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Bowl of Superosity

The Super Bowl is on Sunday. I know that because I looked it up a couple of weeks ago to make sure that Owen's first birthday party didn't conflict with the Super Bowl, because that would have made my brother cry and I stopped trying to do that when I was about 12.

I am something of a Super Bowl savant. My annual predictions are infallible. In fact, you will most likely want to fly to Vegas (if you already live in Vegas, can everybody stay with you?) as soon as you read my prediction so that you can bet copious amounts of money based on my advice and then pay me a 15% fee once you win. If you lose, you may be sure that you somehow misconstrued my advice and I accept no responsibility for you error.

Are you ready? I predict that the winner of the Super Bowl will be....

(Hold on, I have to go ask Google who is in the Super Bowl this year. Dear, you might want to include this information on your website somewhere other than an ad for Cadillac. Just saying.)

Oh. Huh. Well, that's odd. I mean, I read an article about how the economy is impacting the Super Bowl and how they are canceling alot of the hoopla and maybe they decided to try a gimmick to get people spending more money, but this is still just strange. So, in the Super Bowl this year we have the Steelers and the Cardinals. And I have to say, this is one of the toughest predictions of my career since there is so much about this situation I don't know. Like, will the Cardinals get to bring their bats? How will the Infield Fly Rule Apply? Do the Steelers have a left-handed reliever to bring in at the bottom of the sixth?

So many questions, and I have to say that this is the first year in a long time that I am actually interested to watch the game. My official prediction for the winner of Super Bowl 43 is...

The St. Louis Cardinals!

(Huh? Arizona? When did they move?)

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this is very funny. made me laugh. i feel the same way!

Glad you're not making your brother cry anymore! And my gosh, I can't believe Owen is almost 1. I am always thinking the Cards are the St. Louis ones too. Guess I'm just a baseball kind of girl.

You are WRONG. So wrong. Steelers win the cup! Go black and gold~!

You are incorrect, don't worry...there is a first time for everything, my dear.

At least you know the St. Louis Cardinals...BASEBALL my love. They rock!! But eh..last I checked the Superbowl is football right? Not that I give a flying touchdown of a care.

Thank you.

And also, thanks for not making your brother cry.

And also, how is it Owen's birthday already? He was just born like three days ago.

Also - you are kind of a spaz but that might be why I like you.

Here here! I am with you!

This is just an attempt to gather more comments, right? Because we Steelers fans are rather spirited and can't possibly allow you to say that without commenting.

Here is my thought... Cardinals are pretty little birdies but Steelers. ARGH! STEEL. Really strong and probably building shaped players. So, I think the buildings will win.

I am not usually such a girl. Baseball is my game. I don't like football, even in January.

I know less than you, even. The only thing that even remotely piques my interest is hockey, cuz, hi...Canadian. I'll be waiting to see who wins and hope you do get your cut if anyone takes your advice heh.

Go Cards!!

Finally! Someone who (unbeknowingly) agrees with me! The stats actually prove you right, btw. #1 offense, #3 (I think) defense.


Cards Win!

This may be the first time I ever disagreed with something you posted, but...


Can you tell I'm from Pittsburgh and bleed Black and Gold?

I think you are right. And that would be awesome.

Yeah, I didn't realize that the Super Bowl was this Sunday and I scheduled my boy's first birthday party for the same day! My 5 brothers, 3 brothers-in-law, father and grandfather are all crying!

All I know about this year's superbowl is that there's a brand new OFFICE right after. It's gonna be HUGE! :)

I am also from Pittsburgh--odd that you have already had at least on comment from this neck of the woods!

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that aside from the usual die-hard fans, there is a very distinct apathy in the air. It's kind of sad. I will watch the game because it's a good excuse to eat nothing but hot wings and nachos for dinner, but, you know. Whatever.

A couple of years ago, I predicted all the playoff teams, the NFC/AFC Champs, but not the Super Bowl winner. Since then, I haven't tried. I lost interest when my beloved Panthers fell to those damn Cardinals a few weeks ago. That being said, I am going to watch the game tomorrow with my boyfriend, who is from Pittsburgh and therefore a huge Steelers fan. I bought myself a Steelers jersey today, maybe that will help!

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