVO it, but you can rent the past seasons. So good. Otherwise, the only good shows on TV are The Office and 30 Rock.

Now, if you want fun crap, my favorite is still What Not to Wear. Somebody please nominate me! I would love to own something without spit up or pureed vegetable stains on it.

Skip the no boil noodles, use regular ones - you still don't have to boil them first.

Add a little more sauce and add about 5 mins. to the time in the oven.

You won't be able to tell the difference.

Pinky swear!

OMG the wire. It seriously took me like 8 episodes to start to get it. But it was worth every bit of time invested and then some. Also in the DVD/Netflix category, Big Love and Deadwood (Don't let Mia see even a second of it though unless you want her learning the word "cocksucker"). DH adores Dexter, but I can't watch it b/c serial killers scare the pants off of me (and not in a good way).

Hmmm, I'm curious to hear about the lasagna turnout. As for what you're missing out on, if you're not watching Private Practice (I think I remember Chris mentioning that he watches Grey's Anatomy...this is 10 times better) you're completely missing out. I love the CBS Monday night lineup. It's all comedy though so if you're not into that you may not appreciate it.

HEY! You seem so chipper today! :) Lasagna sounds great! You should be watching Eleventh Hour if you want serious, Chuck if you want a mixture of funny and serious and Samantha Who if you want all funny! That is what my DVR is full of! :)

Carnivale was the BEST, as are no-boil lasagna noodles. If you're looking for something that's out now (and not just on DVD), try Pushing Daisies. It's sweet, funny, smart ... and it might get cancelled if the viewership doesn't pick up. Wednesdays at 8 on ABC.

I swear, I don't work for the show or anything. It's just that fabulous.

I record True Blood, Bones, Chuck and Numb3rs. I don't always get to watch all of them each week, but those are my favorites.

And I agree with some of your other posters, Carnivale was good! Although it was a little freaky too.

Heroes. My one true TV love ;)

you may have to netflix it, but if you haven't watched MADMEN, you need to!

Okay. Here's Stacy's Mom's perfect no-boil spinach lasagna recipe:

1 pkg lasagna noodles
1 pkg frozen chopped spinach (the little square box)
Shredded mozzarella cheese
Ricotta cheese
Large jar of spaghetti sauce
Spices, if you so desire: garlic, oregano, Italian seasoning mix, etc.

In the microwave, thaw the chopped spinach. Mix it with all of the ricotta and some of the mozzarella cheeses. In your glass lasagna pan, layer noodles, spinach mixture and sauce repeatedly until you're near the top. Cover the lasagna generously with mozzarella. Add water to the corners of the pan until it's filled. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake at 350 for 1 hour 15 minutes. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes.

No pre-boiling at all!

I record Gossip Girl and 90210 (but I know those shows are not for everyone!)... also The Biggest Loser (so I can watch it while pigging out on the couch feeling sorry for myself.. j/k), Bones (REALLY good!. I suggest finding the back story on or renting the previous seasons.. makes the current one better), 24 is going to be back soon, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, ER... and well, Roseanne reruns is a staple on my DVR. ;)

My top three recommendations would be:

How I Met Your Mother (CBS Mon @ 8:30)
Life (NBC Wed @ 9)
Chuck (NBC Mon @8)


I watched Life from Mars last week. Loved it. It is about a white cop that gets sent back to 1973 from the future in NYC. I thought it was a riot.

Lipstick Jungle. Just moved to Friday nights, but I read they are canceling the show because of low ratings. I find it one of the funniest shows that I watch weekly.

I like using whole wheat noodles for my lasagna, so I do tend to either boil them or get them fresh (yum!) . . . adding mushrooms with the spinach and ricotta is great.

For TV, I'm thrilled that Top Chef has started again. I've also recently started watching Dexter - just in the first season though. So far it is very interesting.

I know it's been on for a while, but I've just recently gotten into Boston Legal. I also recommend Eleventh Hour (serious eye candy!)

Happy Birthday, Beth!!!

The only new show I've been watching is Raising the Bar. I'm hooked.

I hope you have a very happy birthday.

Perfect opportunity and excuse for you to get a new mac book!!!!!

I do love my crock pot but prob not for lasagna. Never tried that. Though I do make a mad awesome crock pot lentil-spinach soup. :)

BTW there is an ad for a laptop in your sidebar. The irony!


Oh my God, why wouldn't you use no boil noodles for lasagna?

Please watch Pushing Daisies. It's quirky and funny and I think it needs more viewers. And is it your birthday? Happy Birthday!

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