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Wow, three is a pain in the ass. But then, there are also some really amazing things about three. Here are a few, mostly to preserve my sanity.

Mia at three understands that there are rules and then there are RULES. Don't take toys from your brother is a rule, and rules are made to be broken. Don't run out into the street is a RULE and we do not fuck with the RULES.

Mia at three spends long stretches of time telling me how much she loves me, that she wants to live with me forever, that I am her favorite person in the whole world.

Mia at three will almost always accept her father as a viable, and often even preferred, alternative to All Mommy All the Time.

Mia at three can entertain herself for long stretches, and frequently devotes that time to drawing a beautiful picture for Mommy.

Mia at three is funny. And not laughing at her funny, but laughing with her. Well ok, we laugh at her a lot, but more and more often she gets the joke, and more and more often it is on purpose.

Mia at three remembers things. Days ago, months, a year, she will scrounge up the most random memories at the strangest times. Life is a constant non sequitur and every conversation is an adventure.

Mia at three understands things. I recently passed some time in line at the American History Museum explaining the American Revolution. I figured I was talking to myself, but she got it. She wants to know more.

And right now, she's in bed saying the Pledge of Allegiance to herself. You really can't beat three.

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I loved 3, I say loved because my 3 will be 4 tomorrow:( Mine also does the pledge of alliegance, infact I think I sent you a video of it once. Anyway 3 was great, I am hoping 4 will be even better.

How cool. Thanks for filling us in on the joy of Three!

Where did Mia learn the pledge of allegiance?

Three is pretty freakin awesome. How is Three at the preschool? Is it going any better?

I am so looking forward to having a 3...I just have to wait until June. Mia sounds like a great little lady!

I'm glad her 3 is going well. Peanut is 3 and it's not going very well. He doesn't listen. He can followe directions but only at random times and never when we want him to. He knows what gentle means, but isn't when it comes to his baby brother. He does know to say 'sorry' to someone and frequently says it to said brother after whacking him.

I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade. I'm happy for all of you that love(d) 3. It just really sucks over here right now.

My three year old broke a (stupid) rule tonight and when I called her on it she said, "I promise I won't do it again, Mom" and when she said it, my god, if she didn't sound at least four and a half. Three is a crazy age but fantastic too. I'm not one to get misty at passing phases and my kids growing up - so I just take it as it comes - and knowing that nothing lasts forever.

I was not a big fan of three. Two was great, and I hear that 4 is wonderful... although we are still not quite there... but three, yah, I'd love to skip it. I totally agree with the amazing and wonderful things that go along with 3 too, don't get me wrong. The pledge of allegiance is awesome. When Little Man came home from school with that one, I had a somewhat vague memory of saying that in school. I can't wait to relearn everything else too!!!

I LOVE three-year olds. They are SO much fun! OK, so I might be a little crazy to some people because I used to teach a class of 12 Threes when I worked at a preschool. But truthfully? It was the first job in my life that I ever truly loved. I really miss it and can't wait to go back once my two little monsters are in school. But that will be a few years yet. Like 5 or so, seeing how baby number two isn't even born yet. (Due in June.)
Really. Threes are the best!

Even fifteen years later, I do remember 3 being a really good time. My son and I took a vacation together to visit family that year which was awesome and just in general the conversations we had or things he did were so great. Thanks for helping me remember!

My daughter was given a CD of patriotic American songs at about that age. She memorized most of them and I remember hearing her in her room singing the Star Spangled Banner at the top of her lungs. Three is really fun!

Three is also really hard. But mostly fun. :)

3 is fun, but 3 is also a deliberate flaunter of the rules ... can drive me insane.

OMG yes 3 is such a wacky age!!

The other day I was singing with the Backyardigans CD to the song that goes "I'm Queen Tasha and I rule the whole backyard"

Daya got upset and yelled at me through the whole thing. When I finally stopped singing she said to me, "You're not Queen Tasha you're Mommy!"

three is both tough and great over here. my three-year-old also can have great conversations, says things that amaze me all the time, but is also driving me bonkers. breaking rules, "hugging" her little sister, putting up a fight at bedtime (this is new in the last few weeks), being super-clingy yet super-independent (i won't tell you what i did at school - its a secret!), oy. she's wearing me out. from what i've heard, four is easier. i hate to think of rushing any part of her childhood and wanting to "get it over with" but sometimes...


I remember 3, I remember it being a lot like A Tale of Two Cities, "The best of times the worst of times" ;) Enjoy it, and I can say 6 is similar

Three is really cool, but I tell ya - FOUR was AWESOME. Probably my fave year yet. Not kidding.

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