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Come out come out wherever you are

I don't usually do this, because I am a lousy commenter and there is no way I'll be able to comment on all of the (great many, embarrassing really, blogs I read in a single day, especially since Mia went to sleep after 11:00 last night, so this is going to be a really great day - although actually she went to sleep a little before 10:00 and then Chris woke her up so I am planning to just drop her off at his office), but today is Delurking Day and this year I'm playing along. See, I try to read everyone who reads me, because then we are all nice and friendly like, but with the addition of Child 2 I am woefully behind on updating my feed reader and I'm sure I am missing people.

So, here's the deal. Would you pretty pretty please leave a comment on this entry so I can make sure I have your link and then I can read your lovely blog too even though you will almost never know I am there because I am the worst commenter in the history of typing?

You can tell me how old you were when you had your first kiss. I was 12, and it was so disgusting that I didn't do it again for three years. Not that I had any offers for the next three years, but we'll all just pretend it was my conscious choice.

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I don't have a blog, so your off the hook. :-)

What kind of kiss are we talking about? First lip peck was at age 10. First French kiss was at age 12.

I'm planning on using the entire week to delurk. If someone posts, I'll leave a quick comment. If someone delurks on my blog, I'll delurk on theirs. I had it all planned out where I wouldn't do any work today, but then I got here and I had 100 emails telling me what to do and when to do it. Argh. It's hard juggling blogs and work.

Don't have a blog but I enjoy reading yours. Happy Delurking Day.

Ug - Dave. I was 15. I got away without a kiss after our first date, then he ambushed me while I was vacuuming. And then ... I went back to vacuuming.

I'm delurking even though I never lurk. I've enjoyed reading you even when you don't send me Christmas cards.


First kiss was at 14. Yes, I was OLD. Oh well, I made up for the late start.

(You may note my blog address has changed.)

okay, not a lurker but want to play -first kiss was actually during Spin the Bottle...when I was 9! Does that count? Otherwise, first "real" kiss I think 14.

You're off the hook with me is discontinued :-)

Not a lurker but also not a blogger anymore. I am, however, an (occasional) commenter!

Hey, at least you post on your blog. I'm too lazy to even do that anymore.

I was 14.

And you can come read my blog, but there's not much there any more. I lost my mojo a long time ago. :(

I was five when I first kissed a boy - on the cheek. By fifth grade (age 10) we were playing kissing tag during recess - each round ending with a chaste peck on the lips (there were 3 or 4 "couples" and we only chased our own person). I would like it noted that I was kissing the same boy I kissed on the cheek in kindergarten.

I was 11 and it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

Delurking to say HI! My 1st kiss was in 3rd grade and I was 9. I think my 1st grown-up kiss was when I was about 13.

Back to the shadows....

Wooo Hooo......I'm Delurking all over the place!

;-) Props to Chris.

Hello! I was 14 when I had my first kiss.

Happy Delurking Day!

First kiss was at 10 and it was a nice, sweet kiss. First real kiss was at 12 and I remember pulling my head back I was so surprised. Love your blog BTW.

If you don't count kissing behind the puppet theater in the elementary school library, my first kiss was when I was 15.

I was ... thirteen, maybe? I don't know. Seventh or eighth grade. It was NOT GOOD.

Hi Sweetie! You know I'm here. I try to comment, but lately haven't had a lot of time. Anyway, Happy De-Lurking Day!

Happy Delurking Day! I forget how old I was when I had my first kiss. Fourteen, maybe?

Happy delurking day! I don't remember my first 'kiss' (is that horrible or what?) - it was probably kindergarten - but my firt REAL kiss (with, ewwwww, tongue) was at 15. The guy, he's my oldest, dearest friend. He was 18. I can describe the entire night, place, instance. It was awesome. What a memory. Thanks for that! ;-)

First "real" kiss? I was 14, I think... I really don't remember it at all! (But doing the appropriate math makes me sure I must have been 14.)

I DO remember my first kiss with Hubby, at 16. It was wonderful!

I honestly do not remember the exact age but I know in school in 1st grade we (being me mostly) used to play this "game" where you chased the boy and once you caught the boy you planted one on them. I was like 6? Yeah so there's that. The first KISS I remember, I was 12 and like you it took about three years to come up with another reason to do it!

Happy Delurking indeed!

