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First off, do you like the new pictures of the kids? What? You haven't seen them? Silly you, scroll on down past those blasted ads and check them out. I'll wait.



So, did you like them? You like them. You may tell me how much, if you see fit, but you needn't feel compelled because I can see from your face that you like them. Also, my daughter? She's basically my clone. She even has a big old fat belly just like I do, except that on her, it is cute.

Speaking of big old fat bellies, I have made a stealth resolution this year. Well, not entirely stealthy in that my main goal is to resume a normal diet and exercise whatchacallit now before Owen goes and self-weans like Mia did and I gain 12 pounds in three months. Again. But there is also a specific goal component that I am not telling you about because it is too much pressure, but I will come back on the secret designated date and tell you whether I made it or not. Because then you will be all surprised and can either congratulate me or commiserate with me without having to endure a period of listening to me talk about dieting beforehand.

Now, let's see. How about a quick holiday recap? Yes? Yes. First, stay tuned for Beth's Totally Useless After the Fact Gift Guide, which I will be posting sometime when I get around to it chock full of the cool things my little family got for Christmas. Entirely too late for you to care, for sure, but possibly you will find something for birthdays or such. Or next Christmas. Second, here's a quick summary of how we spent the last two weeks, and my verdict.

Santa: Score
Wear Your Pajamas All Day Day: Score
Chocolate: Score
Ginger Ale in a Champagne Glass: Fail
Offering a Three Year Old Cheese Fondue: Fail
Riding the Metro: Score
Natural History Museum: Triple Score
Baby's First Words: Score
Neither of Those Words Being "Mama": Fail
Taking Three Year Old to the Nutcracker: Score
Taking Three Year Old to the Movies: Fail
Molars: Fail
Spending Half of Christmas Eve at the Pediatrician's: Fail
Nebulizer: Screaming Fail
Lollipop: Score
Decorating Christmas Cookies: Score
Eating Christmas Cookies: Fail
Painting Butterflies: Score
Twelve Days of Mostly Just the Four of Us Hanging Out: Total Score
Need for Money Requiring that Someone Around Here do Some Damned Work Already: Fail\

And that's it. Oh, except that the stupid cable box that has been screwed up since the day after it was installed over a year ago has finally given up the ghost and they aren't coming to do something about it until Wednesday. Um, hello? What do you expect me to do in the evenings? Talk to my husband or something? Pshaw.

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The new pictures are gorgeous :) Sounds like your holidays went mostly well -- the pediatrician visit must have been a bummer -- but everything is alright, I hope?

Yes and yes!!!! They are beautiful!

TOO CUTE! :) Love the pics. :)

They are lovely and delicious, but who expects anything different from your children?!

I love the pictures. And I think BOTH of your kids look just like BOTH of you, which makes me jealous only because I've spent the past 8 3/4 years trying to convince my husband that the UPS guy had a vasectomy and therefore COULDN'T have fathered this child, and this only doesn't turn into WWIII because I'm still not entirely sure the Fed Ex chick didn't mother our first.

Also, the dinosaur nebulizer makes makes it a lot easier. I have an extra if you think you might be needing that again anytime soon. (Might have TWO extra, true be told. I kind of hoarded them back in the day.) Even easier? Letting them scream until they pass out from exhaustion and THEN nebbing them. Just throwing that out there.

If I was as thin as you I'd eat more.

Love the new pics. They are cute!

Really very beautiful. And handsome. Respectively.

Aw lovely pictures!

Your kids are adorable. I love your blog!

Pictures? Lovely. I think my kids get tired of the camera in their faces, but it's just so worth it to see the day to day changes!

Okay, I'll give you my quick run down...

PJs all day - YES!
Building Puzzles together - YES!
Oral Surgery on Christmas Eve - No, no, no and *cry*
A beautiful view of fireworks over Bamberg from INSIDE my warm house - YES!
Getting a Christmas Card from the Cactus-Fishes...HELL YEAH BABY!

Loved it.

Happy New Year, Beth!

Don't worry. He won't self-wean like his sister. I can tell just by looking at him that he's a boob-man.

I mean, anytime you want me to come babysit those cuties, I totally will. It's a bitch of a drive, but I just want to hang out with your cool kids for an evening! (is that creepy?)

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