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Owen is getting a molar. I know he's getting a molar. And yet, I am taking him to the pediatrician this afternoon so that I can have a medical professional tell me that he is getting a molar. This makes very little sense, I agree, but if you saw the thing that is bulging out of his gums I think you would agree with me that it was worth 10 bucks to be assured that it is indeed caused by a molar and not a previously undiscovered life form preparing to burst from his gums a la Alien. Speaking of, I saw the first chunk of that movie when I was 10 or so and it damaged me for life and I have never been able to even consider watching it now that I am a less-impressionable adult. See, I used to go visit my grandparents during the summer, and my grandfather let me buy any cereal I wanted (which I chose based on the toy) and rent any movie I wanted. After the Alien debacle, I stuck to renting cartoons.

Anyway, our appointment is at 4:20, and I am considering telling the Hotty Pediatrician that I suspect Owen is hiding his weed in there, but since it will probably really be 4:56 when we see him and he is very unlikely to make the 4:20 connection anyway I suspect I will just skip it. Good thing too, since it isn't very funny and also every time I try to joke with the Hotty Pediatrician I end up saying something horribly offensive instead. Although one time he basically said that everybody should just run around naked all the time, and that one is hard to top.

In other news, I took Mia downtown on the subway this week, and every time there was an announcement, she asked "What did he say, Mommy?" Which meant that I spent half an hour telling her "Orange Line, New Carrollton" about eleventy million times and half of our fellow passengers were laughing at me and the other half were trying to cram their briefcases in my mouth to shut me the hell up already. Then yesterday, Mia and I were talking about the train ride, and I asked her what her favorite part had been. And she said oh, that funny thing he kept saying. And I said what funny thing? And she said you know, the mousement. And I said Orange Line New Carrollton? And she said yes, and then she cracked up. So if you are every in need of a good ice-breaker joke, I hereby recommend "Orange Line, New Carrollton."

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Mia is absolutely precious!

Ha, I always, always make 4:20 jokes to an unappreciative audience. Lots of times it was 4:20 a.m. when my kids would wake up to nurse and I would go in and say, gently, while I was getting them laid down "Want to get high?". Ha. I love a good 4:20 joke, good for you!

I took Michael to a completely unnecessary speech evaluation b/c his school told me to. I knew he was fine. I knew his speech was fine. But i did it anyway. Sometimes, you just need peace of mind.

Ohh if she likes that, take the "Blue Line, Foggy Bottom" that's my personal fave! lol

I used to take my oldest in just so the doctor could tell me if he could hear me or if he was just ignoring me. . . .

He had a couple of years where we really struggled to keep his ears free of fluid and half the time he really did have a hard time hearing me, but I always liked to know for sure before I took disciplinary action on a 3 year old.

Funny, the EXACT same thing happened to me with alien.

Also funny, I just learned about the whole "4:20" thing last week. I say it on a vanity plate and asked my husband what it meant.

Thanks for the great Christmas card by the way!


As the wife of a cop, a 420 vanity plate has to be one of the dumbest decisions that owner ever made. Do you think he makes it anyplace without getting pulled over and the car tossed? Hm. I've known that but I never knew the origin. Then again, I am a hopeless nerd.

I hope the molar isn't causing Owen too much discomfort.

Also, a belated thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. I'm so glad I "won". Your kids are beautiful!

The orange line is for chumps. It's all about the blue line. Mia just needs to broaden her horizons.

For me, the movie was ET. Don't know why that wrinkly old thing scared me half to death, but there was screaming and crying in the theater. I still don't like movies.

And the mousement? I liked that.

That's hilarious about the 4:20 thing. Although, the wife of a cop really should know the origin of it. Maybe I'm revealing too much about my youth, but it's the code used by police when they catch a potsmoker. And, no, a 4:20 vanity plate would not get you pulled over all the time. I should know, my car was covered in Bob Marley, Greatful Dead, Phish, Jim Morrison, and NORML bumper stickers, and the only time I got pulled over(in that car) was b/c I had a tail light out.

On another note, so glad you finally put a picture of Owen on your side bar. And, I LOVE his pj's, my 11 month old(Nate) has the same pair and I put him in them as much as possible. My partner calls them the "Gay Pride Jammies."

Hope you enjoyed all that useless information!

mine loves "stand clear the closing doors"!!!

I was on the orange line to New Carrollton on Saturday. Yesterday it was the blue line to Largo Town Center. Today I am home in California.

Daya LOOOVES the subway until she gets bored.
Our conversation at every single stop until we get off:

Her: All done?
Me: Nope.
Her: Almost?
Me: Nope.
Her: Go faster!

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