I was in 3rd grade when I was first kissed - the quick peck kind - on the school bus, as a matter of fact. It was quite an achievement for me because my best friend liked him, too; but he picked me! He moved to Africa with his missionary parents shortly thereafter and the best friend went on to become the prettiest, most popular girl in school.'s the little victories that count.

Happy Delurking indeed!

I was in 3rd grade when I was first kissed - the quick peck kind - on the school bus, as a matter of fact. It was quite an achievement for me because my best friend liked him, too; but he picked me! He moved to Africa with his missionary parents shortly thereafter and the best friend went on to become the prettiest, most popular girl in school.'s the little victories that count.

Ewe kissing...13, his name was Kyle.

I don't update my blog at all, I am a better reader/commenter than blog poster. :-)

Uh... I had my first of something else when I was tweleve. I can't even remember my first kiss. but I know that in 2nd grade, my teacher walked my boyfriend to the bus so that we wouldn't be kissing on the playground after school. You grow up fast in small towns.

I was in seventh grade. It was Valentine's Day and we were slow dancing to "Save the best for last."

Love the blog and the kids are adorable!

i'm a horrible commenter too- too many things to read to little time to bother with typing! ha! but today i will de-lurk.

i think i was about 13 when i had my first kiss. it must not have been all that great seeing as i really don't remember it! ha!

I was in 8th grade for my first "real" kiss. I remember being grossed out because he had just eaten peanuts and his tongue was slimy.

I was 19. I should've stopped there (with that guy, at least).

How old are you in seventh grade? That is how old I was.

That guy was a dick.

I was 16. Now I'm 36 and married to the guy.

Am de-lurking to say Hi! again. I used to comment a lot. But now I just have so many to read...well you know the drill. I do have a new blog, however. Come visit!

First romantic kiss--13 at church camp. I was a late bloomer and the boy ended up getting kicked out of camp for pot. I had good taste. Even then!lol

Wow, apparently I was a senior citizen by the time I had my first kiss at 18. It was not the greatest thing ever but we have now been married for 8 years and have gotten a lot better at it! :)

And now I'm officially delurked!

Just put your kids in day care while you surf the intertubes. It's the responsible thing to do.

I, like many others, don't write very often but wanted to participate in delurking day.

My first kiss was in the 6th grade during a truth or dare game. My BFF had just gotten her first kiss (from a VERY cute boy) when somebody dared me to kiss our good friend Bo. He was not cute. It was not fun. In fact, I went home and washed my mouth out. So funny.

My first "real" kiss came when I was 19 (sad, huh) and after I'd already had sex for the first time (I know, believe me). It wasn't that great (either).

I've commented here before, but I'm not a regular. I do read though.

Believe it or not, my first kiss was my now husband. We started "going out" when I was 14, and sometime around then we had our first kiss! It was a kiss and run too.

I was 15, and my then-boyfriend went straight for the tongue, without even a peck on the lips first. And simultaneously put his hand up my shirt. We didn't go out much longer after that... :-)

ummm well I was precocious, I had a bf in kindergarten named Craig, to be honest I don't remember a kiss but I'm sure we did, not a fancy french one or anything though.

I'm a complete lurker, so yay for delurking day!

My first kiss was when I was 18. There was a lack of acceptable boys prior to that. Although really, I just got tired of waiting and lowered my standards :)

Hello! My first kiss was in 7th grade, so I must have been 12 or 13, right? It was during a game of Spin the Bottle, and we actually ended up in a closet or something. But there was only kissing!

I recently saw Mr. First Kiss, at a funeral unfortunately, but it was good to see him. He's still a nice guy.

I'm such a lurker ~ like you, I read too many blogs daily to even attempt to comment on them all!

First kiss ~ I think I was about 12? At the roller rink. I think the boy was named Sean (sue me, I'm old ~I've forgotten!) and he had braces. It was perfectly awful. I didn't even attempt it for another two years, when I had my first "boyfriend" and all we did was kiss. ;)

I think I was 12? I am not sure, which speaks volumes about the person it was and how memorable it was :)

I believe I was 13. And it was a great first kiss! In front of a beautiful Christmas tree. Ah, what excitement that was as a hormonally charged teenage girl! Happy De-lurking day! If I ever get around to actually posting on my blog then I guess I could see who's lurking around on mine.

Happy DeLurking day!

I think I was 15. But I don't remember. How awful is that?

summer before 7th grade...what is that, 13? in my parents garage.

