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Bloody hell

This morning, Owen pushed a small chair from the living room into the kitchen and then climbed onto it so that he could reach the countertops.

I have decided to remove all furniture from his bedroom and just lock him in until it is time to drive him to college.

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Hrm, maybe I should have done that months ago with R. He climbs on the chairs at the dining room table - but he only knows one way down and believe me, it's not graceful, it actually is so ungraceful and typically involves landing on his head. Good luck, I;ll just be over here, bald (from pulling my hair out with R)...

Just to let you know... this will not help. Mine learned to open the bottom drawer in the kitchen and use it to climb on the counter. Good luck.

If that works you have to post about it because I'd consider that a viable solution to the problem of my little climber as well. ;)

Wait til he tries to climb on top of the refrigerator like my daughter. Good times!

Holy smokes you guys! LOL
I think I'd DIE if I found my kid trying to scale the fridge! Haha..

Beth, you do realize he'd figure out how to McGyver himself out the window in no time, right? Or he'd take the door off the hinges. He's a boy. That's what they do. The chair thing just means he's smart enough to figure out how things work. It's a good sign. I'm sure that's no consolation though!

My Owen, who is 2, figured out how to climb into the new loft bed before his almost 4 year old brother, then instead of climbing down the ladder he just clambored over the side and dropped down to the bed below, like he'd done it hundreds of times before! I will get grey hair from that one, for sure! Maybe it's the name Owen?

Ahh! Brings back memories....

Someday when you go in the kitchen and find him on top of the refrigerator, take a picture before you pull him down. My cousin was in that spot, and that's everyone's favorite picture of him some 35+ years later.

Boy was I lucky. My boy never climbed other than onto the living room furniture. Scary stuff.

I was going to say something really witty (because everything I say is really witty) (of course) and then I read that comment about the kid who made it to the top of the fridge.

And that's when I had a small heart attack and my brain stopped functioning.

I am not one upping you but yesterday Grace tried to climb a dresser and it fell over. On top of her. It was one of my worst nightmares come to life and I absolutely could no believe that she did it. David now believes it's foolish for us to pay for PT if this is where it's going to get us :) I keep saying there are so many reasons why this -shouldn't- have been possible but thank god she was okay. On the other hand, I will never be the same.

There MUST be a hot line between Owen and Roo! Roo pushed her chair, to the couch, so she could climb on the couch. What is the solution? Straitjackets?

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