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Now Remembering You Better Than you have Ever Been Remembered Before

I fixed my website! It remembers you now! You are all so thrilled you can barely speak! You want to comment immediately to check it out! It is an honest to god Christmas miracle and I am so incredibly pleased with myself that I intend to be totally insufferable for a solid week!

Hey, as long as you are joining in the excitement by leaving a comment, let me know what you feed a 10 month old baby. Mia never ate anything except pureed avocado, applesauce and cheerios, so it wasn't an issue. Owen wants to eat everything and I am running out of ideas for what he can manage. Sure, he has 7 teeth, but he has yet to discover that they have any utility for eating. (We don't do meat, so think outside that particular box.)

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I was living in Guatemala with my daughter at the time but she loved mild guacamole and rice and refried beans. And honestly, I got out the stick blender and pureed just about anything that seemed possible if I was out of traditional baby food stuff. She also didn't see the point in chewing and I got tired of doing the Heimlich.

I make a black bean burger (I hate hamburgers - Bleeech) with a can of rinsed/drained black beans, cheddar cheese, garlic, cumin and an egg white. I spray some cooking spray in a pan and just cook it like a pancake pretty much. I bet you could tone down the garlic and cumin a smidge and it would be a good texture for him if you smush the black beans a little more (I squish them with a fork).

I AM pretty happy about it!

I think I feed a 10-month-old yogurt and applesauce and cottage cheese and mashed potatoes, and I puree stuff.

OMG, it really does remember me.

Also, maybe I could elaborate a little on the word "stuff": I use mostly frozen fruits and vegetables, and I also use canned and frozen legumes (esp. chickpeas). Cook and blenderize.

I'm very excited to be remembered :D Good luck with all the blending ;0)

My little one loves pasta. I make pasta with every single kind of sauce/topping/veggie combination I can possibly think of and he devours it. I just make sure I cook his portion a little longer than the grownups' portions and cut up the veggies very small. We also eat a lot of fruit around here. And he LOVES cheese quesadilla. He is 14 months old now and still has not one tooth in his head but he LOVES eating what we eat.
When is my kid gonna get some teeth? 10 months old and has 7 teeth? WOW!!! Way to go, Owen!

How about sweet potato fries (baked), or potato pancakes that he can dip into applesauce? Or black beans or black bean cakes? Bananas? Yogurt?

Give him whatever you're eating- just puree it or dice it up. Our first ate anything when she was that age. Mexican food, Italian, Indian, Greek, whatever. So fun because it was so easy (she did have egg/dairy allergies, but that wasn't horrible to work around). I would just go to the store, buy something we had never tried before and then find a recipe online. Our second barely takes more than 5 bites of anything, so it figures.

Pancakes? Bread? Cooked carrots cut in slices? Cooked beans? Banana? Both of mine skippe the pureed stuff, choosing to turn down food until they were 10 months old and ready to eat just about anything soft that little hands can pick up.

lola loved the yobaby yogurts or really any full fat yogurt (there are some nice full-fat greek yogurts) once the ped said she could start dairy. she went through at least horrible month or two where she would only eat bananas and cheddar cheese and i would cut the cheese up into the most microscopic pieces. some crazy guy downtown saw them once and asked me where i found cheese that small! i was like "uh, i cut it that way?!" now she's 17 months old and we're having all new food issues...

By 10 months, my kids ate whatever I ate. Go ahead, say I'm a crappy mom. They're still alive. And occasionally thriving. :)

I have a ten and a half month old...he has 8 teefers. He eats almost anything...
Cottage cheese, yogurt, ricotta cheese, bits of laughing cow.
ALL types of veggies and fruits (still pureed fairly smooth.)
orzo pasta with or without cheese
any kind of pasta cooked well and cut up
brown rice pureed
cous cous
rice crackers, puffs, gerber wagon wheels, cheerios
fruit smoothies
thick soups
sweet potato and pumpkin cooked soft
lentils cooked soft with onion and carrot and celery, then pureed
peas, corn, small carrot cubes,lima beans etc. cooked very soft and he likes to feed himself those...we do give him some meat as well, um lets see...
really anything...just cooked softer than normal.
Did that help?

