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On your marks, get set...

STOP! NO MORE! Please? You are going to make me feel guilty and then I will have to order more cards just to send to you. Again, since I already did that once.

I finally got around to ordering Christmas cards last night, and thanks to the power of bulk purchasing it was several dollars cheaper to order one box more than I needed. Rather than throw them away or send them off to people like my 102 year old great-aunt who would have no idea who I was, I am going to send them to you people.

First ten people to email their snail mail address to any one of my 14 valid email addresses will get a super duper Cactus-Fish Clan Christmas card featuring both of my adorable children wearing Santa hats. (If you don't know all 14 of my email addresses off the top of your head, you can use beth at so the fish said dot com.)(Turn that into an actual email address of course, you know how.)

Please do not post your address in my comments, because then wouldn't you feel silly? I'll try to update once I get ten names, but please forgive me if I am late and run out of cards before I get to you. If I only get two names, you each get five cards apiece.


(Thanks for playing, I am no longer accepting applications.)

Comments (7)

Oooh pick me! (Even though I'd be slightly more postage haha!)

Read you every day! Would love A Card from you. The kids are cute!!


I'd love a picture of the cutie pies. I have 2 boys myself. One 3, the other 3 months! Happy holidays!

That is so unfair.

Can we at least get to see the picture? Please?

Will you accept x-mas cards from us?

Um, I have like a 100 left over. Can I just send all of them to YOU?

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