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What's the correct question for this answer?

"H," "S," a plastic potato chip, a pair of plastic "scissors" from Mia's doctor kit, 62 cents, a Gladware lid, and a large shard of glass, but not the thermometer.

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what is in the first aid kit/thermometre case?

What is what's hiding under the couch?

I'm going with What was found under the refrigerator, Alex.

I certainly hope I'm wrong ,but I'm going to go with "What had Owen had in his mouth today?"

How about: What did I find in my medicine cabinet when looking for my thermometer?

Hmm. I was going to say what Courtney said, except I didn't think one put thermometers in babies' mouths, so I was going in another direction entirely.

I'm gonna go with morninglight mama's guess. Either that or BEHIND the fridge...

I'm thinking in the couch cushions.

I'm gonna go with in the couch cushions.

What are things Owen has tasted today, Alex?

I'm going to second "under the refrigerator". (We have letters under ours, too.)

Medicine cabinet!

Things you found in your dryer after you removed the clothes?

I hope it isn't things stuck in orifices in which they don't belong.

What Owen tried to eat today.

What was in your medicine cabinet?

I will take "What is under the couch?" for $2000, please. Also, I'm hoping for the daily double.

things in the medicine cabinet?

What is uniquely kinky (and a little scary) sex?

What is in the medicine cabinet?

I'll take opera for $400.

What is: the contents found at the bottom of your purse.

What is: found in your couch cushions

What Mia tried to stuff down Owen's diaper in a thirty minute period?

What will you find in the Fish/Cactus First Aid Kit?

Ooh! I know! What is the contents of Mia's purse?

What are things found in your diaper bag? (And that shard of glass made me re-think my original answer of 'things found in Owen's diaper')

What are the contents of some drawer?

I'm going to guess under the fridge too!

What is in Mia's purse, Alex.

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