By 10 months Michael ate absolutely everything we were eating. Well, not the wine.

Yay for memories!

Corn, sweet potato, peas, yogurt, raspberries (no seeds) with apples - my kids LOVE them!!!

Oatmeal...lots of oatmeal. Especially right before bed, because it's thick and warm, and sticks in the tummy for a while.

My guy has also been known to grab anything and everything off of his brother's plate, so he's also tried peanut butter sandwiches, grapes, waffles, apple slices, chicken nuggets, cheese slices. Oh well.

Yay on the remembering. Does this mean you can add HTML and web design to your hobbies?

Oh, and pureed pumpkin right out of the can will cure any pooping problems (too much or too little...don't ask me how that works). And the pumpkin can be mixed with the oatmeal so you only have to dirty one bowl. Yes, I'm that lazy.

I feed my 10 month old corn, beans (he LOVES black beans) bread, peas, carrots, bagels, eggs, rice, pasta, cheese, pretty much anything soft. And, up until two weeks ago, he only had 2 teeth (he has 5 1/2, now), so I'm sure Owen will handle it fine. He only has pureed food once or twice a day now.

glad to hear another person feeds her baby canned pumpkin! my mother saw me feeding my 10 month old pumpkin and laughed at me but she really seems to like it.

i feed my baby anything under the sun that is reasonably healthy. pastas, beans, veggies, soups. i either mash her food with the back of a fork or give it a quick wrirl in the mini-chopper.

some of our faves that i don't think have been mentioned are:

brussels sprouts (loves 'em).
hummus (good easy protein, me thinks!).
peas as finger food.
regular adult oatmeal mixed with applesauce and and fresh fruit bits and cinnamon (try it it's really good).
cream of wheat
scrambled cheese eggs. yum,
veggie broth with those little abc pastas added in.
baby mum mums for snack (baby mum mums rock!!)
lentil soup! yum!

I am a horribly picky eater -my baby puts me to shame with the things she eats.

Always happy to be remembered. Sadly can't remember what I fed my 10 month olds. They are now 8 and 10 and 10 months feels like a lifetime ago! Now they eat pizza.

We used to let Connor gnaw on pizza crust when he was about that age. He loved it!

When my daughter was that age, she love the Gerber puffs. Couldn't get enough of them. She also loved/loves pasta - I just cut it up really good with spaghetti sauce. Laughing cow is a really good idea.

Wow, nice.

Try caviar. I think you can get it in tubs at Costco.

Jake only has four teeth and he eats everything we eat. For breakfast he shares the waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, banana- just mushed with a fork and he has even tried eggs. I know, allergies, if you are not comfortable with that skip it. Same for lunch, the only thing he has not done yet is pb&j. He loves cheese, even does tiny bites of grilled cheese sandwich. At dinner, he actually out eats his sister. Amazing that they keep threatening me with failure to thrive because he still has not doubled his birth weight. He just has David's metabolism. The other night I made a one skillet BBQ chicken and he chowed it and ate three more chunks than Isabel managed to finish. I don't even puree it up anymore, just tiny pieces on his tray, he loves to do it himself. Always fighting me to hold the spoon, so I just go with it.

For the LONGEST time, I thought it was just me it didn't remember... I happy to see you fixed it- what an accomplishment.

Swistle has a few good posts about making babyfood that I wish I would have read when my babies were younger... my babies ate cheese, frozen peas (the tiny kind), yogurt, bananas, and small bits of nearly everything we were eating (even pizza! and noodles! It's a miracle they are still here!)

My youngest also ate hummus by the spoonful... still does.

