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Oh whatever

When it was my birthday, I sent Chris a link to what I wanted. Weeks in advance, mind you. All he had to do was type in our credit card and wait for it to arrive. Actually, I waited for it to arrive since I collected the package from the porch and said ah-ha, Chris followed my instructions.

For his birthday, which is today, Chris refused to suggest a single gift for himself, as usual. So I got him some stuff off his Amazon wish list, as usual. And then I come to find out this morning that he has already bought at least one of those items for himself. As usual.

I'm thinking no more gifts for him - that'll learn him.

Oh right, Happy Birthday to my husband, who has many wonderful qualities despite being annoying as all hell.

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It's a good day for a birthday, it's mine too! Happy B-day to him!

Yes, but from his loins sprang the children whose poop you endure. So, yeah, I guess he is pretty annoying.

It must be a guy thing, cause that sounds a lot like my husband. :-)

I can relate. I got testy with the hubby last night. I asked for his wish list for Christmas. What I got was the start of the list. 9 photographic framed prints from National Geographic for $159.00 each. I'm like where is the assorted list everything as everything on this list is exactly $159.00 each.

He's like so. I love and adore him, but I wanted to strangle the man. Women don't give out partial lists nor lists with just one price. Sometimes I wonder why we shop for our men.

LOL - mine is the same, only he doesn't even have an amazon wish list, so I usually buy him socks and he buys me something equally as wonderful.

Oh Beth...this entry made me laugh very loudly! Happy birthday to Chris...that jerk ;)

A man, my husband does this and it makes me nuts. He never wants anything until 3 weeks before his birthday, then he needs to go make 3 or 4 big purchases for himself and he must have them before his birthday effectively leaving me with the same choices as last year - new jeans, Wii games and dress shirts. Blech.

Oh, men and presents! The stuff frustration is made of.

Hi, I'm new to your blog and I love it!! I found you through your husband's blog. I can totally relate to this one- my husband's response is always "I don't want anything" when I ask him what he wants. However for my birthday I never miss to write a list of what I want weeks beforehand. Or months. Whatever. LOL

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