Technically, kindergarten. But I don't think that counted because I wasn't a willing participant and PJ was THAT KID who went around chasing all the girls trying to kiss them.
First for-real kiss? I think 17. And boy was that a long time coming.

12, and it was revolting.

Well, I'm not a great commenter either, but you know I read here b/c I'm always blathering away about something in your comment section.

Like now.

I don't remember how old I was when I had my first kiss... I mean, I think I usually know this information, but today- NOTHING. Is this normal? To have a totally blank slate on a topic that you've discussed before and usually know the answer to?

Well, anyway, hi!

I think I was 14 or 15 - total late bloomer but I TOTALLY made up for it in the years after, because though I never was the sleep around type, I KISSED EVERYBODY.

I don't have a blog, so this is a freebie for you! :) My daughter woke up every 2 hours last night, so I'm a wee bit on the tired side as well. I'll be having a nap today, if possible...

I was 14 and don't really remember much about it...

I've been reading your blog (and Chris's) since Owen was born. My son is just a few months older than Owen and we are trying for #2.

My first kiss was when I was in Kindergarten. My class was lined up outside of the bathroom and I just walked over to a little boy (his name was Danny) and kissed him. Needless to say, my teacher caught me and I got in trouble!

Delurking from my Google Reader! I was 19 for my first kiss, and I am not even scrolling up to see how much of a nun that makes me.

Well I'm famous for lurking here...although I have commented on how beautiful your little ones are....I just fall short on commenting too's probably because I'm all commented out, after spending a day yelling at three kids!

So anyways...I was 10 and it was at my wedding ceremony. Okay, the wedding ceremony was just a made up, imagined afternoon with a boy and a friend (who officiated). We divorced later that same afternoon and no....we did not consimate (sp?) the marriage!!!! My next "real" kiss was when I was 14 and I went out with that guy for 3 1/2 years.

I think I was 11 or 12. Something like that. I was bad at it. I got a lot more practice though.

I have a blog that I don't advertise anymore. You probably have an email about it.

Hello, Beth! I don't know that i've ever commented here any case daily reader. Love it! Have a wonderful day!

Yay for delurking!

I was 14, and we were on a double date WITH HIS PARENTS, and we snuck off into the woods and kissed behind a tree. And then had to go back to the picnic and make small talk WITH HIS PARENTS. Not awesome.

Delurking to say I love your site! First kiss was at 15...amazing...he was 13...yeah I like em young.

5, I was knocked off my bike. Next time, 17! I know, so old! It sure doesn't matter now.

I was 16. The boyfriend I acquired at age 16 was so nervous about the fact that he would be my First Kiss, he waited another 2 months to work up his nerve! (He did a great job.)

I'm a terrible commenter, too. Somehow I manage time to read blogs every day, but actually thinking and typing are beyond me.

Hi! Not really delurking as I comment regularly. Thanks for the Christmas card...your kids are adorable.

First kiss was at 16...don't remember much about it at all.

Please stop by and delurk at Therapy I rarely have visitors anymore. :-(

I don't remember the age, but I think I was 15 or 16 - and that's the real, slobbery first kiss, not just a peck. A peck was like, 4? I had a boyfriend then. He lived across the street. It didn't go anywhere.

I'm a regular reader, but I don't have a blog of my own really, so that should be easier for you. I'll let you know if I ever start one up! I keep thinking I will, especially since I'm now 4 months into the pregnancy with my first, but then...I...don't. So there's that.

I was 17 when I first kissed a boy. I dated that boy for two years and then we broke up. The next boy I kissed was the boy I married.

ugh - first really real kiss was 6th grade and the boy kept trying to run his tongue over my teeth.I think he was a little confused. It sucked.

I have been lacking in commenting, but still an avid reader.

I was 14 his name was Chris then a week later I kissed his friend Danny. Apparently, I got around that summer.

Hello! Happy delurking day. I was...15...and it was not-so-good!

Ahhh - first kiss was probably 10 or 11? Spin the bottle style... first "real" kiss - 12 or 13... I recently connected with the spin-the-bottle guy thru facebook!

Peck on the lips I was in 2nd grade (so 8 I guess). First French kiss I was 17. :)

I was in 9th grade, in the high school gym after the homecoming football game. Jeff Melton kissed me - and we never went out after that really. Makes you want to kiss me, no? Good god, that takes me back...

I don't remember how old I was, but I remember my first french kiss. It was AWFUL. He left spit all over my face, I swear.

