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It makes total sense

How I started calling my poor son "Stinky Pete"

Big O
Stinky Twinkie
Mr. Stinky Feet
Stinky Pete

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Makes perfect sense to me.

Makes sense to me. Both my kids have strange nicknames that have nothing to do with their actual names. Interesting how those things evolve.

I remember reading a long time ago how Eden from fame moved from Jackson for her then baby son to Senor Queso because of some serious liquid burpage on the part of the little poop factory.

we ALWAYS call Josh "stinky pete"
it's from Toy Story 2!

I was always convinced before Owen was born you were going to name him "Walter" so you could keep up with the "Wally" nickname after he was born. My son Joey was "Bubba" for a long time, it started out with me saying "Baby" as "Bay-bay" and then (somehow) to Bubba. I think his grandparents were vaguely horrified that their grandson was going to be called Bubba. But now he's three and he's back to his real name (mostly). If we try to call him anything else now he looks at us and says, "No, I'm Joey!"


I did that with my kids too. It's funny how we come up with those names, be sure to include that in the baby book, that is priceless.

Haha - Mine is a lot shorter, but my oldest Sydney said her own name "snee nee" so we called her "nee-nee beanie" and from there "beanie" stuck. So I call her beanie.

Her dad called her The Munchkin Mountain, which became munchkin, which became munchie. So he calls her munchie....

Not in public of course, she is 7 and that is just mortifying to her. But serisouly, Beanie and Munchie are her knicknames at home.

Then the almost 3 year old...Ava is such a short name, the only thing we call her is "pooh" and "AJ", because her middle name is Jean.

and that is my story...that you didn't ask for! LOL

Makes about as much sense as me calling my Owen "Stinkerdoodle."

Yup. Makes total sense!

In the beginning Theo was "Spitty" because, well, that's what he did. And somehow he is now Monkey, Chicken, or Schmooper.

I know.

We call The Dictator 'Rito". He was conceived after a night of Tequila so it went like this:

Jose Cuervo
Burrito (because you have to eat when drinking right?)
Peanut (he was damn small)
Peanut Burrito

Yeah tons of sense I know!

Well, it's a NATURAL evolution. I love it!

I so totally see the progression! Each of our munchkins has a unique nickname with a similar kind of evolutionary backstory. It makes their history that much richer.

I like the delicious Toy Story 2 vibe to it as well!

well, duh! :)

Several of your pet names for your baby boy also happen to be euphemisims for an orgasm. Just thought I'd mention.

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