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As parents of a three year old, Chris and I often honor the time-honored tradition of spelling things that we want to discuss in front of Mia without her knowing what we are talking about. The first problem with this is that the child is learning to spell. The second problem is that it leads to questions like "Mommy, what's p-o-r-n?"

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Now you are just going to have to talk in code. Its actually kind of fun.
It only gets worse. Trust me. They know EVERYTHING.

Pig Latin. That's my only suggestion, but she'll figure that out too!

HAHAHAHAHA so sorry but aaahahahaaha that sucks

My parents developed code words. For example, ice cream was "green socks" (e.g., "I'm going to the green socks store.") We didn't figure it out until our ages were into the double digits and we finally noticed that Dad always seemed to come home with ice cream after going to the green socks store.

Ahahahaha! Awesome ;-)

Lol, I totally hear you! We switch around how we refer to each thing (ice cream, Bear, walks, etc.) - in French, pig latin, spelling, switching words around, using synonyms for each word (ice cream = frozen milk). I try to switch how I refer to each thing so that Thomas doesn't catch on ... I know it's coming sooner or later, that's how my brothers and I learned French for "chocolate ice cream" ... but for now we're still golden. Good luck!

I too try to switch up what euphemisms or synonyms to say and/or spell so there would be no observable pattern.

But my husband sometimes spells out the WEIRDEST words. Like, at the dinner table, "Do you think I should get her a few more g-r-a-p-e-s?"

Until now I have forgotten to ask him why. I shall ask him tonight after we read her s-t-o-r-i-e-s.

Haha, that's funny!

My Mom once told me that she, my Dad and I were driving in the car one day when I was pretty little and they were talking about my Grandma by calling her Christmas tree. At some point I piped up from the back seat: Mommy, why do you keep calling Grandma Christmas tree???

What did you tell her?

LOL. I know, it just sneaks up on you when they start realizing that you are actually saying something. Too funny!

HA! That is complete pay back from the universe for Chris's post on sending the troops porn instead of coffee. It was the one time my 13 year old sat and read a post with me, and by the end he was in complete hysterics.

I hadn't even seen the porn thing coming until it was too late. :P (hee hee hee)

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