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Owen 1, Cupcake 0

Obligatory picture of the (almost) one-year-old smashing his birthday cake.

Watching his sister and cousin open his presents.

And playing with his favorite gift.

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Happy B-day Owen. I can not believe he is one! You are mom to a preschooler and a toddler. Quick, have a baby! (Gee, I'm funny, aren't I.)

Oh he is adorable as ever. But my goodness? One?! I swear just yesterday you were pregnant with mia!!

Happy birthday to your adorable son!! My youngest REFUSED to eat any of his cake at his party... if it weren't for the intense memories of his 10 pounds barrelling through my vajayjay, I would have questioned if he were truly my child!

Happy Birthday, Owen!

Happy early birthday to Owen!

And, your son and my son look an awful lot alike, and they were born on the same day - that is too weird!

Wow. How Owen's first year flew by. Happy Birthday.

Oh, god, no. He CAN'T be one, nonononono.

He's so precious. Happy birthday, Owen!

That hair of his makes me want to just snuggle it!! Happy birthday, fair Owen!

Oh WOW! Owen you cutie pie!!! Happy Birthday!!!

i love that he was watching mia open his presents. so typical of a second child. ours were the same.
cannot believe he's one! happy birthday! Beth, he's SUCH a doll. sooo cute!

He's ONE? Already?! I can't believe it. Happy Birthday, Owen!

Oh my gosh! He stayed so CLEAN! Mine had the icing smashed in his fist within seconds. You're lucky with that one!

Looks like a great party! He's SO STINKIN' adorable! And no, I can't believe he's a year old already. Sigh.

Ooh, and bright red cheeks that say "I also got a flu for my birthday. Yay me..."

Happy Birthday Owen :)

Happy Birthday Owen!

Happy birthday Owen! I looooove the pic of him watching Mia opening his presents.

Happy Birthday Owen! I just adore his hair and those cheeks!

I cannot believe this child is one, and that I have been reading your blog and Chris' blog since before Mia was born! I feel like we should be best friends by now!

P.S. I am going to need quite a large spoon to take a bite out of those cheeks of his!

Anneliese is in Heat! We leave on Friday for Germany!!!

Happy Birthday Owen! Can't believe he's a year old already :) He looks cuter by the day! Love the pics.

Happy Birthday Owen!

Happy Birthday Owen!

Happy Birthday, Owen!

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