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Time to pitch in

Ok people, I'm boring myself over here. And really, do you want to read more about how my kids are always sick and I never sleep? No, no you do not. So it is time for all of you to start pulling your weight - you pick the topics, I'll do the blogging. What do you want to hear about? Anybody have any questions? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

In exchange for your assistance, I'll offer a handy piece of advice. Never clean your house before hosting a playdate for eight children three and under. Exercise in futility right there I tell ya'.

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When ins the third one coming? I'm kidding, you know that right?

What is the one thing you would like Owen and Mia to learn from you and what do you hope they do not pick up from you?

What was your goal when you started this blog? How long did you expect it to last? Have your reasons for blogging changed?

How's Mia doing now that Owen is a little older? Is there any rivalry or does she take it in stride? Also, does she know about your blog?

When you moved into your new house, you showed us the paint colors that you chose, but it was before the stickers, but I think before things were finalized. AND we've never seen Owen's room. So my post topic is: show us your house!

And, for good measure, I declare that there absolutely no need to pick up toys pre-photo shoot.

I've often laughed that before parenthood I cleaned up before my friends came over, now I do it after they leave! :)

I second the "show us your house" request!

Forgive me if I should know the answer to this... but who plays the piano in your house? Will Mia and Owen take lessons when they're old enough?

Besides more sleep what would you like to see happen in the next year?

I know that this may be far fetched but what books(not childrens have you read lately and any recome ndations.

Julia already asked it, pretty much: any advice for those of us expecting our second on how to prepare our first born babes?

If they were making an Afterschool Special about your life, what would it be called and who would you want to play you? And what horrible affliction would they be warning children about?

I am interested in how/when you manage the cooking with two kids.

How have you and Chris kept your bond so strong after all these years? Has having children brought you closer? Do you have any tips for the rest of us parents?

ooh! I have one! Are you ever going to update your sidebar to add your scrumptious Owen? ;)

Not that you need another butt to wipe, so to speak, but have you considered getting another cat(s)?

Okay. We hear about Beth the wife and the mother, but what about Beth. You know the woman you are still under all the baby spit up and princess dress up? I want to hear about how Beth is doing in her life.
There is more to Beth than just husband and children.

I would second a lot of these, especially Maribeth's comment to hear more about you.

Also... how's preschool going?

I love the picture posts so you could do those six days a week, and that would be great! :-)

Why would you or anyone else agree to host eight children, three and under, in their house? And don't give me that, 'It was my turn on the playdate rotation' crap. There seems to be a lot of self-hate in such a decision.

Is that your piano in yesterday's photo? Do you play? I took lessons as a kid and have been thinking about trying to start up again as an adult.

'tis the Holidays time! So why don't you take a stroll down your memory lane and write about some of your fond Holiday times as a child? That is, if you find the time to sit and dig into those memories! What were some of the best (worst?) gifts you received?

Also, want to see Owen's room!

Any advice for what to do when you and the kid(s) are sick at the same time?


Any advice for what to do when you and the kid(s) are sick at the same time?


Any advice for what to do when you and the kid(s) are sick at the same time?


What are your hobbies?

Would like to hear how pre-school is going. Heck, you could just re-hash conversations you have with Mia since three-year olds say the cutest things! Face it, you have adorable children.

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