Love your blog. I've tried to comment a couple of times, but I don't think they went through- I got some strange "you've commented too many times" error.

My first kiss was in 7th grade and I thought it was gross.

Happy delurking day!

Hi Beth!

I was 16 and I was so clueless, I made my lips hard, like in a pucker.

I was a late starter - 17.

I was 17 and I am married to him now 9 years later, yes I guess i am a dork for waiting that long but man was it one hell of a kiss!!!!

12...and his name was Omar. Swoon.

Happy Delurking Day!

I was 14 and it was awful. It was a neighbor boy that my sisters let in. Everyone was in on him stalking for a kiss, but me.

I was 14 and it was Clay, my now-husband. I was so mad because he made me kiss him first, he was such a pain!

I was a late bloomer - it was 16 for me. Delurking to say hi!

Happy Delurking day!!!!!

I was 12 and like you it was aweful. It was like kissing a lizzard. His tongue kept darting in and out really fast. Afterwards, my friends had to convince me that it's really not supposed to be disgusting like that because I wanted no part of that, ever again. Oh, and on top of the reptilian tongue action, I was rollerskating. Backwards. In my head I kept picturing our wheels getting tangled and us falling down and his tongue getting stuck on high speed when he hit his head... you know, like when your mom tells you not to make that face because it could get stuck that way.

I was 13, which seems really young now, but seemed soooo old at the time.

I was 16, but my first "real" kiss was when I was 25, and I married him. I'm going to go hide now.

My child has been singing that song all weekend and then explaning to me that the Good Witch sings that song in Munchkinland, as if I didn't already know that.

I was was disgusting.

I was 14, his name was Matt. I don't know what I was thinking...

Hello, there! I totally don't mind having my blog neglected as long as I get a good mixture of profanity and cute kid pictures. (Also, I am possibly the 2nd worst commenter ever, so I totally understand.)

In re: my first kiss, I was 16. Perhaps a wee bit behind the curve, but at least I was old enough to enjoy it, right?

The first real kiss? I was ten and playing under the trampoline with Nathan. OOOhhh I liked that boy. He was a good kisser.

I'd have never bought my kids a trampoline, except my oldest has ADHD and it's great for her to get out energy.

Dude, really, don't read my blog. It makes your brains leak out your ears and can sometimes lead to really REALLY inappropriate bars of soap showing up at your doorstep. You've been warned.

I was 13. No tongue, just a peck. My first real kiss, I was 18 and we'd been up all night with a large group of friends watching Monty Python movies and eating Doritos.

Not. Awesome.

I was the ripe old age of seven when I had my first french kiss. Younger for the first peck-type kiss. I was an early bloomer. But then I went kissless all through high school, so it all evens out...

I was 12, he was 14. I wasn't so disgusted by the kiss, but the guy asked me for oral favors. I'd never heard of such a thing, and not only was that moving waaaaay faster than I was in for, I was completely disgusted and never spoke to him again.

I was 15, his name was Chris, and we were in a closet at the church hall where we were supposed to be filling Easter baskets as part of our confirmation class's project. It was surprisingly sweet.

In the third grade I had a "boyfriend". One day we went to play at the park and he said he heard that we were supposed to kiss (since we were boyfriend/girlfriend). He asked if I wanted to kiss and I said no. We played at the park and had a great time instead. Man, those were the days.

I was 13 and it took me about 3-months of "going out" (we didn't go ANYWHERE. Where can you go at 13? Stupid term.) to let him kiss me.

I don't remember how old I was....5th old are you then? I was an elementary school slut! (not really, but 5th grade sounds young to me).

I think i was 12 also or thereabouts. Carol Campbell.

My first kiss was when I was 14 with a guy I had a major crush on. My friends knew this and one night dared us to kiss so we did.

My next kiss would of been when I was 16 when I had my first boyfriend.

When i was in kindergarten, I smooched a boy named Danny on the cheek. It made him very angry. In 6th grade I kissed a boy who appreciated it a lot more and who was kind enough to kiss me back.

I was 12 and he was 13- so sweet. Thanks for taking us down memory lane!

First real, all-out kiss was at 14 with my best friend's brother at a Homecoming dance. I remember being really irritated because it kind of took me by surprise. I didn't talk to him for a year after that.

