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Owen Wednesday #41: Playing Together Edition

She only shoved him off the stool twice.

(The kitchen is here, since someone always asks.)

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Mia's hair is gorgeous

How much does he just want Mia to play with him?


Oh my, how this resembles my two youngest!!

You have got some super cute kids, that is for sure. Mia's hair is getting so long!

Very cute kitchen set, where did you get it?

Yes yes. I need to know where you got that kitchen!! Adorable. But only second to those cute kiddos! I LOVE Owen's hair. :O)

Such lovely hair! And he looks little next to her - I'm so used to Owen looking big heh.

They are so adorable! I love their little kitchen!

I love the big diaper behind! So cute!

Awww! I don't think I was quite as tolerant of my little brother at that age.

I love Mia's hair! Beautiful!
And those are two gorgeous kids!

Awwww, how cute are they together!! Am in love with the kitchen!

Too cute. We have that same kitchen and our kids love it. Now that the six year old is old enough to understand kitchen safety, he finds it hysterical to put metal pans in the 'microwave' and then pretend that it's exploding. Good times.

Man those two are cute!

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