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Owen Wednesday #40: Apple Edition

Ok, I warn you that what follows are some very disgusting pictures of my child absolutely smeared in food. (Cheese, watermelon, pureed peas, yogurt, pasta, apple, in case you need to know to be fully prepared.) I would not have posted or even taken these pictures, but the apple was cracking me up. Mia requested a whole apple for dinner and then didn't touch it. Owen shoveled a massive dinner into his adorable little mouth and the howled and pointed until I gave him the apple. And then, he ate it.

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You had to get one kid that would eat something. Does he sleep too?

Awww! So cute!
I have one about that age with Peanut and a nectarine :)

(Oh, and I can apparently follow instructions now...)

Um, that's not disgusting food pictures. I'll have to post some pictures of my boys eating... it will make you celebrate such a neat eater.

What do you mean,disgusting? These are absolutely adorable!

It's that full head of hair sticking up on end that gets me. Oh, I could eat those apple cheeks of his.

Luke gets that excited over apples, too. It's like a ball that he can eat, double score!

How adorable.

Look at all that hair!

HA! My kid wanted to eat whole apples at Owen's age too. Now, I am required to peel and cut them before she touches them. Such is three.

Not even close to disgusting, adorably cute!

I worry for your grocery bill when Owen is a teenager :-)

I can't get over how blond and adorable he is. OM NOM NOM APPLE.

Wow! When did the hair happen? So adorable!

Okay, and here I thought I'd be the first to comment about THAT HAIR! OMG. Is Chris starting the rockstar training early or what? He's got mega rockstar hair-

I love Owen's fluffy blond hair!

you got me in trouble. i saw owen's apple pictures. i then gave my baby (same age) an apple. she LOVED it. i then told my mother about it. she gave me a big lecture on choking hazards. Ah well. the baby really loved the apple. :)

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