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I feel like such a poseur writing a note to Mia's preschool teachers. Come on, we all know I'm not really an adult. It feels more like trying to forge my mom's signature to get myself out of school.

(Not that I ever did that.) (Hi, Mom.)

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Yeah, I WAS the preschool teacher (for 10 years) and I still feel strange writing notes for my now-elementary school aged son! In my head, I'm still 18 (and damn, I wish I still looked like that, too!) :)

I feel the same way. Especially because the kindergarten teacher is probably younger than me or pretty close to my age and it just feels...weird.

lol I'm glad to hear someone else say that. My daughter is in 2nd grade and I still have a hard time writing notes to her teachers. Like you, I feel like a poseur. Most times I feel like a 12 year old playing house.

I see the other parents at school and feel like a kid posing as a parent. Even though we are all probably the same age (and I am probably older than many of them)-I just don't feel like I look the same as them.

Lol :) I now work at Jake's school, so I find my work-world and home-world colliding a bit strange.

But then again, it's comforting in a weird way. I personally know every teacher (and love them all), every kid, the bully in the hall, the girl he thinks is cute, etc.

I watch from afar and don't get involved unless asked, but it's nice to know who's who.

I know exactly how you feel! They expect ME to be responsible for making decisions for this child? Where is my mom???

Just don't let your kiddos hear you say that! i do get 4th graders who try to forge their parents signatures.

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