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It had occurred to me that Owen might go slap out of his mind when confronted with Santa Claus, but it had not occurred to me that the proposed solution would be for me to sit on Santa's lap holding Owen. Had it, I would have made sure to go on a day when I had at least washed my hair sometime in the past week.

At least Mia looks cute.

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Aw please, that's adorable!

I don't mean to alarm you, but there seems to be some sort of Benjamin-Button aging-backwards voodoo going on where the more children you have, the younger you look. You could be three freakishly adorable SIBLINGS in this photo, for god's sake. Please send me your moisturizer.

Ok, this is my favorite picture of the season so far. Great stuff. :) look gorgeous as usual. Shuddup ;)

For someone who doesn't get much sleep, you look AMAZING!!!! I wish I looked as good.

Oh, and the kids are totally cute too!! :)

you get the best mom award for doing that.
and the best blogger award for sharing it with us.

you're awesome

This is too cute for words!

I have a whole collection of very similar pics from when I was growing up. When Mia and Owen grow up they will totally appreciate it, I know I do.

You all look adorable! Too cute!

I need to plan a visit to see Santa soon!

Cute picture

Shut up! totally adorable...all of you!

I think you're okay...Santa looks MIGHTY happy. :)

awww, that's a gorgeous picture!

That is too cute. I did the same thing with the Easter bunny last year. Fun times.

Poor sweet Owen! By the way, you AND Mia look cute!

When my son was just over 1 yr I actually had to photo shop a picture of him onto Santa's lap because he went so nuts every time we would even get near a real one. And I don't actually know how to use photo shop so I used MS Paint. Ahh, the memories.

That's a big chair!

You look amazing and your kids are just precious. Santa, on the other hand - looks like he's had a few too many jolly nights out at the North Pole. I can't really say I blame Owen for being a slight bit afraid.......... ;-)

You are going to love this picture 20 years from now. Mia looks absolutely adorable! And seriously, could you look any younger?

You all look great, even poor Owen.

So cute. You looks dazzling, as usual. Santa, however, is kind of scary. He looks a litlle, uhm, drunk.....

Great picture!
yes, please tell us your moisturizer/skin care secret!

Oh poor Owen! It's a nice family picture though (well, minus Chris of course). We have yet to take Theo. I'm. . .curious to see how it will go.

I dont know about you, but that santa kinda creeped me out. The one from last year at Dulles, was the same one my kids had seen for 10 yrs. They said he stayed in Tenn this yr. What was your take on the Santa-man?

Thank you so much for sharing this picture! It is most adorable. And you look FABULOUS! I too want your moisturizer/ skin care secret. If you don't have a secret just make something up so I don't hate my dry face even more!

Owen has a lot of hair!!! Lisa has SOME hair, but wow. Look at that!

You & both your children look gorgeous. Santa does kind of creep me out! :)

I agree with Sundry--you do look like you could be their sister! Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas to you and Chris (and your adorable little munchkins)!

Our picture with Santa is the exact same. And I too, was unprepared. I didn't even take my scarf off- lol.

What did you ask for?

Gabe wants to know if Santa gave you anything extra in your stocking if you know what he means.

*rolls eyes*

Mia's adorable little girl belly looks edible. Owen looks like he just escaped the clutches of hell, and is astonished to still be alive. And you look eerily similar to my 14 year old baby-sitter.

She looks so like you now. It's amazing. V. sweet photo of all of you actually, including Santa.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be taking a similar picture with my daughter tomorrow...

You guys look great!

That is one freakish santa.
Was there a bottle in a paper bag nearby?

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