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The goldfish died.

Merry Christmas, Mia! Here's this nearly instant lesson in the death of a loved one!

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OMG!!!! Did you flush it with her and have a funeral?

goldfish are easily replaceable. you could have chris pick up a spare on his way home & smuggle it in the house ;)

what the hell, ours lasted 3 years, they either live forever or die within a week. so sad

oh no, I'm sorry. 08 will always be etched on my soul inletters of fire as the year I finally let Roo have some gold fish - he was SO excited - and they just died, one after the other. we went through 4 or 5 replacements till I just couldn't take it anymore - i mean, we were literally bringing them home to die! argh!

so I understand your pain xx


It's too bad you couldn't surreptiously replace it before she discovered it... at her age, that would be completely understanable... especially with a fish.

We used to tell our kids that while they were at school, (random family member) came and took (random recently deceased pet) home for a sleepover. Random person would return the next day with random replacement pet. That died almost instantly, too.

I also can't keep plants alive.

We tried goldfish too, and after round 3 of funerals decided it was too stressful and went to something with a bit more longevity, hamsters. Unfortunately, a year or two was not much help and we moved to a cat (still living!).

Sorry to hear about the goldfish...but wasn't that an easier conversation than having to tell her a person she loved died? That would be a tough first death conversation.

Dang! That sucks!

Oh I'm sorry Beth. My condolences to all.

Have a funeral and flush him to bring closure and tomorrow he'll be forgotten.


lol. oh thats so sad... go get a beta fish, they are just cheap, maybe a few dollars more, and they have the wavy fins, really pretty, and they live for-ever...

Oh no! Does she know yet??

awww that is awful! I'm so sorry. What happened? We bought a betta fish for our daughter last april and I had the same fear, but so far so good, it's still alive, maybe yours was sick when you bought it? that's awful, poor Mia :(

Awwwww... Did you end up getting the whole tank and filter dealy for the goldfish? That filter makes a ton of difference (esp in the cleanliness of that stanky water!).

How did she take it?

Try a beta---DS got one in from preschool. It lived 5 yrs and through an interstate move by car!

That sucks! I'm sure Santa feels horrible for the mix-up. Can he deliver a new fish to make up for his mistake?

The ad in the sidebar is a goldfish flapping around out of water! Sorry about the fish. Get a new one or a Beta, they live a long time.

We have been replacing our fish for 2 years now. Everytime one dies, off to the pet store we go.

Oh, poor Dorothy. I thought those cheap guys were supposed to live forever?!

Oh, and this reminds me of an amusing story: a friend and his fiancee bought a fixer-upper of a home, and in true male fashion, the first thing he did was build a bar/gameroom in the basement. And the body of his bar, under the granite or whatever top, was a gigantic fish tank. It really was pretty cool. And he hosted a New Year's Eve party to celebrate the new bar, and he proposed a fun contest--everyone was to bring a fish (cheap fish, mind you), name it, and to whomever's fish lived longest, he would award $50 in prize money. So this money would be given to the owner of the last fish standing, whether in a month, or ten years. So we hit up the pet store on New Year's Eve (early in the day out of necessity), bought a white fish, and promptly named him "Whitey." We didn't think little Whitey would have enough oxygen in his baggie until the party at like 10PM. So we dumped the sucker into a jar...which had apparently not been rinsed after being washed, because dish detergent bubbled up all around our fish. (This was at my MIL's house. Tasteable soap on dishes is a common and tragic problem.) We tried desperately to flush out the jar and rinse the fish without killing it, but sure enough, an hour later, Whitey was doin' the backstoke. Sigh. We lost.

But fun contest, no??

I'm devastated for her. I received fish as a Christmas present when I was in first grade. (My twin received a gerbil.) I thought they were great until all the deaths and eating of the dead began. Then there was the tank cleaning and occasional escaping fish flopping on the floor before being rescued. For the record, I now have Ichthyophobia - basically an overwhelming fear of fish. I'm not scared they are going to do anything to me or anything like that, but I shudder and freak out and can't look at fish tanks, or people catching fish, or not fileted ones in the grocery. Best of luck. Guppies are a little hardier I think, but they breed like bunnies if you have more than one. And they do still die, and eat the dead if they find it before you do. *shudder* *gag*

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