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Waaaa! My Baby!

I hope you will tolerate a little ridiculous whining here. I am hoping to get this all out of my system now before my BABY TURNS ONE NEXT MONTH. I can't believe it. I can't imagine it. I guess I thought my last baby would be a baby forever, but he is barreling full speed ahead and there's no stopping him. He's talking (Dada, hi), signing (milk, more, ball, eat, yay), and chugging around the house on his own two little legs as fast as his push toy will take him.

We are done, we are so done, but I am beginning to really understand the impulse for just one more.

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Seriously? Holy Cow!

I've slammed hard into this moment twice so far, and Ben is only six months old! I can't imagine how I'm going to feel in June when he turns one. Eek!

We are so done, too, but there's a little voice in my head screaming, "Just one more? Please?".

I feel your pain!

you took the words right out of my mouth - but my youngest is 18 mos and i can hardly believe it.

Wait until he turns 2...your ovaries will ACHE.

So are you getting him a stripper or a lady in a cake for his birthday?


PS - Clive is in a new movie coming out soon.

mine turns 1 today! (my older one is about six weeks older than mia). definitely makes me sad...

Three is the magic number, go for one more!

Owen is 1 already? How...when...

Didn't you just have him? It sure seems that way.

I miss Daya being a newborn sometimes...but it still doesn't make me want another one. Not even a little bit.

Owen is 1 already? How...when...

Didn't you just have him? It sure seems that way.

I miss Daya being a newborn sometimes...but it still doesn't make me want another one. Not even a little bit.

Owen is 1 already? How...when...

Didn't you just have him? It sure seems that way.

I miss Daya being a newborn sometimes...but it still doesn't make me want another one. Not even a little bit.

The Boy turns 1 this weekend, and I understand your urge for another. Fortunately, he's our first, so I can give into that urge.

You're a damned fool. You might want to quell those latent desires for a third kid with the sweet kiss of vodka.

I completely get it. SM and I have 6 kids between us, ranging from 16 to 7 years old. The youngest 3 are triplets. Yes, 7 year old TRIPLETS. We are so very completely and totally done. Good God Done! And yet... I just...

I had mine before I had a strong grasp of long division so I'd be DONE while all those other suckers were just potty training. And now I want a baby so bad, you can see the eggs shooting out of me. Freaking biology, man.

Owen may not turn one. Because I started reading you before you had kids and if I'm now reading you as a mother of two CHILDREN, not babies, I'm just going to die with the oldness.

Oh it is a dangerous game. We ALWAYS get suckered in to just one more at the one year mark. My baby is only 3 months (will be 4 months on the 14th), and I'm ALREADY crying over how fast he's growing up.

So, aside from the massive expense of having another child--just what is stopping you? You and Chris are such great parents that I think you could have a dozen more (I know! You could have your own tv show like the Duggars!) and still do marvelously well. Your children are adorable, you have (one of, anyway) the world's best husband, you are a great mom, and sometimes you just have to say WTF--why not (although, one would hope increasing the world's population would involve a little more thought)? :)

I only have one son and hope to have another some distant future day, but my baby fever peaked while he was still little. First, I missed the newborn; then, I missed the four month old, then the six month old, etc. But by the time he was one, I was just enjoying his every new little quirk. It seemed like he was a new, more interesting kid every couple weeks. He's 20 months old now, and I still feel that way. Thank god, because we CANNOT afford to have another baby right now. But regardless, maybe that day-to-day wonder (not that you don't already have it) will quickly replace any baby fever you might be feeling. Good luck!

1 already?! wow. tho I noticed the 11mnth letter recently and it didn't twig that his birthday would be coming up soon...

oh and yeah, just wait till he hits 1andhalf/2. then your ovaries start realising that soon there will be NO TODDLY BABY TYPE PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE and REALLY go to town.

seriously, I know :D

Wow, one?! Where did the time go at all?! Thats just crazy.

Enjoy each stage. They grow up so fast. I have 2 sons, 7 years apart, and they just keep getting older and older. Each age has been good, but quick.

Whenever I read comments like this I think I must have missed a class or two at Mom school. I am so glad to see every stage go! We are having a third in May and I am excited, natch, but man - not looking forward to the newborn stage, the early nursing stage, the not sitting up stage, ... ugh.

Wow...this year has gone by so fast!

it's not possible.

My youngest is a month older than Mia, exactly, I think and I do miss having a real baby. So does my husband who was trying to convince me to have a 4th. I guess it can go on forever...I would always mourn the baby growing up. Everyone told me it goes by in a blink of an eye and it does. On the bright side, when they get older, they are nice company going out to lunch, or shopping or going to a book store, etc.

Wow, I just can't believe he will be a year already. Weren't you just pregnant?!!

That's me with my third. In fact my latest post is telling her to SLOW DOWN already!! She'll be one in March. I KNOW I don't want a fourth, even had the tubes tied, but I just still want her to be my BABY! Whine all you want.

Wasn't Owen born just yesterday?

I KNOW!!! Lisa will turn one in ONE week. ONE!!!

She knows the sign for "more" to, she confuses it a bit with "done" so that's always good for a nice little tantrum :)

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