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Mia, age three, born and raised in the South, has begun speaking with a British accent. She has fallen in love with Angelina Ballerina, and at first the Angelina voice was pretty cute but now it is annoying as all hell. Not the overall accent so much as the fact that whining with a British accent is twenty times more annoying than whining with an American accent. I believe I may have discovered the underlying cause of the collapse of the British Empire.

Yesterday, as we were grooving along at the local library storytime, Mia, exhibiting skillful sleight of hand far beyond her years, pulled two breast pads out from under her dress, stuck them on top of her head, and kept right on dancing. The moral of this story is that if you allow your preschooler to play with your old and unused box of breast pads you should definitely confiscate the evidence before leaving the house.

Finally, I spent a large portion of yesterday afternoon trying to reassemble a shattered night light light bulb to insure that I had all the bits and none were hiding in the depths of Mia's carpet. I was unsuccessful as I later discovered a large-ish chunk seconds before Owen was successful in his attempts to capture and eat it, which would certainly have ruined our evening. Children would be much easier to raise if they didn't devote so much of their substantial energies to trying to do themselves a mischief.

That is all.

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Wish I'd seen the dancing! :-)

You might want to hide all staples now too. My youngest is 13 and I spent hours picking them up out of his carpet. Sadly [& painfully] after he found one.

Okay... you so have to get that british accent on video and let us hear it! lol

And leave it to a kid to find the one chunk of glass you missed! Glad to hear he didn't munch on it! All's well that ends well.

I have to laugh at the British accent, and by 'British' I assume you mean 'English' ... which is waaaay different than Scottish, Welsh, or Irish accents.

OUr boys are destined to speak 'funny', seeing as they're currently being raised in England by an American and a Scot. Not to mention my 'Scot' has a Norwegian mother with her own accent issues.

my inlaws are my kids have all gone through a british phase...SO ANNOYING.

also? does Mia have a southern accent? i don't know why i never pictured you guys with southern accents!!!

If it helps I used to wind up my parents by trying to speak with an American accent. I didn't realise there was an Angelina Ballerina programme, my sister had the books when she was a kid.

I hate Angelina Ballerina so I feel your pain.

That is too cute! My daughter loooved Angelina Ballerina when she was younger. Now it's Hannah Montana, I can only hope she'll keep the british accent versus the Hannah Montana one. LOL

You do know that we now are wanting to see a video with the British accent!

Oh yea I know the British accent thing. My kid gets it every time she see Charlie and Lola!

My husband is British so I know our son will eventually imitate his dad, who, in fact, thinks it is important he learns to speak with an English accent so he can pick up girls. He is 10 months old!

Our daughter was born and raised in Boston and has absolutely no accent. She pronounces every R, even in words she has only heard us say (without them). She sounds like a newscaster and corrects MY pronunciation which is about enough to make a weaker parent flip her off when she turns around. Confession: I am a weaker parent.

Good catch on the broken glass. Now you get a pass from the next guilt trip you try to send yourself on when he falls while cruising furniture or slides off the couch head first.

Angelina Ballerina has a british accent? Not EXACTLY. She has a vaguley up classish, traditional BBC 'non accented' accent.

Vastly different to the various irish, welsh, scots and english ones you can get.

Just be grateful that Angelina Ballerina isn't a scouser. or a brummy. Tho from Yorkshire would be funny.

I heard that closing line ('that is all') in a british accent! Good to see that Mia has gone all Madonna on you - hope she stops it soon!

Oh how I would have loved to see that slight of hand!!

Sooo cute - I agree with other readers that we *must* have documentation of the accent. But, I do imagine it would become rather irritating. While she hasn't yet spoken with an accent, Zoe uses prudish-sounding phrases like, "We two are going to the park," and "Let me be." No idea where she got them at the tender age of 2.5.

And Em - I was one of those kids. My parents both insist on pronouncing "wash" (and any wash-based words) with an "R", and I've corrected them my whole life. You know - like "warsh the car" or "George Warshington". I know they hated it, but I couldn't help it. I harp on my husband, too. Did you realize that an "ehnch" is a unit of measure that is equivalent to an "inch"? I'm a brat.

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