It's a pj monday at our place today, I am feeling bitterly sorry for myself as I have a festering cold sore which is worse than labour in my opinion...
But the joy my toddler is finding in his new big boy bed we got him yesterday, is easing my pain!


um. lets see, first kiss. well
when i was 13 a weird guy kissed me and i knee'd him for it.

i didn't really have a first kiss till i was 18.
and now im 21 and been married for almost a year.
so i guess, well, i don't know what that means except i am an odd person.

I haven't written much lately that would give you something to comment on so no worries. See how I make it easy on you? You're welcome.

First kiss? Like, lip peck or The Real Deal? Now that I think about it I don't remember my age for either. Huh. How sad.

I believe I was 11 and I'm not even all that sure who it was with. I promise it was just Very Unmemorable and I wasn't just a total hussy at 11.

Let me see, how old was I? Sheesh. I'm thinking 12. The entire time I was trying to figure out what he was poking me with... so um yeah. I am guessing I learned a lot that day.

i was 15 and it was disgusting. he licked my teeth. and most of the lower half of my face.

My first real kiss, 15. Being chased around the playground and kissed without wanting to, 6 or 7.

Happy Delurking Day!! First real kiss? 14. good times.

I am a horrible commentor too but I love reading your blog and your kids are just adorable!
I had my first kiss at 13...but I had previously been ambushed on the school bus at 5.

I read! But I don't post very often on mine :-)


My first kiss was my freshman year in college, at 18. I was a late bloomer, for sure (still am).

I was....?? Is it bad that I don't even remember it? Maybe 12 or 13?

I think I was in the 6th grade, and it was from a guy who turned out to be a child molester. We were the same age at the time, but apparently he just never got enough of that 6th grader lovin'. I must have been an awesome kisser. Or a terrible judge of character. Probably that last thing.

happy Delurking day to you too! But as there are already ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN comments.. I don't even EXPECT you to drop by my lamo blog. :)

16. I'm a loser, eh?

If kisses as a young child count, I had mine in the first grade. At a record studio (fancy, right?). My friend's dad was making a kids' album and most of the primary choir at my school got to be the chorus in some of the songs. My friend Tim cornered me at the studio and, voila! My first kiss.

But now he's a priest, so that kind of negates it, yes?

If kisses as a young child count, I had mine in the first grade. At a record studio (fancy, right?). My friend's dad was making a kids' album and most of the primary choir at my school got to be the chorus in some of the songs. My friend Tim cornered me at the studio and, voila! My first kiss.

But now he's a priest, so that kind of negates it, yes?

The first "real" kiss I remember was when I was 10. He was 11. There was tongue and it was horrible.

You always have interesting questions to ask on your delurking days, so it makes me read the comments and then I figure that I'd better add my $0.02 worth, too! So...I was a late one - 18 when I had my first kiss.

I was 12. It was on a dare from my friend, who watched and gave tips the whole time. Really. It was a somewhat scarring experience, as I was terrified for years after.

I was 11 on the back of a bus during a trip to the LA County Museum of Art. His name was Matthew and he stuck his tongue in my mouth and it was gross.

Happy Monday. Hope your eyes don't fall out from all the blog reading you will be doing.

I was 13, and I'm in shock at all these people with such apparent self-control!

How awful is this - I have no idea, maybe I have just been kissing boys my whole life. don't tell my husband!

I was 11. And I was terrified.
And then he died in a car accident.

Great story.

Hi, Beth! I was 14 and have tried to block the whole incident out of my head entirely.

I don't have a blog but I enjoy reading yours.

I had my first real kiss when I was 15. He was kind of nasty looking, but he was three years older and just funny enough to win me over. We broke up after four days so I could go out with the guy I really liked.

Happy De-Lurking Day!

:::sigh::: I was 17. I really was a complete geek, including the lack of social skills.

Thanks for the opportunity to de-lurk!

Maybe 14? I honestly cannot remember!

I was 13, it was with a boy in my class, in the foyer of my house, 2 of my friends were watching. My parents were at his parents house (around the corner) for a birthday party and he snuck over to my place. It seemed so illicit.

Wow, from the number of comments, you've got a lot of reading to do!

I'm a terrible commenter these days with a pregnancy dragging me down and a toddler insisting I "GET UP!". I'm not too lazy to read, though.
So: Hi!

My first kiss (OF ANY KIND, for real) was beyond old: 16. I was so shy and nerdy and pimply and skinny and flat chested and did ballet when all the cool girls did sports and... there really is no excuse for it. But it was my first date and the boy that I kissed was so awesome and it was a seriously great first kiss so I refuse to feel too lame about it.