So basically, I have nothing original to offer.

It works!

We liked zucchini cakes and meatless meatballs. Delicious! My boys ate pretty much everything by 10 months, despite very few teeth... those gums are STRONG! :)

Sorry, I'm no help. I fed him whatever his doctor recommended. Harley was always big baby and I really don't remember what all he ate. He loved applesauce.

My daughter loved pasta salad and french style green beans

Well holy shit. You finally got around to doing something for US for a change. Aren't you sweet?

Um, mine ate just about anything that you would put in front of him. I'd go for any of Annabel Karmel's books. She has some interesting ideas for all ages. I'd start with very soft, but solid carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, etc. Something you can steam the crap out of to make it soft enough. There's also raviolis, which are pretty soft too. We usually get frozen all natural kind with more interesting flavors, like artichoke and pumpkin, etc. Any sort of fruits that are soft enough to chew and are melty (I'm sure you've done things like bananas and watermelon and such) in the mouth. Mini ate a lot of tiny tiny bites of things and I just gradually made them bigger as I knew he was able to handle it. He was particularly fond of carrots and very limp broccoli for a long time. It's also tough because he's by and large a meat/protein kid. Do you do fish? Flounder is soft and good at that age too. Oh and cheese. Mini LOVES all types of cheese. And that's easy to cube up tiny and make soft by a quick few seconds in the microwave. And depending on what your ped says, scrambled eggs. But everyone's opinion on that is different. Another thing Mini loved (and still does) is pesto. you can get small pasta shells or whatever and cut them up small enough. It's still one of his favorites.

i have a friend whose baby will gobble up diced tofu -- straight from the container. woohoo!

I have no suggestions, as I have never had to feed a 10 month old baby. However, after reading these suggestions, I'm getting hungry for dinner, which says more about my taste in food than I would normally care to admit.

10 mnths? pretty much what we eat, but cut up a bit and less any salty gravey or sauces. Sure, they mush a lot of it up and chuck it but that's half the fun!

also some finger food - bread fingers with various toppings, cheese cubes possibly, banana and cucumber sticks, pizza fingers (we make our own, including the base) rasens, quatered grapes...

they're just all so different. some LOVE Finger food, some insit on pureer till they're 1 and half, so just take your cues from him as ever :)

I add my vote for using a stick blender and for pasta. Even full-sized spaghetti becomes perfect little bits if you cook it and then pulse a few times with the stick blender (add sauce first). Heck, I've tricked my boys into eating meat (they generally won't) by making marinara sauce or meat balls and then stick blending them in. You can also buy tiny sized pastas and use those. Until a few months ago (around 18m) my youngest didn't really bother much with that whole chewing thing, per se, and just swallowed everything (he's voracious). Now he's started chewing and good grief! dinner takes forEVER!

Oh, I've got a fanTAStic recipe for "MexiSoup" (think tomatoes, cilantro, pasta) that's super easy and healthy and delicious. If you'd like, that is...

Veggie burgers and corn (on the cob or otherwise.) Even in our decidedly meat-friendly household the veggie burgers are a big hit. Also, when he is a bit older (around 32 months) veggie corndogs. All kids like food on a stick!

Pasta and or potato salad.

Ian loved both of these.

Oh! Vegetable soup.

Okay, this comment is useless to helping you at all in your dilemna,
but on a slightly humorous note my family was sharing stories over dinner last night and my mom recalled her niece, now 28, wanting nothing to eat but garlic bread and linguine with clam sauce when she was four.
My little sister went through a phase at age 3 of only wanting pickles or bologna.

Jay, you remember me!! :)

What to make, Roo is pretty easy with food,
she likes minestrone soup, overly cooked but no need to puree, she likes the chunky veggies (Monkey still hates those)

Tonight we ate cauliflower soup, with koriander, cumin, turmeric, garlic, onion, potatoes. I thought it would be too spicy but she loved it.

