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Owen Wednesday #37: Duet Edition

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knocked over with the cute. The first picture where Owen is looking over at Mia. squeal!

So, when are you going to start Mia on the road to piano prodigy-ville?

They certainly look comfortable sitting at the piano. Musical prodigies in the making.

You have a piano? Do you play? I don't remember you mentioning that before.

Just wait until they ACTUALLY end up doing duets. My brother and sister and I drive our parents nuts with our piano playing.

But it's so totally their fault. They made us take lessons....

That is beyond cute!!

gah. LOVE.

also? totally jealous that you have a piano!

Oh my. They are adorable.

I love his little chubby starfish hands.

Well, that is just too cute for this early in the morning.

Absolutely adorable :) And he's sitting so steady and calm! They both look like absolute pros in the last picture.

Also jealous you have a piano!!!

Do I hear Fur Elise? This is way beyond cute -- funny how time flies...

Completely adorable! And, I want to play! When I play the Veggie Tales theme song for my cousin's 3 year old, he looks at me as though I've performed a miracle! *laughs*

Delurking to say, "Yay! I'm a Music Together teacher! Yay!". They're adorable, as always.

This might be the cutest Owen edition yet. I love that first photo. I'm also kinda liking that I just bought my son that outfit last weekend.

You know I am always saying that Mia looks like you, but today I see so much of Chris!
Love the pudgy hands and fingers. Yummy!

Aww the cuteness :)

oh mah gawd...those are some of the cutest chubby little hands shouldn't show those to hungry people ;)

I've been out of commission for a while (grad school, pregnancy, and a dead laptop). I can't believe how big your baby is now! I LOVE the last picture of the 2 of them (and I LOVE his pudgy little hands too). Adorable. :)

I read back a bit and saw the post about the meds. I, too, think it's a crock that we're no longer allowed to give our kids OTC cold meds. My son has RAD so his peds are fairly quick to give him whatever meds he needs whenever he needs them. He usually takes a prescription drug called Donatussin. It contains decongestant, expectorant, and cough suppressant, and it works great. Another suggestion--for next time--is Mucinex. I was told it's fairly mild and can be given to kids, and it also works great esp. with post-nasal drip.

I've missed reading your blog and look forward to *visiting* more now that I've found you again. I hope your kiddoes are all better now.

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