I was 11 and it kind of grossed me out, but not enough not to do it again. He had been chewing cinnamon gum earlier in the day and I've never been able to chew cinnamon gum since then. I think it brings back the massive feelings of anxiety.

I'm glad I read some of the comments--at least I am not the only one to wait (or be forced to wait, may be a more accurate way of describing it) until the age of 18 for that magical first kiss. I'm a regular reader of your blog (and that of your wonderful husband), an occasional commenter, and a rare updater to my own blog. Here's to more posts during the next 11 months.

I was thirteen. Ugh. Bad, bad memory. Totally disgusting boy on summer vacation in the sand dunes. That's all.

first kiss I was in 1st grade, so 6? eep that's young. First real kiss I was 12. Just happened to be the same boy too... LOL

I've been lurking here for a while, love your blog, the kids are adorable!

I'm so not lurker.

First kiss, summer camp play, summer after 6th grade. But that doesn't count. Real first kiss, junior high school dance.

I was 14 and it was awful. Although it was the boy I totally had a crush on for what seemed like forever. And it was in the band hall which I found fitting as he was an obnoxious trumpet player and I was a hot little clarinet player. Ah middle school.

My first kiss? I was probably 16 or 17... I didn't date much. Heh.

OK, for all the other 14 year olds - it wasn't *that* old! I was 15 before my first kiss, which was totally awkward because he went in for open-mouth and I didn't. Ah . . . adolescence.

My first kiss was in grade 8 at a Christmas dance. He ahd his friends put mistletoe over us... I don't have a blog but love reading yours.

We've known each other, forever, in the world of blogs. Still, I don't comment as often as I should! First kiss..really, I was like in kindergarten or first grade...

Good gawd I don't even have an answer to that question! Obviously t was quite unremarkable though!


First kiss: 8 years old, on the cheek. Swore blind I would not ever wash again.

First real kiss: 15 I think, maybe 16. Boyfriend at the time told me he wouldn't let me go to the bathroom unless I kissed him. I gave in to the peer pressure (motivated by another pressure that was rapidly climbing in intensity) and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth, except his mouth was open like for a proper pashy kiss and mine wasn't. He let me go, and I darted into the bathroom where I sat for the longest 5mins in history, repeating the scene in my head and feeling ever so mortified.

Hello from Edinburgh! I was 14 and enjoyed the experience enough to repeat it the very next day. Not with the same person, though!

I had my first "real" kiss at 15.

Hi Beth. Don't worry, I haven't updated my blog in eons :P Gosh I should get on that!!
Also, I still haven't had my first kiss. I'm 25. Laaame. :P

I was 12, but the one I count is the one when I was 15. I still think about that boy.

your blog is so funny, I know im in for a laugh when I head your way

your blog is so funny, I know im in for a laugh when I head your way

I was 16 and mine was gross too.

I've been coming around for a long time!! So here I am "delurking" - don't get around as much (to blogs, or anywhere, really) after arrival of child #1)...but I do like to visit.

First kiss? or first Kiss-kiss? First kiss was in kingergarten. I think I tackled some poor kid on the walk home from school. It wasn't that great.

My first peck on the lips was 4th grade.
My first drooly kiss with tongue was age 14, 9th grade.
I, um, didn't go it again for 3 years for the same reason you didn't.

First kiss I think I was 12 too. At a friend's birthday party. I also didn't get much action after that...I think I had to wait like 3 years before I had a proper pash/snog/french kiss whatever you kids call it over there!

Hi... I'm Gina (ironic1) and I was directed to your site a few years ago by your husband. I rarely comment over here (no offense, please) because I don't have kids (yet). It's really difficult to remember, but I think I was at least 16 before my first kiss. Prude? Nope. Just wasn't into that stuff yet.

Don't even want to admit it...18. 18! I know. Bet that makes you want to rush over to my blog (HA!)

i just started a blog today to make it less weird that i read a bunch of random consider this a de-lurk.

first kiss was a week before my 13th bday...and i remember thinking 'this was the big deal?' it was a bit gross, took me a few more months to attempt again. oh, and mr. first kiss failed out of high school. i'm classy like that.

My first kiss was at a birthday party. Spin the bottle. Some guy, named "Guy." I'm still not sure if my DAD was there or not!!!

