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Not what it looks like

They are all riding in Santa's sleigh. I mean, obviously.

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Oh my God - that is hilarious.

is Ken wearing a fez?

Those are some nice undies Aladdin's wearing. I'm glad to see he's got some modesty!

yeah yeah yeah

You have GOT to make your husband stop taking and playing with your poor girl's barbies. They're not for him!

heh heh

Oh my! LOL. Nice harem ;)

Too funny. Tell Ken to keep his hands to himself.

Dude, Aladdin has quite the orgy, I mean, harem.

Is that 4 princesses and a barbie there with Aladdin? Just wanted to get a proper headcount.

Is that 4 princesses and a barbie there with Aladdin? Just wanted to get a proper headcount.

Is Aladin wearing panties?

I am so glad I didn't take a big sip of water right before I looked at that picture.

Seriously. That looks terrible.

wow aladdin! he is one lucky guy!


naked sleigh riding - the new extreme sport for the naughties...

That is too funny. Our 3 year old daughter also has this fixation with taking off all of her Princesses clothes. What's up with that?

I don't see any bulges in those tighty-whities (and yeah, my mind does work like that)
Poor Aladdin if he is a eunich!

Yeah. Um. That's what I was going to, um, guess. Santa's sleigh. Yeah.

DUDE. Santa is a superfreak!

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