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I've given up my diet. Shame, really, as it was going so well. I hadn't cheated at all, wasn't hungry, and had even made it past that initial bit where you think about food constantly. I was exercising daily, staying off the scale, and making plans for the hott jeans I was going to buy once I got my ass up off the backs of my thighs. And then about a week in Owen was screaming all day and refusing to nurse and it slowly dawned on me that my milk had tanked. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping the calories up and just making better food choices, but it seems that in addition to calories I need a goodly supply of fat and carbs if I want to keep my job as the resident cow. And I do very much want to keep that job, because I sure as hell didn't come this far just to crap out a month shy of the year mark in the name of losing my last six pounds of baby weight.

And so, the diet has been postponed indefinitely, until such a time as Owen loses interest or can at least get milk from an actual cow.

The thing I haven't given up is regular daily exercise, which I haven't done for any extended period since Mia was born and always thought I didn't have time for. And I really don't have time for it, other things are definitely going by the wayside, but I have finally put my foot down. I spend 23.5 hours a day doing things for other people, I can find 30 minutes to do something for me.

Like everyone else on the internet, I've been doing 30 Day Shred. And I wasn't going to mention it, because it seems I read 87 references to it every week, but hot damn it actually works. I have abs for the first time in my life. Sure, they are still covered with a goodly layer of mommy flab, but there are muscles in there. In two weeks, I've gone from looking four months pregnant to looking three and a half months pregnant but with the ability to flex my brand new abs and achieve a nearly flat stomach. Not sucking it in, mind you, at which I am highly skilled, but just tightening up those muscles and no longer looking like I am smuggling cubby kittens under my shirt.

Are there better ways to get in shape? Almost certainly. But for 30 minutes a day and a workout you can actually do without vomiting your lungs, I'm afraid I have to highly recommend it. (Be forewarned about Level 2, however, where there is a distracting amount of heaving cleavage being thrown around. Maybe that's something you look for in a workout DVD, but I just want people to cuss out without getting so closely acquainted with their bouncy bits.)

This ends my unsolicited commercial. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about my new mop.

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I started 30 day shred too. And after one workout ran out to buy a strong sports bra. HELLO Jumping Jacks! OUCH! Only been doing it for a few days so no visible changes yet.

You think it works? Hmmm, maybe I'm just doing something wrong. I'm mixing it in with gym workouts and maybe that is my issue. I really have not seen results. But damn, I'm sore.

I clearly live in a box. What is this 30 day shred to hotness of which you speak? And you at 4 months is me on my best day. But honestly, I'm only 39 months post partum. I just need a little more time. :)

Good for you. I am working on getting some more time for myself without feeling guilty about it. Its so hard. Glad you are making the time!

I have not heard of this 30 day shred. Oh my Goodness!

I am struggling with this too. I look 23 months pregnant and was trying to be healthy and realized milk was drying up. So I am trying to find a happy medium which will allow me to slowly lose some weight while still keeping up the Mooo. I am awful at keeping up with exercise videos...maybe I'll try it from Netflix first because everyone is talking about it.

I'm shredding too, but not every day. I kind of hate it. The music sucks. BUT it's hard and judging by how f'ing sore I was, it works.

I've been trying to hit the gym too and I'm enjoying this goofy BodyCombat class more because it has a ton of loud fruity dance music, but it actually doesn't make me as sore despite being an hour long.

I dunno. God I hate excercising.

Congratulations on figuring out what was bugging Owen and sticking with the 30DS -- I know lots of people have a tough time with it. But for me, it would be a sad day when my allotted 30 minutesof me time were spent exercising. You are made of better stuff, I suppose ;)

I just won a copy of the 30DS on ebay... so I'm jumping on that bandwagon too.

I have also heard that sometimes exercising can make your milk taste different. In case you were looking for an excuse to stop exercising...I know I used it more than once.

WW claims you can count points and nurse, but I just don't see how weight loss and nursing mix. Just enjoy being able to eat what you want-it's payback for being a human dairy queen.

What is this 30 day shred? I must my hour on the treadmill has been sucked up by grading papers and prepping for my own exams.

I never understood those people who say "the weight just FALLS OFF when you're nursing". I had to wait until my daughter was weaned completely before losing the last ten pounds or so. I was simply too hungry and so was she!

Kudos for keeping on the exercising though! That is awesome. I just started 30 day shredding about a month before I got knocked up again. Ah well. It's lying in wait for next fall....

God, you are right on about taking 30 minutes for yourself. It's incredible that we are so crazy as mothers that we even have to have that occur to us, but so be it. I was going to cancel my Y membership and then I thought eff this, I have got to get out of here every day or I'll go insane. And it's working because not insane yet! YET!

You know, I tried the Shred ONCE and nearly died. That's how out of shape I am. But really, I should give it another try - I can't really diet either, since I'm still nursing, too. (Totally a wonderful excuse. I will now stop feeling like a piglet, thanks!) Good for you, taking those 30 minutes - you are worth it!

I might have to bite the bullet and actually try that video (does it date me that I still call it a video?).
I've been diligently working out since the beginning of December (a personal record), but my elliptical/bicycling routine is taking entirely too long to burn the calories I need it to, especially since my body is getting used to it. Stupid efficiency. I need something fast and effective.

Shred? I think not. At the middle age of 50 the only thing I care about is looking semi-hot in my clothes. Anything more would be overkill and I don't think either Hubby or I could handle it.
But good luck and remember, your duties as cow come first. Especially since this is also your last time in this role.
Good luck!

When you said that you were working out for 27 minutes when the video claimed to be 20 minutes long, I figured you were shredding because I myself (a current shredder) thought, "Do you guys not see the counter on the DVD player? I'm not stupid." Work has consumed 12 hours of every day for the past week but I'm ready for and terrified of Level 2.

My diet is failing. Not because I am breastfeeding (thank god, I'm not at all in for the extended breastfeeding thing), but because chocolate is literally keeping me from going insane right now. Chocolate and the gym. So at least all the chocolate I am eating is going to kept under wraps from the workout time I am doing.

I'm thinking of doing the shread too. I'm glad to hear of someone else who it has worked on! And really, you've had two children and both your ass and abs look better than mine I am certain.

When you figure out how to get rid of that last bit of belly flappage (gross sounding I know)... please share!! All thats happening to me is a tight belly UNDER that...

I read this great book about post-pregnancy weight loss that spoke of waiting until 9 mos. or more. I think I started trying Weight Watchers at 8 mos. post-partum and finally saw some results...although the belly issue is forever predominant. Good luck.

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