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January 20, 2009

Dear Mia,

I made you watch the inauguration with me today. You were so bored - too much talking, not a princess in sight, lots of lofty discussion of issues of which you have no awareness. I made you watch with me mostly because I wanted to watch, and because forcing you to sit on my lap was the easiest way to control you for the hour I wanted to dedicate to the television. And now, if you ever ask me where you were and what you did on this day, I will tell you that you watched, that you were excited to see Mr. Obama become president, that you thought Aretha Franklin sang funny. But I hope that you will never ask me that question. I hope that by the time you can be bothered to wonder about such things the historical significance of this day will be lost on you. It is because it matters so much that I am able to hope to raise you into a world where it doesn't matter at all. You are the one with the opportunity, the responsibility to see that that happens. I can't wait to see what you do with it.


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Oh, I can so relate on the difficulty of paying attention with the cacophony of three kids who just wanted to play... my 8 year old was right there with the ceremony, but a few minutes into Obama's incredible speech, his ADHD-riddled-self was gone. And the 1 and 2 year olds? HA! I was the 'parent of the year' that I usually am, and tried my best to ignore them for 30 minutes to watch his speech. :)

Very nice post. I think I will print it for my daughter. Thank you.

I watched it this morning, here in Canada, and cried when Barack was sworn in. It is a momentous day. Congratulations on your new president!

Me too, sister. Me, too.

That is very touching and so true. This is why I watched the inauguration, too.

So beautiful. It's true, we want them to look at us quizzically and say, "He's black?" Because they don't even NOTICE.

You said (much more eloquently of course) just what I was thinking. :-)

What a great post! Hopefully, Mia will read it one day and think, "What was the big deal? I don't get it." :)

I made my son watch the swearing in (he's 5, and I figured that would be all he had the attention span for), and as soon as he saw Obama he started hooting and hollering. I couldn't even hear the swearing in. He sat and watched the whole speech, just enjoying clapping and yelling 'yay!' whenever the crowd cheered and clapped. They've been talking alot about Obama at his school, which is predominantly black, and my kid (who is white) thinks Obama is a RockStar. He's been talking about him for weeks, and his race has not come up once. I don't know if my son even thinks about race the same way I do. I think it's incredible, and wonderful, and amazing.

I wish I had stayed home and done the same today.


Beautiful. And I feel the same way.

Maggie (5.5) doesn't realize the significance of it either(which I LOVE!!)
I wish I could get hubby to stop worrying about the "fanatics" and accept the fact that we; as Americans, have taken one HUUUUGE step in the right direction. Where an African-American can be President. Where someday, there will be a WOMAN president. Where people are judged by their character and NOT the color of their skin.

Yes! Wonderfully put!

A friend came over while Owen and I were watching the inauguration and said, "I'm sorry. I'm just not interested." We got into a discussion about how she's sick of hearing about the major historical significance of the event. While she thinks its wonderful that we have finally elected an African American to the Presidency, he's just another President. And that is just the attitude I want my children to have - that this man, or the next woman, or the next man, was just felt to be the best candidate for the job by the majority of the people. Race, gender, ethnic background, religion . . . they are all just adjectives that matter little.

We watched and tried to listen. I really would like the next inauguration to be either later or earlier. It was right during dinnertime and the kids where screaming and crying. I think the whole 'first black president' thing is getting old. He's just another president. With a Blackberry.

As FreezeM said we TRIED to watch. Sigh. Congrats on your new president!

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