She really likes lentil soup (red lentil, carrot, and sometimes spices like garam masala)

courgette puree, celery, all soups, bread, avocado, ehm baby moussaka, tuna pasta

I've got a great recipe for the baby tuna pasta from Gina Fords weaning guide. It's a hit with babies and adults. Let me know if you'd like to have it, and I'll e-mail it to you.

you DO remember me! Awesome ;)

..oh and corn chowder! they both love it!

I daughter loved elbow noodles with butter and parm. cheese small enough that if they swallow it it wont harm them.

I don't know if anyone said this but we like to drain Healthy Choice Country Vegetable soup and give that to our 11 month old. We also give her whatever we are eating, just in small chunks. She loves a good cheese stick too.

Extra firm tofu, black beans, ... that's what's coming to me from six years ago...

black beans and rice, cheese, spinach and ricotta, ricotta on toast, pasta ...

Basically, as others have said, whatever you're eating in diced up or pureed form. The Boy boycotted babyfood around 6 or 7 months, so we got adventurous early.

Anything pureed. I have found that tofu is also a favorite. I have found that a firmer tofu is prefered to the softer kind. Also, if you puree different foods and then freeze portions in an ice cube tray then pop them in a freezer bag, it is super easy to have lots of good baby foods on hand.

*Click!* Yes! Remember me!

So glad you posted this question about the foods. KT is eating exactly nothing that isn't mushy and from a wee jar. Urgh. Yesterday I had success with some cheesey bread that my friend purchased at a bakery and toasted. Y'know, asiago or some such. She went to town on it! But Cheerios? Puffs? Beans? Diced peaches? Spits 'em all out.

*scooting off to study other comments*

My 11 mo old Tate is also an enthusiastic eater. For breakfast we've given bagel, toast, waffel, pancake, banana, graham crackers, cheerios, etc. For lunch and/or dinner, often yogurt, pasta (all sorts including ravioli and mac-n-cheese, but spaghetti cut in tiny bits is his favorite), there are great little cans of sodium free mixed veggies-of those he's particularly fond of the peas (or previously frozen peas are great), green beans, lima beans, corn and carrots, cheese stick (don't bother cutting, just pinch off pieces) or sliced cheese in tiny bits, rice cakes, thin apple/pear slices, we've also done the pureed canned pumpkin! He loves meatballs which my mom makes and freezes-you don't do meat but chances are there are tofu or other fake meatballs. There are all sorts of fun things to try-I think feeding babies has a lot of arts'n crafts appeal in it! And don't be fazed if he rejects the first several bites of a new item-it's just his way of saying-"whoah, that was different-reject until more familiar...." so he'll need several tries! Enjoy!

You have 18 million comments, so I don't what I could say that hasn't been said, but feel compelled to give advice anyway.

We pretty much fed whatever we were eating as long as it wasn't spicy, fried, or particularly weird. I'd just pull some off my plate, let it cool, and mash a bit if necessary. But also: hard boiled egg yolks, toast or bread chunks, tofu that we boiled for just a few minutes (I know, bland but she loved it), any kind of vegetable steamed and mashed, puffed rice (dissolve even faster than Cheerios), lentils and other beans mashed a bit, overly cooked pasta...blah blah blah. Throw a bunch of stuff at him and he might surprise you.

Theo's new thing is black-eyed peas and mandarin oranges (not necessarily at the same meal). I was actually proud I thought of those two things so I'm riding high on that right now. We're going to try hard-boiled eggs soon.

My friend's daughter loves grilled cheese so there's a thought too.

It is a miracle!
As for the baby no babies here, but would think that mashed potatos would be a good option!

yay - we're remembered!
I don't have any first hand experience myself, but my pediatrician friend feeds her baby anything that they are eating, just mashed with a hand blender.
And I know friends who swear by black beans mashed up.

Dear Beth's Website:
Thanks for remembering me again!


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