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Wanted: One Smokin' Ass

I am all of three days into my new reasonable-eating-regular-exercise way of life (doesn't that sound nicer than "diet"?), and I am, as always, desperately disappointed that the mere act of starting a diet does not result in the immediate loss of ten pounds. And by "as always" I mean "just like the one and only other time in my life when I have gone on a diet." I suppose I am either very fortunate to have reached the age of 34 with only one diet under my belt, or else I have been a lot fatter than I thought I was. Hard to say, really.

The odd thing is that three days into a very generous diet (I'm still breastfeeding, Mama needs calories) and daily moderate exercise, I am feeling much better about my body. There's no reason for that. I haven't lost an ounce, my post-second-baby belly is still as flabby as ever, but instead of wincing at every glance in the mirror I am instead thinking this isn't so bad, this is doable. Two days in I was feeling so cocky that I was considering a bikini for the beach this July. I've regained some touch with reality and I think my bikini days are over, but I'll settle for a bathing suit without a skirt.

Now, if I could just stay off the scale....

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Perhaps, Mia, Owen or Chris would be willing to hide the scale from you to help you along.

I'm cheering you on.

I feel the same way and it's only day 2 for me. You can do it! And my bikini days are definitely over. Hiding the scale is a great idea. Good luck!

That's the great thing about just starting to eat healthier and exercise - we immediately feel better. And without a bikini on less chance of a tummy sunburn :-)

Isn't it amazing how that works? I look EXACTLY the same, yet am walking around feeling 100% better about myself because I've been exercising.

Um, but no bikini.

No bikini FOR ME, that is. You are free to rock the bikini.

Go Beth! I'm 7 days into what I'm calling a "new eating plan" instead of diet. And a wonderful thing has happened - I no longer feel guilty when I eat something!

And I'm still considering a bikini this summer!

Same here! I just did a tough workout for the first time last night (first time this go-round, anyway) but even this morning I feel better about my body than I did yesterday. Interesting. GO YOU, rock it!

p.s. ...adore the new sidebar pics of the kids!

Oh Beth. Join me won't you? Together we can find the suddenly elusive "smokin ass."

I've committed to going to the gym every night for two weeks in the hopes that I'll restart some sort of exercise habit. And I'm revamping my eating habits, but let's face it, I love chocolate and I have dreams of becoming a pastry chef and opening my own bakery, so I think my best bet is finding a super awesome metabolism that allows for the chocolate and baked goods.

My sister has had two children in the last three years, and this past summer, when her younger one was less than 6 months, she was parading around in a bikini. AND she looked good in it. It CAN be done, and I'm determined to do it too. This is the summer of bikini!

My daughter tells me that I need to come down to the city and shop for jeans that will make my sagging ass, smokin' again. It's my only hope. Bathing suits? Ya know, even though I am at my goal weight, I think I still look crappy in them!

i started the 30 day shred THREE days ago and i also feel like i'm so awesome, even though all i really am is in pain

Holy crap. That's some pretty intense towel throwing. It's only been three days! I'm no personal trainer, but I've done enough 'training' to feel safe in saying that you can and probably should trash the diet, but only as long as you keep some sort of exercise routine. And once you get into an exercising groove, you'll have more trouble getting out of it than you will staying in it.

I agree. Just for starting a new diet/life style plan, I should get a bonus 10 lbs off right off the bat. It would provide much needed motivation to ignore those Hershey miniatures.

last year eating healthy and exercising was my "resolution." A friend and I did it together. I ended up losing a lot of weight, BUT, I only weighed myself once a month and I'd measure my waist too.

My friend measured herself every morning and night and would be like "I lost a pound today," "I gained 2 pounds today."

I think using a scale all the time is too depressing. Your body will fluctuate depending on alllll sorts of things.

Make your self weigh in only once a month and you will be so proud of the progress!

I lost a few pounds, and felt awesome with each one I lost. Then I gained two back. TWO. And I can't believe how bleh I feel. It's amazing how great mindset and trend can make you feel!

You go girl! I'm sure you are already feeling better, which in turn gives you more confidence, which makes you look better. Like Ali, I also started the '30 day shred' and I can feel a huge difference in my body already...along with the pain.

Feeling good about yourself is half the battle.

My recommendation is walking. Walking is easy, you just need to dress appropriately and move. Don't torture yourself, weigh in no more than once a week.

Don't beat yourself up. Find things that you can easily do with or around the kids. Good luck.

Bikini days are not over until YOU say they are over. I think you should go for it- if your goal is july you still have a while to get into that bikini! you shoud do it!

You need to get OFF OF THE SCALE. If you've been working out, the scale means nothing. You could have gained muscle weight, not to mention the fact that you lift and/or carry around two babies! Scales mean nothing. Measure your success based on how your clothes fit. Or, get a body tape measure. Please, give up the scale. And if you're really interested in hearing my rants- give up WW and look up the Abs Diet for Women. It isn't a diet, It's a nutrition plan for life and i've been following it for one year. Each time I read Hungry Mondays I mean to email you, but I feel strange because I don't want to feel like a salesperson.

Oh, and about the Smokin Ass- squats and lunges!

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