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There's this one section of fence in my backyard that is covered in snow in what must be the most perfect way that any fence anywhere has ever been covered in snow. The snow looks almost like a length of velvet, perfectly draped and garlanded and pooled over the fence. Robert Frost should come write eighteen rhyming couplets about my fence. Or maybe William Carlos Williams would be a better fit. Pity they are both dead and therefore not available to immortalize this particular distribution of snow on this particular bit of fence.

The soup in the crock pot is just starting to smell good, all garlic and onions and tomatoes and mixing with the orange peel left in the sink from lunch. I always hate to push the orange peels down the drain.

Mia is "resting" in her room, not sufficiently tired from shoveling our ridiculous, in parts seemingly vertical driveway to actually sleep, so instead is singing and telling herself stories and dragging her new chair around to reach all her top shelves. Owen is alternately seeking out his favorite toys (cow key chain that lights up and moos, medicine dropper from a defunct bottle of Infant's Motrin, universal remote) and then crawling back in search of another bite of banana or spoonful of applesauce or to request another boost to visit the crock pot, with which he is obsessed.

The kids are all home from school and out trying to make snowmen out of this impossible snow that drifts and flakes apart as soon as you push it together. Soon, the cars will start, moving slowly, lights on, as my neighbors make their early returns from work. And dark will come early too, sneaking down out of the all-day-gray skies. Finally, the shovels will stop scraping and I'll tuck the children into bed and Mia will say "Remember, Mommy? Remember when you buried me in all that snow?" And I'll say, "Yes, Bean. That was just this morning, I remember." And she'll say "Good."


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Well that just warmed me to the cockles of my heart...whatever those are ;)

All as it should be. :) What a sweet post. Made me smile!

This post is beautiful! This is exactly what I needed today...thanks. :)

very sweet. you write beautifully! much more cheerful than yesterday :P

Yeah, holding your children down in puddles just isn't the same!

What a perfect post. I loved it.

Aw, what a great afternoon.

that was awesome. what a lovely post.

What a beautiful post! We are expecting snow/ice tonight and into tomorrow. I hope I get the day off & that it goes something like your day!


This almost makes me love the winter weather we're getting today and not at all pine for Spring!

You painted a perfect picture in my mind's eye. A welcome vision for a New England girl transplanted in Florida.

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