Hi there Beth! I didn't have my first REAL kiss until I was 16. Then the next guy I kissed, I married. My past is so torried.

Hi there Beth! I didn't have my first REAL kiss until I was 16. Then the next guy I kissed, I married. My past is so torrid.

Hey Beth,
I've been reading Chris's blog for quite awhile and just sort of found yours recently. Do you two ever have to make a deal over who will blog what if something really funny happens to the family? Who usually wins? :P

I also almost never comment anywhere even though I read lots of stuff. Yours was one of the first blogs I ever commented on, lo, these several years ago...

Seeing as though I'm weighing in as number 166, I'm guessing you might not get to my blog. However, I'd love to see you there.

I enjoyed being one of the lucky 10 to get your Christmas card. Thanks!

Oh, almost forgot. I was 11 when I had my first kiss. I had a crush on him at the time, and all throughout high school and we still e-mail occasionally. He tasted like Sparkle Crest for Kids toothpaste. It was sort-of a gross experience but I was simultaneously happy that the milestone was behind me.

I think I was 13 at sleep away camp and his name was Damien! :)

Delurking for a moment. I had no idea there was a day for delurking.

I am a sometimes commenter but daily reader...
My first kiss was when I was 18, gasp, and his name was Jonathan. I missed his mouth the first time but got it right the second time around :)

no blog for you to read - but delurking to say, I was 13 - he was 18 and he paid my brother a dollar to leave so he could kiss me. Then? Thought it was kinda cool. Now? Thinking back, what was wrong with that guy?

I was also 12 when I had my first kiss. I do not remember if I liked it or not, but I really liked the boy and remained in love with him for 2 years. Even when I dated his brother, I still loved him =) BTW - Love your blog!

I read you all the time, but I am not good at commenting either. No pressure!!

My first kiss - hmmm, I was a freshman in high school, so I guess I was 15 or 16? Yea, late bloomer I guess. Sigh. It was a good kiss though, THAT I remember.

I read you all the time, but I am not good at commenting either. No pressure!!

My first kiss - hmmm, I was a freshman in high school, so I guess I was 15 or 16? Yea, late bloomer I guess. Sigh. It was a good kiss though, THAT I remember.

I've been reading you for ages - our kids are the same age and your pregnancy and Owen's milestones mirrored ours waaaay too often. Plus, we share the same general 'hood - gives you more street cred. :)

Anyhoo, I was 14. The kiss stunk. Oh well! At least things could only improve with time (and practice!).

Wow. I was here at 7 something this morning and you had no comments yet. I coulda been first! Now I'm, like, 177 or somethin (unless someone else sneaks in in front of me, that is).

I THINK my first kiss was in kindergarten, although I don't remember it much and it wasn't anything more than a peck, anyway. The next first kiss was, I don't know - my early teens sometime. A completely gross guy. Left me with no desire to do that again anytime soon.

Happy Delurking Day!

Just saying hi! I delurk from time to time. :) My first kiss was at 13 on a school bus, and I thought it was gross. lol

I'm not sure it qualifies as delurking if I've commented before, but I don't often enough, so I will today. No blog for you to read. And I was 16. :)

I was 12 when I had my first kiss during a game of truth or dare. I didn't receive a non truth or dare kiss until I was 17.

I was 13...and I think I have mostly blocked it out, because it was AWFUL!

I was 13. It was not everything I expected it to be, but I was the kind of girl who totally romanticized everything, so it would have been hard to live up to my expectations.

A quick delurk. While I had earlier kisses, I like to remember my first kiss that made me go weak in the knees. I was 16 and it was outside a castle in Milan.

I love your blog and stories. I don't make mine public, it really only contains pictures of my son, but I would be happy to e-mail you the link if you are interested.

here's me :)

I was actually in first grade - yes, i know. it was so silly, one or two little pecks while walking to the lunchroom, of course making sure the teacher was still facing the FRONT of the line ;) the real thing was much, much later...seriously, i was like, 17!

I had fun reading all of the other comments and am not really delurking b/c I have commented here before but ANYWAY...I was a late bloomer so my first REAL kiss was when I was 15 at a party at my best friend's house. I had a huge crush on the guy (who's nickname was Frog-not sure why) and let me tell you, he did not disappoint. I still remember fact, I might have to write a post about it- and hope that my husband doesn't get too upset!

i was the OLD AGE of 16! sigh. it was outside, we were looking at the moon.

