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Keep flying, fairy boy

Just another evening at the Fish-Cactus house.

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Utterly hilarious...


Can we move up there and totally be BFF's? Because that could have been me holding that camera...

ooh, that is AWESOME! (so awesome that I was having trouble typing the word awesome. lol wth?)

So awesome I had to watch it a couple times, b/c once just wasn't enough!

You're mean! I LOVE it! LOL!

Hysterical. I laughed out loud..even snorted.

Hahahaha. This is the true purpose of having a blog ;) I like how he 'mooned' you :P

And now every time he wears his backpack, he's totally gonna be thinking wings.

your family is awesome.
that is all.


I, also, had to watch it twice. I also looked at your Owen video from when he was two months old--how adorable! Chris is such a great dad. Seriously, how many men do you know who would dance around as a fairy with their three-year olds?


*deep breath*


Sometimes being a great Dad can be completely humiliating.

Yeah, that seems about right! :)

Awww...Chris is so sweet. If this was a plan on your part to get back at him, it has back fired cuz I find him so endearing after this.

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