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Random Mommy Stuff

Mia said "napkin" yesterday. Just "napkin," instead of "napink." And then she said "popsicle" instead of "popiscle." At least we still have "lellow."

And this morning, when Mia and Chris were heading out somewhere, I asked Owen if he wanted to wave. And he started waving.


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I miss "cholocolate and balankelet". Deeply.

Henry used to call his lovey his "fee-vee." Last night he asked for his "lovey." Sigh. Next he'll probably say "blankie" instead of "cam-moo."

Michael used to call dinosaurs sanimals. I have no idea why, but it was adorable.

Amelia used to call helicopters, "hopter copters". And she called herself "Ya-ya". I was so sad when it stopped. Anthony doesn't speak at all yet so he doesn't have any cute sayings

At least my son still says slippily and ellegator (slippery & elevator), most everything else has slowly disappeared. My daughter is only two months, so it will be fun to see what she comes up with.

I'm hanging on to my 3year old's "spaketti". Love it.

Awww, they are growing up. *sniffle* Our family 3 year old is losing his cutie words too - his "f"s are no longer "p"s. Sigh. Last year in December, he said to me, "Mazy Shopnoose!", and I somehow knew by this year the words could come out right, and they do.

But he still calls salmon "Sam I Am." And I throw crazy words like dissertation at him to see what will come out. :-)

They do grow up quickly.

Enjoy each day!

I miss pepper-poppy (for pepperoni).

I miss pepper-poppy (for pepperoni).

I can only imagine how I am going to feel when these days come for me... my son just started rolling around and responding to his name... which breaks my heart with pride and looking at my "big boy"

My daughter used to say "jamajohns" for pajamas. It killed me when she stopped.
She still says "fridgerfridger" instead of refrigerator. I'll kick the first person to correct her.

I just finally corrected my kindergartner's "gigantula" for "tarantula." I had this horrible fear that some kid would start laughing at her when she said it at school.

How dare they grow up?

Today I spoke with Claudia on the phone. She said "Hi, Mom." and then proceeded to tell me about her day.

And I understood her.

It was kind of surreal.

At least she still says aminals.

i hear you.
Isabella recently learned to say "love" instead of "lub" i secretly wish she'd never learned to say it properly.

Kaelin has always had a knack for pronouncing words correctly, so we have very few of those precious "mispronunciations" to treasure.
Truly, there was a little part of me that cried when she stopped calling grasshoppers "gurtploppers."

The one I miss the most is "mokey cheese" for macaroni and cheese. And when he would repeat the line from Toy Story, "You want a a piece of me?!?" he would say, "you wanna pizza me!?!"

Oh! We have "lellow" too! With an added bonus of "Lillow" for "Willow" (a girl in her class). We also have ah-puh-us for "octopus" and boy it's tricky getting her to say that at will.

Waaahhhhh, I miss the funny little mispronunciations.
Maggie still calls it a "fridge-a-drator" but she used to have a bunch of them.
On eof my favs was when you would ask her what a duck says, she would make a duck noise. Now she just says "quack" I hate that daycare teacher who made her stop doing the noise.

I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one who resists correcting these precious bits of them still being little. Somewhere between age two and three, completely without my participation or consent, he's already corrected: Buhtar (guitar), In-struckins (instructions), Stesatope (stethoscope), Bar-ba-coo Sauce (barbeque). These BROKE my heart! But at least I still have "You hurted myself." (when I've accidentally bumped him, or been too rough trying to get his feet in his shoes), and "Here I are." (when discovered during hide & seek).

My oldest has lost most of the cute mispronunciations a short while back but we still have aminal instead of animal & gunt insead of when ever we're at target & he sees an action figure w/ a gun(t) he says "oh Mommy, I can't have that bc they have gunts". My husband & I joke that hopefully he never tries to rob a bank when he's older bc the teller (if a woman) may be seriously offended when he says give me all your money I have a gunt"
now I have a 16 m/o that says meme instead of binky so the fun is starting over again.

I miss 'lellow, ephalent, aminals, kanilla, and flalala (for flower).

OH!! and pawksicle!!!

I was literally PISSED at Declan when he stopped saying skabetty. Little jerk.

Lisa started waving last week too!

And than I tried something new. I asked if she wanted to give me one of her blocks. I totally expected her not to respond at all, but she did and gave me the block. And than again. I have no idea how long she's been able to do it, but I felt guilty. With Tim, I always tried things and played with him a lot. And I always knew when he had learned something new. With Lisa, well she might be able to paint a perfect Van Gogh replica and I wouldn't know it. Oh well, it must be that second born thing.

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