Bad day for commenting... I am lucky I even checked my blog reader today. :) But, since you forced me to... HI!

Hi Beth,

Long time reader, saying hi.

Summer before 6th grade in a game of truth or dare.


Hi Beth,

Long time reader, saying hi.

Summer before 6th grade in a game of truth or dare.


Happy Delurking Day! I was 12 in the private practice room in the band hall. I was so cool :)

7th grade. Remember it well. His name was Phillip. It was the slightest of kisses but I'll never forget it.

good god woman... good luck reading all those blogs!


i was 11 for first "real" kiss -- grade 6, under the climbers.

good grief, if you even make it down through all of these can find me over in Chaos, regularly laughing at, er...with you! Love your blog - and I was 12 for my first kiss too! He was the hottest 8th grader! If I do remember...

I was 14, playing truth or dare, the kiss was a dare, and it was gross. The boy thrust his very large tongue to my tonsils.

I was 11, and he had red hair and braces. I didn't want to be the last one kissed and he did me a "favor". Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

i was 4 or 5 and my best friend was a boy and he was moving away. he kissed me in the street in front of my house the day he left. I'v never been in contact with him since, and I can't remember his last time, but i do think of him often and wonder where he is in life.

Hi, I'm a lurker from NZ, I love you blog, and your honesty. I don't have a blog myself yet, one day maybe. My first kiss was 14, and yep thought it was pretty gross too. The guy's name was Justus, so that's pretty cool at least.

Forgot to delurk yesterday! To answer your question...15.

Beth, I read your blog regularly (and Chris's), you have both emailed me back, so I don't feel like a "lurker". I don't post on my blog very often because I'm a busy worker and have some things going on in my life that aren't for the public that does regularly read my blog! anyway... thanks for giving me a daily distraction!

I'm a terrible lurker so I can't complain!

My first kiss was with a lad called Danny and I was 14.

I'm also lousy about commenting on all the blogs I read.

Ridiculously late starter here: first kiss was at 19. I lost my virginity the same year. What can I say, I had a lot of catching up to do.

I was I believe 16 years old and there was WAY TOO MUCH tongue. It's amazing I ever wanted to kiss another guy!

I am NOT going to tell you about my first kiss because it is so utterly embarrassing. But I did kiss Tara from Lijit the other night. On the lips. That was awesome.

My first kiss was in 8th grade...slow dancing at a party. I remember it like it was yesterday, exciting/weird/sloppy all at the same time. I felt so relieved that it finally happened!! : )

12, and hello!

My first kiss was at summer camp when I was 10? 11? I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that I ended up getting giardia and thought for certain it was from kissing the boy and knew my mom would find out and know I kissed him and be mad. It was a really big deal to me! Turns out we all got giardia from the lake but I was sort of terrified to kiss boys for a while after that.

12. Ice skating rink lobby. SEXY!

I was 12 as well, and I'm also a horrible commenter. Which is why I'm commenting on a delurking post.

This is my first visit here. So, I am not delurking.
You are a little behind with your blogs? Well, if 200+ comments mean that you are reading 200 blogs, I am not surprised. I don't have two children, but there is no way I could manage even 10% besides a full time job.
And ... I think mine was with 14.
P.S. Your children are really cute.

This is my first visit here, so I am not really unlurking. I am amazed - you are a little bit behind in reading your blogs because you have two children? If the number of comments means that you are reading 200+ blogs, I don't know how ever managed. I don't have two kids but a full time job, and there is no way I could manage to read so many blogs. Maybe 10%? ;-)
Anyway, mine was at age 14.
And your kids are really cute.

hello! just delurking. Love your entries. =)

15! haha

I know I'm a bit late with this one, just catching up on some blog reading. And how could you possibly have any time to read all of these blogs! I love reading yours though :)
I was in 5th grade (is that 11yrs old?) and had my first "boyfriend".

Wow, you have alot of reading to do. First kiss in 7th or 8th grade at a school dance in front of many other students. Horrifying, really.

Just delurking! um, a few days late though. sorry.

I'm late. Is it excused if my momma writes a note? How about if I forge her signature? :-)

First kiss was under super cute circumstances with a fairly cute boy at the end of 8th grade. How old would that make me? 13?

I seriously believe that RSS feeds are the end of regular commenting forever. Plus also parenthood. That's what has been kicking my ass the last couple of weeks. Plus also the flu. The flu plus also parenthood is not so fun.

But? Here I am! Finally.

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