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As if

You people crack me up. Really, you are fuh-ny. But ok fine, here is my quote unquote skin care secret. Follow these easy steps and you too can look like something the cat coughed up.

1. Don't sleep for four years. (Seriously - pregnant, up every night for 21 months with Mia, pregnant again the very minute she starts sleeping through the night, up every night for 10 months and counting with Owen.)

2. Wash your face maybe three times in every five days.

3. Buy a fancy expensive night cream. Don't sweat the price because it will last you forever when you never remember to use it.

4. Stop washing your hair, the grease makes your face look good by comparison.

5. Be cursed with a baby face that you will finally start appreciating once you hit 32 or so.

6. Wear sunscreen every single day starting when you are 16.

You can thank me later.

Comments (6)

I'm a little late on the sunscreen thing ;) You're too funny. And you really do look great!

So funny!!

And, really, the family picture with Santa is very, very cute. I wish my sister and I had a cute picture with Santa like that! I'm pretty sure we are screaming our heads off in every one.

I was actually going to note in yesterday's post that you have gorgeous skin! However, your secret is a lie because I followed those steps (unintentionally) when my kids were small and I didn't have nearly the gorgeous skin you have! come onnn.. fess up and tell us the truth! hehe

So that's what you look like without washing you hair OR your face? Yeah, that's what I look like right out of the shower. I'm greasy, just saying. So nope, still holding out that you look pretty damn good.

I'm doing almost everything you mentioned (minus the sunscreen thing... a little late to start that now!) for the past 9 months but am no where close to having your results! You think I just need to persist??? Oh wait, I think it's the baby face curse I am missing too :( *SIGH*

LOL, you are a riot. I have been doing all of those things for the same number of years and I still have acne like I'm 13. Maybe it's step number 2 that's giving me issues.

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